Saturday, July 15, 2017


Dinner came out well. I did a chili rub on the salmon — 2 tablespoons ancho chili powder, 1 tablespoon New Mexico red, 1 tablespoon cumin and cooked it on a hot grill for right about 4 minutes. Served it with Cuban black beans with kale…kinda a weird mix, but it worked…the garlic, ginger, onions and spices definitely helped!

I think I'm going to keep the Remington Tac-14 not-a-shotgun. I've patterned it with the buckshot I've got here, but there;s still some I'd like to try. I think I have a good sense of how to integrate it into my self-defense plans here at the Secret Hidden Bunker, thanks to Gabe Suarez. I also really like it as a bedside companion for when things go pump in the night. I'm planning on outfitting it like Gabe's Stakeout 870, eventually with a red dot.


David aka Drifting Fate said...

While I would never argue the effectiveness of such a thing - because they can be made to play, I would worry what a jury would see when that is held up to them by the prosecution. You could be defending a bus load of nuns, and they are going to see "sawed-off shotgun" and mess their uninformed pants.

As part of a collection/accumulation, have fun at the range. As part of something to actually point at someone and use with intent to harm and the result not being a complete legal cluster f*ck, good luck with that.

Does it really fit a niche that nothing else does? Is your life really in danger if you don't use THAT tool? I think you will make it though the night employing better, more effective, and less jury-sensitive options. Remember the Fish 10mm case in AZ.

But, you have to do what you have to do.

Carl in Alaska said...

Have you heard of anyone coming up with or working on a mount for the center mass laser on the Remington or Mossberg shorty's?

Anonymous said...

Magpull MLOK would permit mounting an aftermarket firearm laser


BaldEagle9 said...

"...When things go pump in the night.". I'm stealing that!

Fifty Cal said...

I put a surefire forearm light on mine. Since the most likely use will be at night, I would rather have the light source than a small laser dot. Oh, and within 20 yards or so, if something is IN the circle of light, they are in the strike zone.

NJ Larry said...

MB wondering if you have seen this little device which is being sold as achieving seamless feeding of Aquila mini shells? For 15 bucks it couldn't hurt to give it a try. The benefit being a nice increase of capacity. Capacity being a major drawback of a itty bitty shotty's.

Anonymous said...

Good luck sourcing actual inventory of the Aquila mini shells
in slug or buck.

They seem to have unobtanium as one of their critical components.

If you ID'ed an actual source with stock, please let the rest of us in on the secret.
I have a friend who has been looking for several months.
The mfgr chooses not to respond to availability queries.


NJ Larry said...

Heard on Tom Greshams Guntalk show on past Sunday that Aguila is opening an Ammo factory in Texas to handle demand. So stay tuned...

See 7/9 show part C

Anonymous said...

I didn't think that it would take Remington long to come up with this version of the 870 after Mossberg came out with their rendition. I was looking forward to the Remington since I already have a couple of regular 870s and adding this one to my "stable" would seem like the natural thing to do. I think that the safety mounted on the trigger guard of the Remington is superior to the top mounted one on the Mossberg. The top mounted one may be susceptible to inadvertently being swiped to "off", or "on" during handling, causing a "surprise". Just my take on "top", or tang-mounted safeties.

Anyhow, My Remingtons have been very reliable over the 49 years since I bought my first one.

Life Member

P. S.: The "10mm Arizona" conviction wasn't because of the caliber of the gun. It seemed more to be due to the caliber of the shooter's defense. The prosecution only used the caliber for dramatic affect. The real drama was that the shooter couldn't convince the court that the use of deadly force was justified.

Anonymous said...

How does someone work a light on that set up?


Anonymous said...


The MagPul forend on this Remington has M-Lok slots on each side that allow mounting a light using commonly available hardware. That's the 3 slots on the sides of the forend that you see in the pic' of the gun at the end of the link included in Michael's article.

Check it out:

MagPul also has one available for the Mossberg, even though Mossberg chose not to outfit their gun with it. Check out how Mossberg's gun behaved in this test:

Life IS Good!

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Cookie said...

I always wondered why they never make these short shotties in 20 gauge? I think it would be so much easier to handle. Anyone ever see one in 20?

Anonymous said...


"20's" don't always kick less than a "12". Even though 20's usually shoot a 5/8 oz. load vs. the 12's 7/8 oz., because the 20-guage guns are usually lighter, they can actually shoot harder. It's not always the case, but it happens often. It' just good ol' physics.

I'm guessing that there'll be some 20 and .410-guage guns to follow in these "shorties" since there already are in the full-length versions. If they come out with a .410, they'll benefit from all of the loads that are already available for the "Judge" handgun.

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