Thursday, October 08, 2015

Paul Prudhomme, R.I.P.

I was privileged and honored to have dinner one night at K-Paul's in New Orleans as "a guest of Chef."  The restaurant was closed to the public, and I was lucky enough to get the seat closest to the kitchen. Chef Paul personally took the orders, and when he came to me I said, "Sir, I defer to your expertise."

"Then," said the great chef, "you'll be having soft shelled crabs with a tiny side of Bienville stuffing."

"And a cup pf chicken and sausage gumbo?"

He smiled. "Of course, Mr. Bane."

After the meal, which was as good a meal as I've ever had in my life, Chef said, "I'll bring you bread pudding with Chantilly cream…hopefully, you'll be able to at least taste it" I managed to stop myself from eating the plate.

Go with God, Chef…laissez les bons temps rouler!

Monday, October 05, 2015

FINALLY, A Home Improvement I Can Get Into!!!!

Yep, one full gallon of whoop-ass Glock trigger from the guys at Apex Tactical! The magicians of the S&W M&P trigger have turned their substantial home improvement skills on Austrian plastic. More pixs tomorrow, and an exclusive interview with Scott Folk and Paul Erhardt from Apex.

This comes at a PERFECT time for me, as I'm going through a Glockian phase. My 34 has a GlockTriggers Edge; my 26 slated for an SI "Tactical" and 2 dead stock G19s just crying out for the Apex treatment!

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Sunday Thoughts

The Congress of the United States of America arrive ready for work!

I see Hillary is proposing a no-fly zone over Syria, but why stop there? Surely Obama could declare the Middle East a gun-free zone and put that unarmed security guard in charge.

"What passes for thinking about the prevention of gun violence is not thinking at all. Thinking (as problem-solving) is a search for means that can be reasonably expected to achieve a given end. By reasonably I mean that supporting arguments can be provided to demonstrate to the satisfaction of reasonable people the connection between the means and ends. What we get from gun-control advocates is nothing like that; instead they operate on the magical belief that uttering certain words—codifying just the right incantation—will accomplish the end.

"We know they believe in magic, not logic, because those who propose to restrict individual rights regarding guns see no need to explain how their proposals would reduce or end gun violence. For them it's enough to declare their sincere belief that this is the case and to invoke polls showing that a majority of people also believe in whatever is being proposed.
"What's belief got to do with it?"

"Gun control is not a goal — it is really a means to an end, a vehicle the Left would drive to gain even greater power.
"It is also a means for the Left to express it’s emotional and psychological discomfort about the citizen independence symbolized and promoted by the Second Amendment — from the ability of responsible citizens to defend themselves and their families, to the principle that an armed population should be a check against elite tyranny. It’s not so much that totalitarian liberals fear their quest for power will end with armed citizens rising up in revolt; it’s that they hate it when free people think that way. We’re supposed to be submissive, indeed reverent of authority. We’re supposed to be dependent children, helpless in a vast “gun-free zone” where our very lives are a gift from the benevolent State, placing our trust in a volume of laws that grows far beyond its demonstrated ability to actually prevent crime.
"No, liberals, you can’t confiscate the guns of the American people you hate so very much. An ideologue like Obama knows that — curse that pesky Second Amendment! — but he brings it up anyway, because he wants to feed the emotional appetites of his followers, and he knows the non-starter of gun confiscation can be used as an opening bid to capture some lesser prize. If you resist total capitulation to the Left’s power grab, then surely you’ll be “reasonable” and agree to some partial capitulation, right? You wouldn’t want to be called an “extremist,” would you?"

"Air Force veteran John Parker, who had a licensed concealed carry gun on his side, was was situated in a building about 200 yards away from where the shooting began at Umpqua Community College yesterday. Instead of taking down the active shooter, Parker was prevented by staff from intervening in the shooting in which ten people were killed.

“There were a few people in the vet center and then when we heard the shooting happened, we got up and we were gonna go out and see what we could do,” Parker told Fox News’ Sean Hannity."

“Immediately the school staff stopped us and told us to get inside of the building….essentially the staff wouldn’t let us go to assist,” he added."

Every member of the UCC staff who prevented those men from running to the sound of guns should be charged with involuntary manslaughter and spend the rest of their miserable lives in prison as the bitches for a 350-lb bruiser named Jumbo.

