Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Great "Othering"

"Basically, to use their terminology, they’re trying to “other” us.

You see, when you successfully “other” a group, you’re capable of doing any horrible thing. You essentially classify a group as something other than human, thus it becomes easy to commit atrocities against those people. It’s how the Nazis were able to do such terrible things to the Jews. They’d already “othered” them to such a great degree.

The idea is to do the same to us."

LET's all adopt another bit of terminology from the Left -- "woke." When the left uses the term "woke," what they mean is to suddenly become aware of the reality around reality. My favorite definition is from the Urban Dictionary:

"Getting woke is like being in the Matrix and taking the red pill. You get a sudden understanding of what's really going on and find out you were wrong about much of what you understood to be truth."

FINALLY, gun owners are "getting woke" to the reality around the reality. What do I mean by that? Here's a handy bullet-point list:

🔴 The Left desires complete civilian disarmament...there are and never were "common sense" gun laws or "gun safety" laws.
🔴 Left wants disarmament because they want CONTROL...to borrow phraseology from the brilliant Leonard Cohen, "Give me absolute control, over every living soul...come lay beside me baby, that's an order."
🔴 The problem for the Left is that the 2A message of personal responsibility, which will always be at odds with authoritarian fascist (but I repeat myself), is deeply rooted in the Gun Culture.
🔴 Q.E.D., that offending culture must be destroyed, completely eradicated, as the spiritual fathers of the Left -- the Nazis -- tried with the Jews.
🔴 The Left is now coming to the realization, as their spiritual fathers did decades ago, that to eradicate a culture, you have to destroy its people.
🔴 When you see calls like "Death to the NRA," "All gun owners have blood on their hands," NRA members/gun owners should be "hauled into the streets and killed" -- all of which we have seen in the last few weeks -- what you are really seeing is bloody chum being tossed into the water in the hopes of summoning a Monster to do their bidding.
🔴 But "Chumming for Monsters" is only the first step. Somehow, there are never enough monsters to go around and sooner or later the Left will have to get its hands dirty...as they have in every single Leftist takeover in history. We can see the nascent beginnings of this phase in the Antfa and BLM movements, as well as the active and violent suppression of free speech on college campuses.
🔴 The call for "gun control" has metastasized from a difference of opinion between two groups of citizens to an all out culture war.
🔴Our enemies don't want our acquiesce, they want us dead.

PEOPLE, STAY "WOKE!" There's a reason the pill is "Red."


Anonymous said...

Michael, THANK YOU!

This is so succinct and accurate. My Great-Grandmother saw the same thing about to happen in pre-Bolshevik Russia, when she advised that my Grandfather leave "with only the shirt on his back". He did and was spared. The rest of our family was not. We were "others" to the "Party". We were Czarists, so killing us was ever so easy. All the rest were never heard from, or seen again.

Now, as if I am pre-disposed, I see the same thing pending in America. My advice? "America; Love it or leave it!" Stand your ground. Let "them" leave.

Life Member

Anonymous said...

IWe got overrun because the left was prepared to mobilize for this tragedy and capitalized on it while we sat around “being quiet and reflective” Our side lost the initiative, and is badly losing the war against us.

Florida gun owners have been successfully “othered” and more othering is coming. Federally, the othering proposals keep coming but what’s really dangerous is that the NRA-ILA has preemptively surrendered our rights by supporting the expansion of the secret, no guns database sometimes called NICS and the gun confiscation order bills (GCO). This appeasement strategy is wildly unsuccessful and the leadership of ILA supporting this surrender needs to go. We can’t mount an effective resistance to gun control with the leadership of NRA-ILA channeling their inner Benedict Arnold

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 6:42 AM,

I see it differently. The NRA/ILA supports and has always supported declaring someone mentally incompetent ONLY BY DUE PROCESS. Adding their names to NCIS must also be part of that process. That has also been the big sticking-point between us and the gun-grabbers all along. Dems and other reactionaries want to make those declarations spontaneously or in secret, just as was done under "W", when they added names to the "NO-Fly" list. Those named didn't know that they were added and there wasn't a legal process to get un-named. It is similar to the way law enforcement agencies confiscate property based solely on suspicion. There, as with other such laws, the one who's rights are trampled on has to fight, at great cost, to get their property and rights restored. Sometimes, they lose everything in the process anyhow. The NRA has always been against such "secret" declarations and they have always stated that.

We need to demand that any confiscatory laws be administered only after due-process. If there is some other way for all of us here to keep those that should not have access to guns "gun-free", let's hear it. Otherwise, we need to not "other" each other and the only organization that is fighting for YOUR rights, the NRA. Stick together!

