Saturday, December 26, 2015

Twas the Day After Christmas...

…and the beer was all gone!

We had a spectacular Indian Christmas dinner —stir-fried shrimp (very different from Chinese stir-fry), chickpea-battered fried flounder, a wonderful spicy baked cauliflower, saag (spinach) with dill and tomatoes, a potato and green pea dish with chilis, a couple of chutneys, onion fritters and a yogurt/cucumber dish to throttle back some of the fire, paratha bread and a couple of delicious desserts.

Easily one of the toughest days in the kitchen…there were 3 of us —me, my Sweetie and her brother. At one point I had 3 dishes going at the same time…things I hadn't cooked before with spices and styles I wasn't familiar with…great fun and great challenge! Wonderful Christmas!

Am finishing off THE TWO TOWERS and will watch THE RETURN OF THE KING tomorrow night….as I always do. It honestly helps me face the battles to come.

"What are we holding onto, Sam?
"That's there's some good in the world, Mr. Frodo. And it's worth fighting for."

I should have spent some time outside with the new Ruger 10-shot .22 GP-100, but I kept waiting for the thermometer to get above, say, 21 degrees, so the steel wouldn't stick to my hands. Heaven forbid I should lick it! Since it never crept out of the tundra regions, I stuck close to the fire.

Tomorrow, cold or not, I'll put some rounds downrange, probably with the Lipsey's/Vickers G19 as well. Meanwhile, tonight I'm having a gin and tonic made with Dingle's Irish Pot Still Gin from my friend Andy Langlois and Jack Ruby Small Batch Tonic, which is a bit like essence of quinine cough syrup. Different!


DamDoc said...

no tongues on steel, and dont shoot your eye out!

Andrew Langlois said...

I'm glad you like the gin and had a great Christmas!


Andy ( )

Anonymous said...

You're a better man than am I. Gin is what my grandmother drank.

Sheepdog1968 said...

Do the three Hobbit movies also make it into rotation now?

Sheepdog1968 said...

We had pheasant on our menu that my father in law and I had hunted the Sunday before the holidays. His wife prepared it two mays. One was a traditional roast. The other was a Portuguese rice dish she said was called "hide the duck" (adapted for pheasants). Layer of rice with veggies and other items. A layer of pheasant meat pulled from the bones after being boiled in brine water. A layer of rice and veggies. Then topped off with slices of homemade linguisa. It was good. It was paired with the homemade wine we had harvested back in Aug.

_DonWorsham_ said...

Beans and Franks down at the Senior Center weren't too bad. I may ask for the recipe.

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