Friday, August 08, 2014

Scout Project Progressing!

Man, this thing looks great! Chris E., eat your heart out! Here's where I am now:

Browning BLR (not a sponsor) Take-Down in .223. 5-shot magazines (think I might have said 4 on the podcast...)
MPI Stocks (not a sponsor) fiberglass stock
Burris 2-7X Scout (sponsor!) mounted on Browning Scout Rail. Vortex low scope mounts (not a sponsor)...yes, you can still work the variable power ring! I'm still pondering the higher Ruger GUNSITE Scout has one of the fixed 2.75s on it...I've shot the Leupold 1.5-4X Scout and liked it at the 4X magnification. I'm going to have to figure it out on the range, I think
Andy's Leather (not a sponsor but a very good friend!) Rhodesian sling with Uncle Mike's sling swivels (not a sponsor). The "Rhodesian" part of the sling is fitted to me now, but I've got to adjust the overall length.
Pachmayr (not a sponsor) Decelerator recoil pad
Ricochet Roy (not a sponsor) leather wrap for lever

Here it is taken down:

Waiting for BUIS from Skinner Sights (not a sponsor), and I'll probably have to add a newer, higher front signs (from Brownell's or MidwayUSA (Midway is a sponsor, but I don't get a special discount), no doubt). I found 2 sanely priced magazines at Midway. I ordered 2 more from another outlet and got magazines for the 22-250...sigh.

I'll fit the Negrini case (not a sponsor, but Steve Lamboy is another old friend) over the weekend...DARN, these are nice case! The absolute very best gun cases I've ever used. This stuff will spoil you.

Finally ready to take it to the range...suspect an action job will follow, but I want to shoot it a little bit before. BTW, can anybody explain to me what on EARTH Browning was thinking when they left the sharp edges on this gun? Every single edge on this gun will cut you! It's crazy, and there's no point to it. Yeah, I get that Miroku is one heck of an arms' manufacturing plant and can hold incredible tolerances, but for guns you actually plan to shoot rounded, smooth, not razor sharp is A GOOD THING!


KevinC said...

Lookin' good. I'll be that MGM (not a sponsor :D ) makes a throw lever that'll fit that scope, making the transition from 1x to max power even faster.

Sheepdog1968 said...

Looking very good Michael. I hate sharp edges. I have essentially a 30-30 lever scout that Jim Brockman did for me. Have action slicked up, etc. The one feature that I really like was that he dehoned the trigger. It's not been bobbed or anything like that. Just the sharp edges taken off. Feels really good in the hand as I tend to keep it half cock and thumb on trigger when using it in self defense classes or hunting.

Sheepdog1968 said...

I meant to say he dehoned the hammer. Where above says trigger insert hammer. Tired after hard day at work.

Alvin said...

Thanks for the update. I see some additions I want for my .308 BLR

Just put the new Nikon 2.5X-8X EER scope on a scout rifle. Like it very muchly. Still learning to use the BDC function it has. I've got a Burris 2X-7X on another rifle, the Nikon is a tad sharper, and the power ring moves more smoothly than the Burris.

Alvin said...

Michael -

Forgot to ask - any news on higher capacity magazines for the BLR?

Anonymous said...

My very expensive Limited Edition Colt 1911s, bought several years ago are also "infected" with sharp edges. They're sharp enough to cut leather when you holster the guns. Pic's of Colt's new guns on their site may show that sharp edges are still "in" on their guns. I hope not. I broke the edges on my bright-stainless gun, but the Tactical is blued and stoning those edges would ruin the finish.

As a toolmaker, we reserve sharp edges for match-lines in injection molds and on cutting tools. Everywhere else, you'd stone 'em off!

Life Member

Eclectic Breakfast said...

Have you weighed it yet?

Anonymous said...

You clearly need more sponsors! Nice concept gun. I enjoy your podcasts, especially the music. I can't get Fujiyama Mama out of my head!

Weston Pecos said...

Any problems with the eye relief on that Burris scope? I've got the Burris fixed 2.75x scout scope on a milsurp rifle and I've been thinking of changing up to the 2-7x Burris scout because my eyes need some help with 100+ yards, but I've been worried that the 2-7x Burris is just a handgun scope re-labeled as a rifle scout scope without changing the eye relief for a true rifle set up. I hope I'm wrong about that, because I really need more than 2.75x, so I really WANT that 2-7x Burris scope. If someone mounts the 2-7x Burris scout scope as michael has it shown in the pics for this post, is the eye relief OK, or do you have to push the rifle away from your shoulder a bit to get into usable eye relief? If so, I can go with the less expensive Leatherwood Hi-Lux 2-7 scout scope for my milsurp, but I'd prefer the quality of the Burris.

As an aside, you probably think it is not worth time and money to put a nice scope on a milsurp. I know, I know, Michael, milsurps are for punks and are only state-of-the-art for 125 years ago, and there are better fish in the sea and all of that, I get it, but please understand two things: 1. my rifle is NOT a mosin, and 2. It is a war bring-back that my grandfather personally brought back from WW2, and happens to be the only thing my grandfather left to me. So, it may not seem worthy of a Burris scope to some, but to me it is a priceless piece of family firearms heritage and I am trying to get a good scope so that I can use the rifle at the distances it was made for. Thanks for any advice you can give.

kmitch200 said...

Yep Life Member, my Gold Cup's edges will make you pay!
I love the guns looks, accuracy and reliability but damn...

George said...

You might advise Burris to change their latest ad they are running on your podcast. I think it's a bit, shall we say, ridiculous?

The end of the ad you played on today's podcast had a guy saying, "He's right. There is nothing to be afraid of."

Really!? I didn't think scopes were all that intimidating to start with. I think they need a different approach.


DamDoc said...

finally went to the Browning site and looked these BLRs.. Wow.. A lot of interesting calibers.. I like that you can have a serious caliber in the takedown format that you can make very non-discrete in travel.. I like having a non-semi auto in all the caliber i have semi autos in too.. Never know when that may become a fallback for your ammo stash/reloading capabilities.. And after using a win 94 for many years, this lever will allow precision bullets instead of the flat end tube mag type... I will be interested to hear about the accuracy of your project gun. I can see a 223 and 308 for myself in this format as an AR and m14 /m1a fallback...

Anonymous said...

Nice, needs a suppressor.