Not to change subjects, but I think this is part and parcel of the same propaganda campaign that is spinning up against us:
"According to Dr. Warren J. Blumenfeld, who is a staff member of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, hunting animals for sport has many similarities to lynching African Americans. 
In his article "White Supremacy and Devaluation of African [Heritage] Lives," Blumenfeld explains how hunting animals in Africa is very similar to murdering black people. 
Dr. Blumenfeld begins, "The philosophy and practice of white supremacy devalues all African and African heritage lives whether human or non-human animal. White supremacy links slavery in the "Americas" with the ongoing police killings of unarmed black people and to the killing of animals on the continent of Africa."
I believe we're looking at the last great antigun initiative of the Obama administration, the final push. They know that the public has "tipped" against them. Their own spinners are telling them that the public is fed up with the lies and is voting with their wallets. They know that time is running out. That's why there's no option but to go for the long ball.

It will be quote/unquote built on the "Australian Model." But in an effort to show how "reasonable" the Dems/progressives are, there'll only be a teeny tiny first step, "universal background checks." Of course to make those universal background checks — such a little thing, really — work, our benevolent overlords will need to know the whereabouts and ownership of every single firearm in America. It's not really registration, you know, just one of those pesky simple bureaucratic necessity to make those reasonable background checks work. 

They will try to play shooters off against hunters; "sportsmen" against self-defense militia type; women against men; NRA members against non-NRA members. They will roll out one "false flag" after another — "I'm a gun owner, but…"; I'm a shooter/hunter/competitor, but the NRA doesn't represent me…"; why do you need an assault rifle to hunt squirrels…" They will drag every Hollywood shill out of the closet. The levels of the lies will be staggering.

The MSM will be all-in…remember, Goebbels referred to the media as "a great keyboard on which the government can play." And play it they will.

So be strong, be ready, be honest, be true. We are all battle-proven, and we have all seen the elephant. More than anything else, remember the words of the Founders. These, from Sam Adams, are especially apt:

If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.

Saturday, October 03, 2015


“One may question whether real civilisation is so safely afloat that we can afford to use our pens for boring holes in the bottom of it.”
British anti-fascist crusader, WWII

So we have to listen to the same old crap from the same purveyors of lies. Personally, I'm tired of arguing. read this article, because it explains why a lot better than I can, Five reasons that the benefits that flow from guns far outweigh the risks inherent in guns:
E. The Only Way Gun-Control Activists Can Support Their Position Is To Lie. 
And now we get to the reason that led me to write this manifesto. I’ve had several frustrating debates on Facebook with Progressives. These debates have revealed to me that I didn’t actually need to do all the above research to know that my fundamental principle – the Second Amendment is a good thing – is correct. What absolutely confirms the rightness of my cause is the fact that gun-grab proponents have only one way to support their cause: THEY LIE. 
If you have to lie to support your position, you don’t have a case. It’s as simple as that.
Then, when you point out that these shootings invariably take place using legally obtained guns in heavily gun-controlled states and in designated “gun-free zones,” the same Progressives scream that you’re an idiot, a murderer, and a Nazi. And that’s when you know that you’re right. 
Let me reiterate the point I made at the beginning of this section: You know you’re right if your opponent’s only evidence is fraudulent.
Read the whole thing. In fact, memorize the whole thing and pass this link onto your friends. I also refer you to this thoughtful commentary from the brilliant legal expert Eugene Volokh on Guns and Alcohol in no less than WaPo:
But let me offer a concrete analogy (recognizing that, as with all analogies, it’s analogous and not identical). 
Every day, about 30 people are killed in the U.S. in gun homicides or gun accidents (not counting gun suicides or self-inflicted accidental shootings). And every day, likely about 30 people are killed in homicides where the killer was under the influence of alcohol, plus alcohol-related drunk driving accidents and alcohol-related accidents where the driver wasn’t drunk but the alcohol was likely a factor (again not including those who died in accidents caused by their own alcohol consumption). If you added in gun suicides on one side and those people whose alcohol consumption killed themselves on the other, the deaths would tilt much more on the side of alcohol use, but I generally like to segregate deaths of the user from deaths of others. 
So what are we going to do about it? When are we going to ban alcohol? When are we going to institute more common-sense alcohol-control measures? 
Well, we tried, and the conventional wisdom is that the cure was worse than the disease — which is why we went back to a system where alcohol is pretty freely available, despite the harm it causes (of which the deaths are only part). We now prohibit various kinds of reckless behavior while using alcohol. But we try to minimize the burden on responsible alcohol users by generally allowing alcohol purchase and possession, subject to fairly light regulations.
And, perhaps incorrectly, the right to a decent beer wasn't written into the Bill of Rights. But the right to keep and bear arms, a God-given right of free men and women was specifically acknowledged and protected in the Constitution.

