Saturday, December 30, 2006

Dead Pools & Carry Pieces

Well, if you chose James Brown, Gerald Ford and Saddam Husseim for your three Dead Pool selections, you got a little extra spending cash for the New Year. Me, I always put Rosie O'Donnell in my Dead Pool,, but I guess that's just wishful thinking.

I've been thinking about trying a little carry gun experiment in 2007, maybe filming the experiment for my new Internet video project you'll be seeing later on. My idea is to pick a handgun at random out of the vault, then spend a month using that gun as my regular carry gun. I'd practice with it, maybe compete with it. then carry it as much as possible. There are a couple of benefits I think I might get from this exercise:
1) I become a better all-around shooter, which is an on-going goal. It's harder to be a good all-around shooter than it used to be, as there's much les "walking around the woods and plinking" then the Old Days, plus the increased specialization of competition and training.

2) I'll have a better sense of other people's problems when I address concealed carry issues. I've been carrying a gun for a long time, and I suspect there are problems I've just plain forgotten .

3) I believe (and keep in mind that I am occasionally full of shit) that such an exercise will help me see the commonalities rather than the differences in firearms platforms. We spend a lot of time explaining how guns, or techniques, are different (analysis) and virtually no time on how they're the same (synthesis)...yeah, it's hard to do a magazine article on how THIS YEAR'S NEW BLASTER is just like LAST YEAR's OLD BLASTER, but hey...
Anyway, it should be interesting. I'm looking forward to firing the new SIGARMS 220 Compact that'll be introduced at SHOT (whoops...did I say that outloud?). I suspect it will be one of the few .45 carry guns that could seduce me away from my P225 9mm!


I need a NAME for my upcoming Internet video product! Since it WILL NOT be affiliated with The Outdoor Channel, I can't use any variation of SHOOTING GALLERY, The name should be one or two words, neither of which can be either "c$%%&^ker" or "Shooting USA." I'd probably pass on "Guns & Ammo," too.

Whoever thinks of a cool phrase I can use and illustrate (think of the opening of SG and COWBOYS), I'll bring you something nice back from SHOT — unfortunately not one of those hot Russian chicks from the E.A.A. booth, however. I guarantee that you'll be VERY happy, though!

Post your ideas in the Comments, or email me at!

Put your little thinking caps on, boys and girls! Have fun and win prizes!


Anonymous said...

Hey Michael,
Leave those super thumpers to the sado-masochists and your wrists and elbows will thank you.
Name for your video blog should be "Trigger time".
Your fan, Ron Tambussi

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael,
Leave those super thumpers to the sado-masochists and your wrists and elbows will thank you.
Name for your video blog should be "Trigger time".
Your fan, Ron Tambussi

Overload in Colorado said...

Dropped Shot is still available, I think.

GunBane. (like wolfsbane)

Muzzle Flash.

It's three words, but how about:
House of Bane

Frontsight, squeeze.

Point Shooting (or Shooting Points)

more later, mabye.

Overload in Colorado said...

Bullet Points

Anonymous said...

How about naming it after my CETME, and call it -



Darrell said...

Gun Alley.

Eric Wayte said...

The Shooter's Edge

Anonymous said...

guns and gear

SIGnified said...

"Open Range"

Overload in Colorado said...

Guns and Gears is the Jonny Rowland TV show.

Anonymous said...

"Bullet Trap"

Stookie226r @ Sigforum

surreptitious said...

Shooting Sights

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael, good luck - try "Close Hold" for your title.

Jeff Crowley said...

Here is my submission:

Ammendment 2 Tube

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,
How about "WebBane"?
Good Luck
carman from SigForum

Mark_FLSTSC said...

Almost 2 words:

Let's Shoot

Mark McDermott

Indy said...

Sear and Safety.

Anonymous said...

Bane's Trials

Widge @ Sigforum

Yuri Orlov said...

"Damnation Alley" from the Roger Zelazny book title.

Love Shooting Gallery and Cowboys!

Anonymous said...

How about 'Range Time"

J Bump said...

How about "Shooter Ready" or "Booster Shot"?

Anonymous said...

Yo Mikadizzle....'Poppin Caps"


Anonymous said...

Here is a couple ideas. I look forward to reading the final product.

Best wishes, johnsodl.

"The Bane of it all"
"Range Notes"
"The Bullet Press"

msg-84 said...

Shoot n Loot

Don Worsham said...

"At Home, with Michael Bane"

Covers all you do! said...

Down Range, as in "Down Range with Michael Bane"

"To The Line"

"Firing Points"

Just a couple of thoughts...

Mike Baum

Karla said...