Life Member

pigpen51 said...

I have been struggling for quite some time with the NRA. I joined them shortly after Obama was elected the first time. Then I saw some of the things that they did, and I became disillusioned, and quit. Things like giving good grades to bad candidates for office, and supporting bad ideas like the no fly/no buy bill.
I recently joined the GOA, and now I think that I am going to rejoin the NRA. I am starting to come to the realization that even though at times the NRA has made moves that I don't like, or understand, it just might be that some of the moves are part of a long term strategy that I am not aware of, and that I should not be so quick to judge.

And the fact remains that my dues means little or nothing to the NRA,but what matters is the ability to add my name to the list of members, as we all add up, and the more members they have the stronger voice they have. And of course, the NRA remains the strongest lobby for gun rights, and that is a fact. So I will be joining them soon, I think. I will have to become more involved with them, if I dislike something that they are doing. If I don't speak up, I am the only one to blame when they don't listen to my voice.

And your podcast this week was particularly good, especially loved the last music by Plaxico. I have much Latino music on my MP3 player, even though I don't speak a word of Spanish. It is just so beautiful, and not the crap that we are getting from so much of the modern American artists today.

Have a great week, and hope for good weather.


Unknown said...

Thank you Mr. Bane!
Having evolved in the gun culture for 73 of my 76 years on this earth hunting for my dinner and enjoying marksmanship to include the military, this article makes sense of the hysteria I am experiencing from the snow flakes on the Left. My financial involvement with the NRA began in 1957 and have maintained that involvement since then to include recent contribution to The Ring of Freedom/NRA. All on a small fixed retirement income because it is so very important to defend our way of life. This article will be shared with my board and members of the Members Council for the NRA. Again, thank you sir.

Mr. Lawrence T.

NRA Life member, Benefactor
CRPA Life member
Certified Range Safety Officer
SASS member, Cowboy Action Shooter

Bob G said...

Great post, Michael!

These are scary times, but we quickly forget other scary times, like the wave of violence and bloodshed that was the 1970s. Antifa and their ilk scare me not because of the ones we see attacking people in the street, but because of the ones who are probably right now planning covert actions, ala The Weather Underground or the series of bombings we've been having here in Texas.

Let's keep our eyes open!

Dirty Bob

Anonymous said...

MB definitely hit the nail on the head.

from another post: “Those named didn't know that they were added and there wasn't a legal process to get un-named. "

That’s used to describe the Trump supported no-fly / no-buy proposal, but you know what else it accurately describes?


NRA-ILA supports legislation somewhat blindly and the current “fix the secret no guns database” as well as gun confiscation orders do not contain anything resembling due process. Even if we got our wish and there was language added to explicitly make a federal felony out of a violation, guess who prosecutes?

The same people who confiscate the guns.

as we’ve seen, DOJ doesn’t do a really good job of cleaning up corruption, and they are sill letting the accomplices to Brian Terry’s murder walk free.

In short, there’s no amount of due process that will protect us from the secret no guns database and gun confiscation orders. The abusers will be covered by sovereign immunity and NRA-ILA knows this.

So NRA-ILA is lying to us to put it bluntly.
Sure, you could try filing a 1983 action like for violations of FOPA.
How has that turned out for us?

We are only 3 years away from a much more hostile to firearms administration and letting these attempts to destroy the 2nd Amendment pass would be the precursor to much bigger ant-gun moves.

Anonymous said...

Soooooo Anon @ 6:24 and 6:42,

Are we advocating surrender? It sounds like that to me. I'm not sure that the way you see it is actually factual. You are entitled to your opinion. I just don't agree with it.

The NRA and GOP just got done un-doing Obama's confiscation plan that was put into place to take guns from veterans or Social Security recipients simply because they had someone other than themselves designated as "legal representative". The NRA also keeps pulling the covers off of the slight-of-hand tricks the Dem's keep pulling to camouflage "common sense background checks" that are really a secret gun registry. Etc, etc.

I'd rather get behind the NRA, as I have done for over half-a-century, because they are the only ones that have any influence, as is proven by the Left's continual accusation that "the GOP (as in "Grand OLD Party) members are the NRA's bitches".

I vote for the NRA board members too. I research who they are before I do that too. Does anyone else? I also write to them. Does anyone else? I have yet to find others who do that. There is a plethora of those with "grievances" though.

My recommendation: Join the NRA, 2nd Amendment Foundation and GOA AND get involved. This is the fight for our freedom.

Again, Respectfully,
Life Member

Anonymous said...

How does one prove a negative? How much "due process" can there be and what difference will it make when decisions to prosecute are made on a political basis?