A few months back Charles C. W. Cooke, a Brit who now lives in America, wrote a simply brilliant rant at NRO calling out the antigun swine for what they are. It's especially relevant after the last few day's events, when the Great Fool went on television now once, but twice, and brought up the "successful Australian and British" models for "combatting gun violence."

That pathetic old broken down old prostitute Hillary chimed in with similar words, which tells me that "Australian Model" is polling well with the Dem/progressive base. Bye-bye to "commonsense gun laws," "things most Americans agree with," "we support the Second Amendment but…," "who needs military style weapons," all that other crap that didn't play worth a darn.

So now they're going for all the marbles.It is, as my old friend Jerry Miculek once said,"nut-cuttin' time." The "Australian Model" that Barry Obama so admires is basically the door-to-door confiscation, followed by the destruction, of all civilian firearms. Then draconian laws are put into place for the possession of any "unauthorized" firearm. Yes, there are still civilian weapons in Australia, but look at the year-long battle that has been going on over the introduction of a lever action shotgun…the slightly modern equivalent of the Winchester 1887 lever gun designed by John Browning. This slick piece of ultramodern killing technology is clearly too dangerous for even the few Australians who can qualify for firearm ownership.

This from today's NRO:
“Australia” is Obama’s preferred euphemism for that most cherished of gun-control ideals: mass confiscation of the citizenry’s weapons.
You will notice that the president doesn’t exactly spell out what following Australia’s model would entail. He speaks instead of “commonsense gun-control legislation,” “closing the gun-show loophole,” and “universal background checks.” In the last 24 hours, New York magazine, CNN, and NBC have also sung the virtues of the Australian model.
But the Australian 1996 National Agreement on Firearms was not a benign set of commonsense gun-control rules: It was a gun-confiscation program rushed through the Australian parliament just twelve days after a 28-year-old man killed 35 people with a semi-automatic rifle in the Tasmanian city of Port Arthur. The Council of Foreign relations summarizes the Aussie measure nicely: The National Agreement on Firearms all but prohibited automatic and semiautomatic assault rifles, stiffened licensing and ownership rules, and instituted a temporary gun buyback program that took some 650,000 assault weapons (about one-sixth of the national stock) out of public circulation. Among other things, the law also required licensees to demonstrate a “genuine need” for a particular type of gun and take a firearm safety course.
Cooke suggests let's just cut though the BS…you wanna make a run n the Second Amendment? Make it a plank of the Democrat Party and get to it:
This, it is true, is not a mainstream position on the American Left — at least, it is not one that is argued openly. But it is a reasonably popular one on social media, it has strong support within the more leftward-leaning parts of the political commentariat, it is often implied by the casual manner in which progressives such as President Obama refer to “Australia” and other heavily regulated nations, and it enjoys indirect approval from around one quarter of the American public. When the likes of Rob Delaney and Bill Maher and Keith Ellison say that we need to get rid of the Second Amendment, they are not speaking in a vacuum but reflecting the views of a small but vocal portion of the American population. And they mean it. That being so, here’s the million-dollar question: What the hell are they waiting for? Go on, chaps. Bloody well do it.
Read the whole thing…here's the punchline:
You’re not going out there to tell these people that you want “reform” or that “enough is enough.” You’re going there to solicit their support for removing one of the articles within the Bill of Rights. Make no mistake: It’ll be unpleasant strolling into Pittsburgh or Youngstown or Pueblo and telling blue-collar Democrat after blue-collar Democrat that he only has his guns because he’s not as well endowed as he’d like to be. It’ll be tough explaining to suburban families that their established conception of American liberty is wrong. You might even suffer at the polls because of it. But that’s what it’s going to take. So do it. Start now. Off you go.
I am no longer interested in debating jackasses, whores and liars. I am tired of people threatening the lives of my friends, my family and myself, as we saw on Twitter yesterday, hoping to chum up another psychopath. I am sick to death of having it explained to me as if I was a 3 year old that when a fanatic Islamist commits an atrocity it is critical — CRITICAL — that I understand that all Muslims can't be held accountable. But that when a single maniac kills someone, EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN SHOOTER must pay the price. Enough.

Thursday, October 01, 2015



Every friggin' day…every day of the week...every time you walk out of your house (and make sure you have a pocket pistol when you're at home.