I won the 2006 Reaper's Delight Dead Pool at my former place of bidness (Thank you Patsy Ramsey and Red Auerbach) so you now have the honor of being semi-related to the reigning Queen of the Dead. You may visit my kindgom at

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your blog and tv shows. How about for the new one ?


Ron Henderson

Anonymous said...

I say,

Michael's New Internet Show

Sorry, couldn't help myself. Not that I tried too hard.

justdavid (on sigforum & others)

countryboy said...

Brass and Steel

Anonymous said...

Bane's Monthly,by canon6

Anonymous said...

I like House of Bane.

The Michael Bane Project is also good.

How about:

'The World According to Michale Bane'
'Michael Bane's Full Rock & Roll'
'Project: Gun w/ Michael Bane'
'Codename: Gun'
'Gun Nation w/ Michael Bane'

and my personal favorite....

'I'm not Gumby. I'm Michael Bane Dammit!'

Not exactly what you're looking for but I'd buy the t-shirt.

Speaking of which, who do I gotta kill to get an SG shirt? Why don't you have stuff I can buy? love the show, keep up the great work.

Richard Stephens said...


The internet show could be titled "Double Tap", "Tactical Reload", or "Conditioned Response".

Ghostrider_RSA said...

"On Target"

"On Target with Michael Blane"

"Sure Shot"


"The American Patriot"

"Impact with Michael Blane"

"Michael Blane's : Impact"

"On the Ready Line"

"Firing Line"

"Bullet Time"

"Michael Blane's : Bullet Time"

Ghostrider_RSA said...

"The Armed American"

"Armed American Patriot"

Ghostrider_RSA said...

"Michael Bane's : Firing Line"

Argh! Apologies on the above post Michael - Blane = Bane! =)

Enjoy SHOT!

Rotndad said...

My ide for your internet show is: "The bane of the Liberal Society" or the Bane of the Liberal People"

Rotndad from SIGForum

Middle Man said...

Flung Poo Bane: Martial Synthesis via video-blog. (Thanks Al Gore!)

Middle Man

Sigman said...

Guns 'n Earings :)


The Art of Guns

TheQuietMan said...

Shooter Ready?

Santa said...

How about...

"Packing Heat"

Good luck with the show.

Dakotaranger said...

How about the "Armed Duck" The logo could be a duck with a belt of ammo holding an M-60 smoking a stogie

Grubslinger said...

Straight Shoot’n

Nuf' said

coma said...

How about "Shut up and Reload"

Harold B said...

"Reload Time"

Best of Luck on the new show,

- Harold B

Sig22940 said...

Hey Micheal,
How about something simple and to the point: Carry Trials.

Anonymous said...

Citizen Bane

-Michael Boyd

iainmcphersn said...

Center Punch

marc in Minn said...


Anonymous said...

Michael: I wasn't going to,but there are so many good suggestions I had to threw in my two cents ==
which are as follows:

"THE Gun Culture"
or "THE Gun Culture w/Michael Bane"

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Wbdrey said...

How about, The rest of the Story,
Shooter's Con. Ed., Gun Nuts (and Bolts), My Internet Video, Michael Blane's Thing, How to keep Those Girly Man Hands Dexterous,Hey Watch This.
That's all the idea's I got. I would like one of the E.A.A. girls, though. Just for dinner and pleasant conversation, nothing unseemly.

William Drey

Steve Aikens said...

"Bullets Bane"

Anonymous said...

How about 'Michael Bane's Free Fire Zone'?

'Going to Slide-Lock w/ Michael Bane'

'This Is My Gun w/ Michael Bane'

More later....

RioGrande481 said...

Hot Brass

Spent Brass

Flying Hot Brass

0-0 said...

Hey Michael, I don't know you but here's an SF board member contribution to another. Hope you like it.

How about "Have Guns, will Show"


Bruce G said...

"Alpha Mike"

Bruce G said...

"Alpha Mike"

Bruce G said...

"Alpha Mike"

Anonymous said...

"View from the Bunker"
"Bane of Boulder"

Anonymous said...

Blane's Gunnet

BB61 on Sigforum

Anonymous said...

Web Shots

Covers the video and the shooting

Anonymous said...

Trying again:

Web Shots

Round Gun Shooter

Anonymous said...

Here are my ideas:

"Coffee & Sigs"



Anonymous said...

My idea would be
"Variable Carry"
or "Variable CCW"

Thanks, I love the show "Shooting Gallery"!!!
Rusty Shovels

sfoperator said...

I like the "Down Range" submission.

Addison said...

Sighting In
The Feed
Through the Rounds
Cocked and Locked
Fully Automatic
One in the Chamber

...and finally...

Breaking Windage with Michael Bane


Thank you, thank you... I'll be here all week.

Anonymous said...

How about "Carried Away"

Anonymous said...

"Shooter Ready"

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