How exactly does one prove one isn't crazy?

Others have pointed out that the process itself is the punishment.

Oppressors have a long history of declaring their oppressed as 'mentally ill', writing their own legal definition of what that means, and then abusing them.

WRT the NRA, they've been collaborationist weasels for a long time. Their past willingness to only support "hunting" and not acknowledge the anti-tyranical aspects of gun ownership makes them suspect. Yeah, we got thru that period, but how many people were harmed in the mean time?

Finally, the best reason to take a hard line on gun issues now is "Shall not be infringed." Not, "shall not be infringed unless we think you're crazy." or "shall not be infringed unless we pass a bunch of laws and regulations to infringe on your rights" but in plain simple language, the way the founders are on record as the only and correct way to "interpret" the Constitution, "shall not be infringed." If they wanted it regulated or subject to regulation, they would have added the clauses AS THEY DID in other Amendments.

We've been giving up pieces of our cake since the thirties (and 'surprise!' what other movement in politics and society rose to prominence in the thirties?) and begging to get crumbs back. At every point we collectively decided that 'this isn't the hill to die on' and took one more step down the slippery slope. We're so far down the slope now that we can actually see the bottom, and it's stunning to look back 10,20, and 40 years and see how far they've gotten with a policy of incrementalism.



(for a perfect example, Nancy Pelosi just a week or so ago, used the argument that the drinking age was 21, so the gun ownership age should be too. She conveniently forgets that the Fedgov forced that change on the states with the bludgeon of federal highway funds, and it was an egregious denial of the right to self determination of LEGAL ADULTS when it was done. They are playing a long game, and every time they make ANY change that impacts your rights or behavior in any area, they are laying groundwork to use that change to later force another on you.)

NJ Larry said...

Quit yapping and join SOME pro 2A organization. Amazed at how many folks "just joined but quit", won't join because of junk mail, or "they are always asking for money". Like LIFE, I have been an NRA member for going on 60 years. The old man signed me up when I was in single digits. I became a Life member 40 years ago in college. I am now a Benefactor member. Plus a half dozen other national and state orgs. Because NO organization is perfect. Hell, I have differences with organized religion. When I have some extra pension cash I give. I also go to Friends Dinners. And this yr after a decade hiatus I will be in Dallas for NRAAM.

Folks have no problem dumping 2000 dollars a year for cell phone and service. Or 1000 dollars on tv service. Your 2A money pays for lawyers, lawsuits, lobbyists and all sorts of advertisments and publications. That is what battling our communist enemies cost and require. This isn't fun and games folks. It is a war. And damned close IMHO to a shooting war. Take a look at what is going on in Europe and Africa and that is America 10 yrs from now. Look at the rise of Antifa. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Anonymous said...

The "Othering" continues:


And oh yeah, the NRA OPPOSES this too.

Life Member

Anonymous said...

"United we stand; Divided we fall!" Stand with the NRA, 2A Foundation, NMLRA, etc.

If we don't, we will lose.

The liberal alternatives actually enable all of the bad behavior the 2A was and is written to stop.

Life Member

P. S.: We MUST also keep the facts straight.

Anonymous said...

WE stand together. We hang apart.

Just A Guy said...

The FUDDS are racing to see who can sell us out first.


Anonymous said...

Check this out:

This, from a former Justice of SCOTUS! Be happy that he is a "former". By the way, he talked like this when he was still a Justice.

Let's get this straight. The Second Amendment and all nine of the other rights listed in the Bill of Rights are INALIENABLE. They are granted by "Our Creator", NOT the government! They can't be repealed! That's what inalienable means. They can't be separated from us.

The framers of the Constitution realized that they had not made this clear in the original text and that is why they are called amendments. They did not grant us these rights. They acknowledged that they are inherent to all of us and cannot be "taken" from us. That is why the first and foremost amendment acknowledged our right to free speech, just as I am speaking now, to clarify the meaning of all of the "amendments". They added the "Second" to "ensure" not only the first and all of the other amendments, but to ensure that we also remain free. The second amendment is there to protect itself as well.

We all need to "school" the nay-sayers.

With Great Patriotism,

Life Member

P. S.: You can find more here; https://www.hillsdale.edu/

dome home builder said...

Holy guacamole Michael: after reading this and listening to this weeks podcast- you’re scaring me ..... you sound like me, the guy with the tin foil hat sounding the alarm for many years ... keep it up

DamDoc said...

I (another LM) agree with life member and NJ Larry .... some people are so paranoid that they see their own allies as the enemy..... don’t make the perfect the enemy of the good... don’t be that guy!.. join or die... NRA, NRAILA, Second amendment foundation... also, vote so that there won’t be an unfriendly administration in 3 years... smile, stay optimistic, and ACT....

