Thursday, January 04, 2007

Apocalypse Watch!

Yep, UFOs over O'Hare; "space junk" over Denver; mysterious rocks crashing through roofs in New Jersey; Nancy Pelosi sworn in as Speaker of the House...yes folks, it's OH-VAH!

And I feel fine!

The new season of SHOOTING GALLERY and COWBOYS started yesterday, and my electronic in-box is overflowing with comments. This is absolutely the best season ever for both shows...these are the shows I always hoped to be able to present! Yeah, some of them are 'way controversial...

And changing gears quickly, here's a quick whiff of bullshit from the Denver Post:
Williams' murder a cowardly gun crime
In memory of Darrent Williams, the Broncos player killed Monday, Denver should close ranks against the gun culture that endangers the city's streets.
What the hell are those clowns talking about? You bet there's a "culture" problem in Denver...but it's a "gang" culture, not a "gun" culture. Denver's been a gang town for a long time, and the gang culture florishes pretty much unhindered. The now-recovered SUV used in the drive-by belongs to a jailed big-gun Crips warlord; the club Darrett Williams visited before his death is reportedly frequented by gang members. And the 'bangers sent a big message in their cowardly act...come dark, the gangs rule the streets.

Denver spends a lot of time and effort pretending this isn't so. The city has a big-dollar initiative to "eliminate homelessness." They periodically crack down on expensive call girls and massage parlors and are absolute death on "crusing" — god forbid you should go around a block twice, and if you have a low rider, you are in deep dookey. Oh, and Denver's legal department are trying to find a way to emasculate the state's "Shall Issue" law, because why would you need a concealed weapon in Denver?

Yeah, right!

When the sun goes down, the 'bangers rule the streets. But the Denver Post lacks the cojones to call a spade a spade because many, if not most, of those gangbangers are black, Hispanic or Asian — god forbid the newspaper be construed as "racially insensitive." So much easier to attack "the gun culture." Hey bubbah, I'm the gun culture, and I don't 'jack anybody!


Yuri Orlov said...

This is just another example of the "anti" attitude that it is "alright for me, but not for you" attitude. Rosie O'donnel anyone?

Heaven forbid that they have to face up to the facts that their so closely held and cherished beliefs are just so much horseshit.

I caught Cowboys and Shooting Gallery yesterday. I just wanted to say, good job! I love those shows!

Emitt said...

Mike, I too enjoyed the programs last night. Best I've seen and please keep up the good work. The new line-up of all shooting programs on the Outdoor Channel makes watching television on Wednesdays worth the effort. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

That ain't no whiff of BS from the Post. It's a gut-wrenching stench! Grrrrr....