Friday, March 03, 2017

Save Your Pennies...

From Swaro this afternoon:
Cranston, Rhode Island - SWAROVSKI OPTIK NORTH AMERICA, a subsidiary of the Austrian based company, announces the dS, representing a completely new generation of rifle scope. This product will highlight the optical features of a conventional rifle scope and combine the technology of digital targeting to form an impressive, complete device. Delivery starts in Europe in July 2017. The launch in the US market will be Shot Show in January 2018. 
The new dS shows not only the correct aiming point, but also the key ballistic data in the head-up display without any distraction and in real time. The key benefit for hunters is that the correct aiming point will be displayed automatically in the rifle scope. With the press of a button, the dS measures the exact distance to the target, having factored in the magnification setting, air pressure, temperature, and angle. This takes into account the personal ballistic data for your firearm/ammunition combination. The windage mark intervals are calculated based on the distance measured, the wind speeds set, and the ballistic data. 
The display shows the distance information, bullet energy, and other features in a high-resolution head-up display that clearly provides you with all the hunting data that can contribute to a successful hunt. The design of the dS with its attractive silhouette will look great on any rifle. 
The scope requires networking with a smartphone. Exchanging data is simple and straightforward via the Bluetooth® interface. The personal data supplied when sighting in the target are input directly into the app and transmitted immediately. 
SWAROVSKI OPTIK has developed a “smart” rifle scope with the dS, which provides hunters with intelligent support. Technical and long-range optical innovations, combined with the hunter’s own expertise, make it possible to remain totally focused even in challenging situations. “This makes an important contribution in terms of allowing hunting to be carried out in a responsible manner all the time,” says Carina Schiestl-Swarovski.
Sure, it's going to cost more than car, probably more than an SUV, but in reality you kid can put him - or herself through college without your help...besides, what's a degree in puppetry worth these days? Get the scope...


SiGraybeard said...

Sure is cool. But.. the kids are grown and out. Retirement won't allow that without liquidating the current SUV, but then I'd have to walk the 20 miles to the range. Carrying way too much gear.

The best part about this scope is that all that cool tech relies on silicon. That means that Moore's Law is going to drop its price with every update. And the Iron Law of Production Efficiency is that for every doubling of quantity they sell, the price will drop by another ~25%.

All I gotta do is wait a couple of years.

Anonymous said...

Whether us "old guys" like it or not, technology will always evolve. Even though I cannot justify buying such a product yet (YET!), I can see where it may have a great appeal to newer (a. k. a.: YOUNGER) and more tech'-saavy shooters. If more new shooters are drawn in to shooting activities, great. After all, I was the one that swore that I'd never buy a plastic gun and now, I own 2 1/2 of 'em.

Invent on boys and girls!

Life Member

Alien said...

Oh, boy, a really, really cool piece of tech that I'll need to stockpile batteries for so it still works after the apocalypse (are solar panels available in camo patterns yet?).

And here I thought being one of Kim's Nation of Riflemen involved knowing techniques and stuff, like drop, windage, the dreaded "trajectory" tables for your cartridge, etc.

nj larry said...

So I am a contrarian. I was watching a great movie a couple of weeks ago. The Wind and The Lion, with Sean Connery and a beautiful young Candice Bergen. Written by none other than John Milius, a quintessential gun guy, the Teddy Roosevelt character is playing around with a 1895 Winchester. I've actually seen his guns at Sagamore Hill and indeed he knew his guns. Well I do love me some lever guns and picked up a modern run 1895 in 405 off GunBroker the other day. Iron sights. No intention of ever putting anything electrical on it ! God bless JMB !

The political news seems to be reaching a crescendo this weekend. I have this sinking feeling that something is coming. Like a storm in summer. Foolishly I thought the other side would take a break or relax or something. But they are going full bore to take down and destroy this nation. It does not give me warm fuzzies about us achieving our 2A goals. I just think we will be busy with other stuff... maybe bivouacking in fields and meadows.

This just came out this morning. Here former AG Lorretta Lynch calls for blood in the streets. Can you even freaking imagine such a call from a former AG? Sickening....

Anonymous said...

The former Attorney General of the United States, Loretta Lynch, has called for Americans to attack other Americans and "Pravda" is ignoring it. That IS profound!

steve said...

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