Anonymous said...

When "dumb-asses" are in control:http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/03/30/investors-asking-gun-companies-cut-ties-nra/

I have systematically severed ALL ties and patronization of ALL companies that say that I/ the NRA, am/are responsible somehow, for the high school and ALL other killings-by-guns.

I'm also joining GOA later today.

Life Member

Anonymous said...

Here's a list of who to vote for:


"I'm with THEM"! Not with the little Bolshevic!

Life Member

Anonymous said...

Before we get all excited about insisting on "due process" - Due Process needs a more precise definition. The "Flying Courts Martial" used by the Germans in WWII was "due process". (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drumhead_court-martial).

One could even say that the Inquisition was "due process".

So - while we all believe in "due process" - that needs to have a far more precise definition that is stated and used for any "agreement". But, unfortunately, as happens in history - that will get watered down and vary over time anyway I'm afraid.

While I think we can all agree that mentally unstable people should not have access to weaponry of any sort - the devil is in the details there as well. What is "mentally unstable"? And be aware that ANY definition applied to that today will also be watered down over time (i.e. broadened to include more and more in the scope of "mentally unstable").

Anonymous said...

REF.: Due Process

Here's how we handle it in my family. If I lose my mind and become a threat, I have entrusted my loved ones to re-distribute my guns to my chosen heirs. They likewise have so entrusted me. It should all begin as a family affair. I think that if we all did that, it would leave little for the government to initiate on their own. After all, how many of the mass-killers were known to be schizo' to their families in advance of their killing sprees?

If you have a family that cannot be so entrusted, then you don't have a family. Get-the-hell out of there and retreat to the wilderness where you can't hurt someone else.

Life Member

Anonymous said...

And the censorship of OUR voices continues:


Will "hickok45" be next?

Life Member

DamDoc said...

Michael - what the hell is going on in Boulder?

NJ Larry said...

R.I.P Gunny R. Lee Ermey. Marine, VietNam vet, Gun Guy and 2A defender and yes a celebrity. Boy oh boy, St. Peter get ready for one heck of a man.

Anonymous said...

"Good Medicine":


Be sure to write to your Representatives and Senators to support this legislation. I also "cc" my state rep's too, recommending that they support it.

I cut-off my CitiCard use by 99% and am shifting to 100% right now! They are joining UnderArmor, Gander Outdoors, Target, Kroger, REI and any other corporation that denounces me and my traditional American values. I am also preparing to retire from Boy Scouts, where I am a leader, because of their changes in policy. On the other hand, I am supporting any company that comes to our defense and supports or sponsors our shows and values; there's some ammo' and a new gun in my immediate future.

Life Member

Anonymous said...

The "othering" continues:


Anonymous said...

C'mon Michael,

Give us some fresh material here. We're all runnin' out-a spit.

Life Member

; )

Anonymous said...

Today's "Funny":


From "dirks" to "dorks". This is what happens when freedom is given away.

Life Member

Anonymous said...

Now, look who's selling us all out:



I hope that a defender of the Constitution steps forward and buys the brands that will enable the second Amendment to Live-On.

Life Member

Anonymous said...

"The fish rots from the head":


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...


My add?

The cause of crime is insufficient punishment.

The cause of insufficient punishment is Liberal thinking and policies.

The cause of Liberal thinking and policies is mental illness, or at least the lack of intelligence.

P. S.: Kalai, Thanks for joining us here. What is YOUR favorite gun?

Anonymous said...

A "good-guy with a gun-story":


Anonymous said...

Has it been two months already?

: (

Anonymous said...

As recently posted in response to a New York Liberal candidates "theory" that since the 1st Amendment has "restraints", so should the 2nd:

"The argument that the First Amendment is limited are the words of the ignorant.
The 1st Amendment Free Speech Right is not limited with “prior restrain” just because it could possibly be used in a manner to harm other people. We don’t limit access to bull horns or the size and speed of printing presses. We don’t insert gags upon entering a theater because someone might yell fire when there is none. We instead prescribe punishments of the misuse of free speech that harms others.
In fact our Constitution and civil law forbids government the use of “Prior Restraint”.
Every proposal to limit the 2nd Amendment is a “Prior Restraint” justified by saying that the 2nd Amendment Rights (“which shall not be infringed”) if allowed could possibly be used to harm others. That is "Prior Restraint"."

Unknown said...

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NJ Larry said...

