Friday, April 17, 2015

Catch Up Catch Up

Have spent the first part of this week doing interviews and stand-ups with Joe for GUN STORIES Season 5. We filmed Joe's stand-ups at the Cody Museum at the Buffalo Bill Center, a great backdrop. A lot of what happens on the set is minor tinkering with the script to make it read better (spoken word is different than written word) or to correct small flaws. It's not hard work, but it is meticulous and time-consuming.

There's a good article over on Gun Nuts Media BY TIM on "The Unthinkable," which is partly an after-action report on a class by Greg Ellifritz from Active Response Training and psychologist William Aprill. Definitely read this one. Aprill's concepts and observations have featured very prominently in our own thinking at THE BEST DEFENSE. We're looking at opening the next season of TBD with a 2-parter on an "Unthinkable" event.

And BTW, tot he gentleman who took me to task for our "mob violence" episode of TBD, explaining that it was "irrational" and "going against logic" to have a mob turn violent so quickly, I refer you to this story from my home town of Memphis. Welcome to the Brave New World...

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Working Like A Dog

Hence the light blogging. Spent the day with 2 legends, John Linebaugh and Steve Garbe...just listening to these guys talk guns is amazing.

Got to handle a couple of "unicorns," two .454 Casull 5-shot Colt Single Action Armies. Cool!

Also got a chance to take a close look at the 1873 Winchester found leaning on the tree in Great Basin National Park, then examine the new x-rays. Once again, neat-o!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Here we go!

Day 1 NRA!

Live stream 9AM Central, OUTDOORCHANNEL.COM & DRTV!

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Gatling Guns, Antique Air Rifles, Sharps Rifles and an STI Marauder

Of course, I only got to shoot one today! Another grinder of a day on the GUN STORIES script. It's going pretty well now, but it's a solid day in front of the computer, with books and articles stacked around my flimsy "temporary" desk. I did promise my Sweetie that I would break at 5PM and work with her a little bit on her pistol shooting.

Her weak point in 3-Gun is the pistol…she's shot a lot of cowboy, NSSF Rimfire and assorted other stuff, but she's never shot USPSA or IDPA. Her first USPSA match is coming up (while I'm at the NRA, of course), so she wants to be a little more comfortable with her STI Edge 9mm.

As it happens, I have an STI Marauder 9mm in the house for T&E. Which means I can crib my Sweetie's magazines, which are actually my old mags from when I shot an Edge in Limited years back. I didn't really get a lot of time with it today…she was running drills on 2 Action Targets silhouettes. I jumped in when she was loading magazines.

The Marauder has a lightweight slide with a bushing barrel. It's got a rail and a pretty spiffy magwell, which I believe will fit both the IPSC and IDPA box (it would be a wicked ESP gun!). Quick impressions…I now remember just how good STI guns are. Damn, it shoots great! Once again, this is just a first impression, not a flat-out evaluation. Once I get past NRA, Marshal and I will be doing a video report on DRTV. Wish it had a green fiber optic front instead of red, but that's really nit-picking.

Really looking forward to shooting this one more!

Some Thoughts on Pocket Pistol Reliability

BEARING ARMS references Richard Mann's test of the new Remington RM 380 pocket pistol. Bob Owens, a very thoughtful gunny in his own right, notes that the RM 380 held up well under more continuous fire than you'd expect in a pocket pistol.

My experience has been that once you get past the "Old Skool" pocket pistols of the previous era (think vest-pocket .25s, etc.), pocket pistols, especially guns from from "name" manufacturers, are pretty much as reliable as dirt. I've shot the crap out of a half-dozen or more Ruger LCPs without a single failure. Kahrs are legendary in their reliability. I can't estimate how many rounds I've put through little Kahrs over the years. One is in my pocket right now.

I know a lot of guys carrying S&W Bodyguards and I don't recall any issues there.

I even once intentionally tried to break a Kel-Tec .32. I took a couple of cop friends and 1000 rounds of hot Spanish ball to the range, and we put at least 500 of those rounds (in truth, I don't remember the exact number, but we got tired after about half the case was gone...but I was getting tired of moving the case of .32s around my gun room) with zero — ZERO — malfunctions. The little gun was blazing hot and it did indeed seem looser, but it kept firing. It still shoots just fine.

I think there's just less to go wrong.

OTOH, especially on the older versions, if the little gun doesn't run, it is a godawful nightmare to get them to run. We used to joke about the perfect, jewelry-like Walther TPHs. If they ran, they were perfect. If they didn't, all the forces of heaven and earth couldn't fix them.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Monday Monday Work Day

Man, it be a busy, busy week! The NRA Show is coming up this weekend, and I absolutely, positively have to get the script for GUN STORIES finished. My head is about to explode with gun trivia. I find myself walking around the Bunker worrying whether Frank Hamer used a 15 or 20 round custom Remington Model 8 magazine to whack Bonnie and Clyde.

