Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sorry for Light Blogging!

Am putting together a show on lasers, so have been pretty busy!

Also getting ready for live blogging event Friday there!

Have I mentioned I ordered an FAL from DS Arms? One of the 18-inch medium contour fixed stock varieties. I plan to scope it with one of the upcoming Trijicon 3-9X Accu-Point mil-dots. I do like those $8 20-round magazines!

Sebastian over at Snowflakes in Hell is covering the Spreading Duracoat Crisis!
I’m not going to run out to buy any of the Bloomberg Collection any time soon, because I’m a traditionalist, and I like my rifles like I like my coffee: black. But make a serious effort to ban this stuff, I might just do up an AR in Barney Purple just as an act of defiance. Yeah, because I’m like that. Most of us are. So go ahead, Brady. Continue to vilify this stuff, and Lauer will be seeing $$ in their eyeballs for every nasty editorial.

But what of colored guns? Are they really a threat to law enforcement? As much as I’m trying to imagine that drug dealers and gang bangers are going to run around with a Bryco 9mm painted in Barney Purple, I’m having a difficult time.
I'm going to get Steve Lauer to do me an obnoxiously colored 1911 for next season's SHOOTING GALLERY, which BTW just got renewed for 2009! Yeah! I don't have to turn to a life of crime! Hey...AN IDEA! I'll list the colors on DOWN RANGE and let everyone vote for the Color of Michael's Next 1911!

Watch for it next week!

Next week the U.K. ban on single-edged swords such as samauri swords goes into effect — you must visit No To Knives and see what the New World Order has in store for us! Swords have been banned in Scotland, the land of the claymore and Scottish dirk, since late 2006, with the exception of reenactors and people who want to dance with drone blades...

Clan McBane weeps for the diluted blood of a once-great people! I mean, I know the whole island will be an Islamic "republic" under sharia law in my lifetime, but still...oaths of blood and iron and all know, there's a knifemaker in Scotland, near Loch Ness, who crafts beautiful sgian dubhs out of hammered Damascus steel blades and bog oak mined from Culloden Moor...something else toadd to the list of things to get while one still can...


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the renewal!! At least one of my favorite shows will be around next year! :)

On the colored 1911...That should be a FUN thread on DRTV.

On Scotland/UK...You have to wonder what happened to their 'scones'.

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael

Congrats on the show...I just wish we got it here in my area.

Also, congrats on choosing the world's greatest battle rifle...the FAL. Nothing wrong with choosing the M1A or the PTR91...but the FAL is better.

A suggestion on your scope, however. Since you went with the 18" version rifle, I highly recommend a lower power scope that the 3-9x. That's just too much glass for a rifle that can be used from up close and personal ranges out to fairly long range. Unless you intend to shoot only off a bench or from stable field positions it just won't do. I recommend any of the fine 1-4X optics from Horus, IOP (DSA carries these) or the new Millet DMS-1. You'll get CQB capability (sometimes with a red-dot reticle) and longer range capability with the scope dialed up to 4x (sometimes with a rangefinding reticle)


Anonymous said...


Your blogposts are like bunch of livesavers candy. Enough color, please.

Anonymous said...

Take hold yer Claymores, and stand firm, laddies......Din'a let the English bastards shake yer hearts. Instead, make them break like a salty wave on the shore of our Scottish steel....

Yeah, or something like that.

As a southern redneck whose pores just ooze Scots-Irish and Highlander and Border Reaver, I do think big Scottish swords are cool.

However, I think the long-rifles used by the Watauga Association members against bonny Scotsman Patrick Ferguson at King's Mountain are way cooler.

Anonymous said...

Well that just made up my mind. Everyone in the family is getting some form of firearm (gift certificate of course) and a Lauer paint kit for Christmas.

I'm thinking of a Barrett in a nice gold metal-flake, or better yet Candy Apple Red. : )

Anonymous said...

So where does all this leave the "Pink Pistols"?

I would think there's a case for a discrimination suit here.

Walt R.

Also, what are the times of the live blogging?

Anonymous said...

Nice basket hilts, and a HUGE congrats on the renewal - we all look forward to the new season.

As for the 1911, here's my idea. Paint each part of the gun a different color - frame one color, slide another, each grip a third and fourth, etc. And, just to piss Bloomie off a bit more, paint the muzzle tip bright day-glo orange.

Anonymous said...

At least one accessories manufacturer is no longer using Duracoat as an optional finish vendor. Complaints from customers that cleaners are damaging their finish have forced them to eliminate this option.