Don't know if you will ever read this....but this afternoon I couldn't help but think of your podcast this week (6/13/18 ). You spoke of shooting competitors pushing up against the rules. Well, my other love is golf. A spectator these days. It is a sport which is based largely on personal honor and honesty. Today was watching the US Open. On the 13th hole none other than Phil Michelson ran after a MOVING ball on the green and hit it. A clear violation which should have gotten him DQ'd. But he came up with an explanation and got away with a 2 stroke penalty. He pushed the rules. He "gamed" the rules. And every hacker who has played golf knows it. I still love the guy but ouch....it hurts to see a beloved guy do that.

Just one of those moments where I bow before your prescient magnificence sir!

Anonymous said...


This week, in Michigan, rules regarding high school golf are being re-visited. It seems that there has been a lack of integrity when it comes to handicapping and how such handicaps are determined. It previously has been left up to the individual golfer to relate their scores and from them, the handicap is determined. It turns out that they had been "sand-bagging". For those not familiar with that old term, that's where you tell everyone that you are a worse golfer, bowler, etc. that you really are. Then, you are allowed a handicap that favors you and you "clean-up" at the match.

It seems that the adage that "figures don't lie, bit liars figure" has been the rule in some cases and not the exception. This shows that these things happen everywhere. Sad and disappointed to guys like you and I. We weren't brought-up to think that way.

Life Member

P. S., I confess to being a "shooting hustler". ; )

NJ Larry said...

Sure we all have had fun at some time with our "abilities". But what gets me is when guys at the pinnacle of a sport do as MB described this week. Ignore the spirit of the rules. Funny thing is just an hour ago as I was driving around to pick up some BBQ for tomorrow, on the xm golf channel they described that of all ppl John Daly a couple of years ago did the same as Mikelson. EXCEPT after he hit the moving ball he walked directly to the club and withdrew from the match. I am hoping that as Phil thinks about his actions tonite, he withdraws tomorrow for the betterment of the sport. I would regain a ton of respect for him.

btw...happy Fathers Day to ya and all the other readers out there. Enjoy the day and have a cold one on me !

pigpen51 said...

I live in Michigan. I graduated high school in 1978, and played baseball and ran track and field until my senior year, when they made us choose only 1 spring sport. My one brother, who was 4 years older than me, did both sports, plus played golf in the spring. I played golf, but not on a school team. But it just was a part of my makeup that I would never cheat at any sport. I played football and wrestled, as well. I would do everything I could to win, except cheat. It was just something that my Dad, and my Mom, rest their souls, had ingrained in me, that of character. I was voted by the school staff, the only one ever voted unanimously, as the athlete of the year my senior year. It was based a lot on character.
I can understand that for someone in a professional team sport, who is on the bubble, perhaps cheating to try to make the team, but that doesn't make it right. It is never right to do wrong, and it will come back to haunt them.

Anonymous said...


God Love Ya man! Pass your values on to the young ones now.

As the old guys used to tell us guys, way-back in the middle of the last century; "Keep your nose clean kid and you can be president some day!" I did that and it never hurt me a bit. I may not have become "that" president, but I was "a" president more than once. Sometimes just staying honest in the eyes of others keeps trouble from finding you. Staying honest in your own eyes gives you many well-rested nights of sleep.

Life Member

pigpen51 said...

Thanks, Anonymous. I have 3 biological kids, and 2 adopted kids, who are all grown up now. One of my sons is in the Navy, doing fantastic, and the other son is an electrician's apprentice. That one and some buddies bought a motor home a few years ago, and went on the road from Michigan playing music. They ended up down into Texas doing hurricane relief, then working on a pitbull rescue for a few months. They played music at the Phoenix Suns arena, where they have a minor league hockey team, and got to get into some VIP section. Then the ended up in California, where they played at the Whiskey a go go. He finally settled down in San Luis Obispo, and got a job making jewelry out of decommissioned nuclear materials. He got married and moved back to Michigan with his wife. The first thing he did was buy an AK 47 when he was here for the 6 months waiting period.
One daughter lives in OK, where she is a CNA, and my oldest daughter is a sleep tech at a place here in Michigan. She has a son, my grandson, my son in the Navy has a daughter, they live in Virginia right now. My other daughter lives with us still, she is the youngest at 21.
I just know that a man can certainly live without having children, but life would not be as rich like that. And you are right, the old guys had a lot of influence on my life, also. I had a biology teacher, who was also my football teacher, a Vietnam veteran, who was a bit influence on me. He was the one who always encouraged me to always give 100%. Just like the fact that while I always tried my hardest to win, I would never cheat, because I knew that I would let him down if I did that.

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Anonymous said...

This'll make ya cry:


: {

Well, at least it wasn't vodka!

Life Member

Anonymous said...



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