I suppose Steve Hunter will know for sure. He's kinda the great Frank Hamer expert. I've always wished that Steve would do a non-fiction book on Frank Hamer and B&C. Hell, I'd kill to be his coauthor on that one! The Rem had great penetration, thought…

As you all know, I once climbed a barbed wire fence to pose, a la Clyde, in the Official Bonnie And Clyde Death Car when it was in Branson, MO. 

ANYWAY…NRA SHOW…Outdoor Channel/Sportsman Channel booth, #2231 (I think), Saturday 3:30-4:30PM…I'll be signing autographs and generally B-S'ing…


If you stop by, I'll give you the Magic Secret Key Words Decoder Ring Code to get you into MICHAEL (and GUNS, HOLSTERS AND GEAR and IDPA) BUYS THE BEER, where we will have a rollicking good time!

Well, anyway, I note the new Remington .380. I'm a little disappointed that it's not available in colors like my Kahr .380, but there you go. Maybe it's just me. I'll stop by Rem and take a look. Unless the MASSIVE GIANT GRAVITY of the Glock 43 sucks me toward the Glock booth like a black hole sucking on a popsicle.

I'm really interested in the new Kahr Arms Gen 2 line (here's the G&A story).ere are the specs for the Gen 2  pistol:

• shortened trigger stroke allowing for quicker firing rates – 30% shorter than premium model
• integrated trigger safety
• accessory rail for lasers and lights
• front slide serrations on 5” and 6” barrel models
• 6” compensated barrel model
• Leupold® Deltapoint™ Red Dot mount (5” barrel models) with tall target sights
• Leupold® Deltapoint™ Red Dot optic included with 6” barrel models
• TRUGLO® TFX™ Tritium/Fiber-Optic Day/Night sights standard on 3.5” and 4” barrel models
• Safe-Cam striker-fired action
• double recoil spring system for reduced felt recoil
• redesigned magazine base and grip for a sleeker look
• slide machined from the highest quality of stainless steel available for firearms
• serial tag on grip frame
• ergonomic single stack grip frame fits most hand sizes from small to large
• ships with 3 magazines and a lockable, hard, polymer case

I've been alternating between carrying a Ruger SR9c and the Kahr CW9. I'm wondering about a CW9-sized pistol with a red dot as an EDC rig. I'll be talking to Frank Harris from Kahr at NRA.

[NOTE…Kahr has been a sponsor in the past, but is not presently. I hope they will be again.]

Sunday, April 05, 2015

"Sir, I Will Not Obey That Order."

I was at a fundraiser in Colorado, and I struck up a conversation with a Major who was in command of a group of about 500 Special Forces personnel. 
He told me that he was no longer able to train his men in how to do their jobs and come home afterwards, because these days his time had to be spent making sure that none of his soldiers had tattoos that might be considered offensive to women, gays, lesbian or transgendered personnel; that he had to scour the barracks of these young warriors who were prepared to fight and die for their country in order to make sure there were no Maxim magazines or any other images of naked women that might make the home of these deadly, aggressive, disciplined men into a hostile work environment. He had to do all of this nonsense, more and more of it each year, and spend less and less time doing what he, and his soldiers, had signed up to do in the first place: namely, train to go out there and kill the enemies of freedom. 
Then one day, his commanding officer came to him with a new policy. He told this young Major that he was required to poll all of the people in his command and ascertain whether they, or anyone else in their household, owned their own weapons and if so how many and of what kind. 
And he calmly told me that he turned to his superior officer and said, “Sir, I will not obey that order.”

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Great Match Today!

I mean, I shot so slow they had to time me with an hourglass, but, darn, I had a great time. It was a carbine only match put on by my good friend Mark Passamaneck from Carbon Arms. He opened it to rimfire, pistol caliber carbine or whatever. I shot the JP 9mm with a 1.5-4X Leupold and my Sweetie shot the Spike's/JP .22 LR AR with the Pride/Fowler Rapid Reticle 3-9X.

Mark and his family were on our squad, as well as my pal Alan Samuel and a bunch of great shooters. Alan is a great guy to have on a squad…light-hearted, helpful and an amazingly good shooter. My goal was pretty straightforward — hit all the targets.  Considering there were offhand head shots at 40-50 yards, it meant I needed to pay attention. Match wen threat…running the little JP was like running a stapler…I shot the match slow but clean. My Sweetie had a good match as well.

It was great to get out with a the AR and put it thorough its paces. The JP 9mm is a great little gun, and I'll be talking about it on Wednesday!