Make  your vacation a training vacation…check for training books and DVDs…practice with Airsoft or Next Level Training or LaserLyte guns. Training is more important than a new TV or an ATV.


My friends, the wheels are coming off this thing. The America we grew up in is dead and gone. Mr. Friendly Policeman's job is draw the chalk lines around our bodies. We are on our own, and we ignore that at the risk of our — and our families' — lives.


Today the God of All Things gave dozens of people the chance to stand; not to live, because those decisions are ultimately not ours. But the chance to stand. Sometimes I think we imagine the God of All Things sounds great horns that call us to battle, the great rattle of arms and rallying of troops. But I think God whispers, no more than the rusting of a single hummingbird wing. None of us will know those whispered words; they are for our hearts alone. I believe that today some people heard the rustlings of hummingbird wings, and they stood and took the bullet. I hope…I pray…that should the whisper come to me, it is from Psalms…blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle...

In the New York Times last week there was perhaps an untimely article titled 27 Ways to Be a Modern Man. Here is Number 25:

25. The modern man has no use for a gun. He doesn’t own one, and he never will.

Perhaps Kipling saw it differently:

When the Cambrian measures were forming, They promised perpetual peace.
They swore, if we gave them our weapons, that the wars of the tribes would cease.
But when we disarmed They sold us and delivered us bound to our foe,
And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: "Stick to the Devil you know." 
—The Gods of the Copybook Headings

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

This is my knee, and yes, it does look like hammered shit. I'm moving better on the crutches now, and I meet with the orthopedists early next week to see whether it'd time to change braces and suck it up and start rehab. Still on the heavy duty drugs but have them down to a couple just before nite nite (as opposed to handfuls every few hours).

Gonna spend some time shooting handguns tomorrow…hopefully the concentration effort won't put me back in bed the way it did before. Managed to cook dinner last night — blazing shrimp scampi — and not poison anyone. Gonna work with the Kahr CW9, the Glock G26 and the Ruger SR9c. I suspect most of my shooting will be from a seated position, maybe with chilled lemonade and some bonbons.

I still don't think I can get into a decent prone position…well, maybe I can get into it, but it would take a crane to get me out.

So what do you think…too much????????????????????? 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

This Is the Dawning of the Ageless Aquarium...

I'm still not sure how I'm going to be dealing with this. Right now I'm crying around my Ruger SR9c 9mm in a SafePacker. When I start wearing real clothes again, I'll be using one of the Blocker 24XD cross draws, which seems like the best holster option at this point.

I haven't started working with long guns yet, so I've decided to haul out one of my "survivalist" set-ups, an S&W 629 in a custom Survival Sheath System shoulder holster set-up. It's actually an experimental system that owner Robert Humelbaugh invented, then didn't (to my knowledge) go forward with. On the off side of the holster there are roll up elastic bands for ammunition, I think 12-15, per roll up, I also have 2 speed loaders racked up as well. The function of this set-up is if I hear things go bump in the night I have a piece and lots of spare ammo that I can put on and have with me. My concept was that it's a LOT of firepower that conceals under a light jacket. The overall original idea was the the .44 shoulder system would combine with a traditionally belt mounted polymer striker-fired semi auto. The 9mm, let's say Glock to make it easy, would provide the immediate gunfight response; the advantage of the .44 Magnum would be its ammo versatility from self-defense to big game. An example would be to keep the .44 loaded with hot load FMJ reloads, which will penetrate like crazy. I once loaded up some penetrators for a friend of mine…we were both awed at the results. I make a joke about shooting through a train, but these would come pretty close.

To me the idea still has some validity. If I couldn't G.O.O.D with a handgun and a rifle, I'd rather have 2 handguns than a handgun and a garden rake. If one of those handguns was, in effect, a short rifle, so much the better. My fighting would be done with the primary, but if I needed to take a long shot, a shot against a pretty hefty animal  or an attempt to punch through cover, I'd go to the secondary. A scoped Ruger .44 Magnum Blackhawk certainly wouldn't be my first choice for self-defense, but it would be a handy thing to have around for other duties. A shoulder rig would make the weight palatable.

Tomorrow I'll get out a 9mm AR pistol, a single point sling and a bunch of spare magazines. This might be a good time to get the back-of-the-passenger seat carrier designed and made up! Plus I gotta get ready to redirect my inner energies toward harmony, peace and understanding as tomorrow's lunar red moon eclipse begins. If that doesn't work, I'm going to sacrifice a bunny and send the entire world into a pre-Apocraphal tailspin. I guess either kinda works,