Sunday, February 18, 2007

Zumbo Caves Quick...

,,,now that the damage is done and our enemies have one more stick to beat us with! This from Jim Zumbo's blog a few minutes ago:
Believe it or not, I'm your best friend if you're a hunter or shooter, though it might not seem that way. I simply screwed up. And, to show that I'm sincere about this, I just talked to Ted Nugent, who everyone knows, and is a Board member of the NRA. Ted is extremely active with charities concerning our wounded military, and though he's known as a bowhunter, Ted has no problem with AR 15's and similar firearms. My sincerity stems from the fact that Ted and I are planning a hunt using AR 15's. I intend to learn all I can about them, and again, I'm sorry for inserting my foot in my mouth.
Let this serve attack black rifles, you attack .50 BMGs, you attack "Saturday Night Specials" attack on one is an attack on all. It doesn't matter where that attack comes from!

It's time to choose sides, boys and girls.

Jim, I accept your apology...and you got a DAMN LONG WAY TO GO before you get anyone in this culture's trust back!


Anonymous said...

Oh, there are people pissed at me? Well, uh, (quick think of something) um, I'll call Ted Nugent and go shoot an AR with him. If Bill Clinton can be seen in camo with dead ducks it's sure to work for me. I'll use Ted Nugent as cover....nobody has to know what I really feel.

Mr. Zumbo might want to consider the fact that he insulted the people that buy these rifles and that these people represent the fastest growing segment of the firearms market. The mean old "assault rifle" out-sells handguns in total dollars and sure as hell outsells hunting rifles.

This apology sounds a little to "I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar" to me. He still thinks these are the wrong kind of rifles.

Maybe Mr. Bane can suggest that Jimbo the Dumbo go shoot a 3-gun match.

Anonymous said...

Over at The Smallest Minority, Kevin has shown that the anti-gun forces of the Brady bunch have already glommed onto Zumbo's remarks. Good going.


Anonymous said...

If this ELMER FUDD is our "best friend" then we might as well toss all our guns in the street and ask the thugs/islamofascists/government to kill us last. "Outdoor life" has been an elitist publication for a long time. They supported the "ugly gun" ban and will again. Hopefully people will email dumbo's SPONSORS and learn "gun people" that you don't shit in your own nest.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that in his long distringuished career Zumbo never encountered an AR except for shooting one once. Wow, how did that rifle go unnoticed? It's only the cornorstone of a $1 billion industry.

This apology doesn't address the fact that he actually thought that those that carry ARs look like terrorists to him. When did he get the idea that these guns = terrorists? I always thought they represented the good guys. Maybe I watch too many movies with marines in them but that's just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Now Appearing: The Jim Zumbo Apology Tour

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June 20-23 Shooting Roundtable at CMP HQ, port Clinton, OH
July 18-21 SBR 3-Postion Match, Camp Perry, OH
July 23-25 VHA Varmint Jamboree, Ft. Pierre, SD
July 27-29 International Tactical Riflemans Championship, Gillette, WY
Nov. 1 Area 6 3-Gun Championships, Anniston, AL

Anonymous said...

Apology...NOT accepted.
If he wrote a line or so disregarding AR15 and the like, it would be one thing. Instead, he saw fit to take the time to devote an entire column speaking out against them, telling us how they "don't belong" in his woods.
Nope. You apologize for a slip of the tongue. You stand by your true feelings- which he showed us today.
Barry in IN

Sevesteen said...

It doesn't matter if he changes his mind and sincerely accepts AR's onto the 'sporting rifles' list, he's still missed the point.

Anonymous said...

Why does Ted Nugent want to get in the middle of this. Is he going to step forward and make excuses for another person who no matter how you cut it is not in support of this type of rifle. He has ignored them his entire career. I am not too sure if I were Ted that I'd rush to defend him.

Anonymous said...

Poor choice of words by Mr. Zumbo. I support anyone's right to own any type of firearm. That said, I do not turn my back on the yahoo's at the public ranges who are out there in their little camo fatigue outfits and blasting microwave ovens and liquor bottles with their AR type rifles and short barreled shotguns. Yes, even idiots have the right to own a firearm in this country...but that doesn't mean I have to approve of idiots.

Will said...

Interesting view about yahoo's, there. I read a large portion of the responses to Zumbo's blog, and a HUGE percentage of them commented on how the hunters only show up at the range right before hunting season, scare them with bad gun-handling skills, and then proceed to barely hit the paper with their scoped rifles at 50-100yds! They tend to shoot a single box (20rnds), call it good enough, and leave. I grew up with a hunting father and uncles, and that's how it was 40 yrs ago. Seems the same now. When I was a kid, I never shot less than a brick per outing with my single shot/bolt .22 rifle. The adults almost never shot 22's, and it showed. I could out-shoot them with their own guns. The attitude of the typical hunter is they know how to shoot, and then never learn anything.

Anonymous said...

WOW!- I guess we need to boycott "Will" now! In his passion to join the Zumbo lynching party he decides to smear every hunter as a incompetent & unsafe bozo.I think before we all condemn Mr Zumbo for voicing his opinion that all military rifle shooters are incompetent & unsafe bozos, we need to take a hard look at our own prejudices within our shooting family. Mr Zumbos mistake was not that he doesn't like military rifles-he has a perfect right not to-just like Will can choose to stereotype and dislike all hunters. His mistake was to opine that they should be "banned" from hunting use.No shooter should ever support the notion that any gun or shooting sport be "banned" just because they personally don't like or are not interested in the gun/sport. We must all support each other- no matter what our personal tastes are-or our joint enemies will pick us apart. I am glad to hear that Mr Zumbo is going to try to learn something about the fun that can be had shooting the "black rifles", maybe he will be able to rid himself of some ignorant prejudices. I sincerely hope "Will", and the others who see Zumbos ill-informed comments as an excuse to rip into their hunting brothers, will do the same.

Anonymous said...

Mr Zumbo showed us all his true color today. If its not his way its the wrong way. I for one will boycott all products that indorce him from here on out. And in my oppinion his N R A membership should be revoked. And a big hand to Remington fire arms for there stand on the issue.....

Anonymous said...

Another "Apology NOT accepted". What a Spin-Doctor. As I wrote in a response to a later segement: Jim, Fall on your Sword! Just leave! As for Ted Nugent, I'd distance myself from this one. You won't help, you'll only abet.
Life Member

Matt Zigler said...

First, if you posted your comments with anonymous, you are a coward. I have hunted for over 30 years. I read Jim's comments and agree with them completely. He did not say they should be completely banned. He did not call you terrorist only that they are terrorist weapons. When the public sees someone in the middle east firing a weapon what kind is it? When I was there I did not see a single 700, 870 or model 94. What image do you want to portray to the public? I have a cousin that is a game warden and he has told me stories about going into camps at 2 in the morning and having to take and AK or AR with a hi-cap mag from some drunk SOB.

I would like to know how many of you complaining have actually used a 556 or 762 for what they were intended? I have on many occasions. There were times I wish I had my 338-06 instead of the MP4. As an ethical hunter the 556 is not the caliber of choice.

Again, for those of you that commented as anonymous at least Jim had the courage to sign his work.