Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Just finished my part of the new Crimson Trace training video, THE LASER'S EDGE. You guys are going to be blown away! Scripted and produced by my friend Richard Mann from AMERICAN RIFLEMAN ( and one of the most knowledgeable experts on guns, shooting and ballistics in the world), the video features Richard, me, Julie Golob, Dave Starin from GUNSITE, Todd Jarrett and, of course, IaIn Harrison from CT.
First off, can I tell you what a freakin' honor it is to being included on that list of people? It is truly the A-Team, and it's amazing how much you can learn just hanging around those guys (and Julie, I say "guys" in the least sexist way!). My particular bailiwick was concealed guys know I've been on board with CT as a vital CCW tool since Ver. 1.0 1911 Laser Grips.

The excellent production crew was from Uncage Soul Video Production in Portland. These guys were absolutely great to work with, bringing a different and unique vision to the project...the video I saw was spectacular! The first CT video I worked on distributed 650,000 copies. I'm thinking one million copies for this bad boy! As soon as we have rough cut, we'll post it on DRTV, of course!

RUGER RIMFIRE this weekend! Big announcement expected!

BTW, shot a 9mm, S&W Shield for a few magazines. Nice, nicer little gun! Shot every bit as well as the  Beretta Nano or the Ruger LC 9.

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