Sunday, July 08, 2018

Trump Derangement Syndrome

I'm a single issue voter, as I'm pretty sure you guys know by now. My rationale is and has been that a person's stance on the individual ownership of firearms and their views on the personal responsibility of carrying firearms tells me -- quite literally -- everything I need to know about that person. I realize this causes heads to explode, but that's not the point of this post.

As a small-L libertarian, I voted GOP as the lesser of 2 evils. In terms of social construct, the social conservatives' platform generally makes me ill. I do not believe in "free trade," because I am Southern-born lower class white (often referred to as "trash"), and my people -- to borrow a phrase from former Attorney General Eric Holder -- have ALWAYS paid the price for the coastal elites' grand trade schemes.

I care nothing about "spreading democracy."although I have traveled extensively,  I am not a "Citizen of the World." I am an American, and I care deeply about America. What you do in your shithole is your business, right up until the point that you impinge on America, at which point I think the function of the American military is not to win your hearts and minds, but to kill you dead in such a way that it will be remembered for 10,000 years.

I don't even own a bow tie.

SOOOOOO, hard for me to feel much sympathy for Republican elites who feel they can't live in a Trumpian World. I don't recall them feeling much sympathy for me when the pendulum was at the other side.

"Civil Discourse!" You ask?

Ha...the concept of civil discourse is and has always been just another tool to keep the slaves on the plantation, another way the elites keep the rabble in line.

Screw it.

NUT GRAF: "But does he really think the Democrats are less corrupt than Trump and his cabinet? Would America be better off run by a party that is ruled by identity politics and intent on promoting racial division and class warfare? Does he think, for all of Trump’s faults, that civil political discourse is the specialty of the party of Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Keith Ellison, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Is Trump alienating any more U.S. allies than Obama did when he largely abandoned both Israel and the Sunni Arab world, leaving them to the mercy of the Iranian dictators whom he sought to appease, enrich, and empower?"


Jerry The Geek said...

In the latest Presidential election, I was in a quandry: whether to vote for bibblety Bob or bibblety BOO was as nearly a no-choice as refusing to vote all-together.

A friend advised that I find a reason to either vote FOR, or AGAINST, either candidate.

At the time, i chose to vote for the candidate who was not currently threatened with jail time. (A trannsitory and political element, but still worth consideration.)

Ultimately, it was an easy decision for me; The Hillary Beast had sworn to amend the Constitution; Trump had sworn to devend it.

I may not have voted for the sharpest pencil in the box, but at least I helped elect the "least dull".

pigpen51 said...

As a lifelong Michigan resident, I knew that the last election was too important for me to make a statement with my vote and choose the Libertarian candidate or some other third party nominee. I was sharp enough to realize that the choice was going to come down to a couple of states, and mine was one of them. I could not take a chance on Hillary being elected queen, I mean, president. I did predict that Trump was going to win several months in advance, but I knew it would be close.

DamDoc said...

Like many, President Trump wasn’t my first choice out of the box in the primaries... but once he won that bid agains 25 well funded (by the establishment), I was on board since even Donald Duck would have been the only choice juxtaposed against the Hildabeast. I have to say he has been successful beyond my hopes.... NO ONE in my life (64 now) has come close to President Trump as President...... I love how he plays the press and Dems into totally inane positions for all those that are truly “woke” (not the fake news “woke”) to see them for what they are... a rithing infection that he keeps picking the scab off of..... (I guess I am a sadist, but I love it)... I am praying for another Second Amendment All Star in today’s scotus selection.... and I am not tired of winning yet...

tomah57 said...
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tomah57 said...

As I said before Trump announced his run that if he did he would be our next President weather you liked him or not. No I am not smart ,It was such a simple call an Amoeba could have called it . If the country didn't know it before they surely knew after 8 years of (the muslim) Obama that Republican & Democrat were both just different sides of the same dirty coin and Trump not being a Politician would guarantee his election and with what he has done so far now(if he doesn't screw it up) has already won him his next term.

The American Citizens are not stupid( just a tad slow on the pick-up, eh ) and eventually we get it right every now and then. Now if you really want to make yourself nervous start thinking about 'What happens after Trump?' Ivanka? She is a bit of a progressive .

NJ Larry said...

Personally I agree with Damdoc....I really dont give a tinkers damn what some snot nose elite DC writer says about Trump. They are no different than the FBI coup plotters. Bill Buckley said, picking ppl out of a phone book would result in a better choice of folks. For either govt or advice. I would be happier asking a bunch of WV coal miners for strategy than anyone out of DC.

At this point I laugh at supposedly conservative/repukelian/libertarian types who still see Trump as some sort of Demonic character. Even though he is fighting a coup, he is winning in at least a dozen different areas and saving this nation. And tonite he is going to save the 2A for a couple of hundred years and a half dozen generations of Americans.

As I write this, I am watching Britain implode over Brexit. Trumpian movements in Italy, Poland, Hungary, Netherlands, France, germany...and that is just what comes to mind. I see the left here in full blown meltdown. Drudge reporting Hildabeast is gonna run in 2020 and the antifa types getting more violent.

I am old enough, and have said it before, that as a young kid I watched in amazement as the early 1960s brought hundreds of cities to smoking ruins. Damage that would last half a century. So we been there, done that. If the left has one last death rattle then so be it. We survived worse. It will be nasty but someone, maybe not my generation, will come out the other side.

Trump, unbelievable as it is, is our best hope in the last century. God Bless him and FLOTUS !

Obiwan said...

I too am a single issue voter -2A. Decades ago I found that it the candidate agreed with me (not the other way around) that candidate agreed with my positions on about 80% of other issues. I don’t think it gets much better than that. I vote 2A and let the other chips fall into place.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe in "free trade"

You ought to. Its opposite, the Northern tariffs (taxes) on Southern cotton sold to England, enforced by a blockade on the ships delivering it, didn't work out so well for your ancestors.

As a small-L libertarian, I voted GOP as the lesser of 2 evils.

You've been voting for the lesser evil all your adult life. But all that evil has compounded, and now you have a lot more evil than if you had never voted and obeyed politicians. Voting is always a lose in the long term.

lower class

Some say lower class is better indicated by short-term planning than by less wealth. How's that Social Security and Medicare working out? Has your obedient payment into this tax plan been a long-term win for you?

Anonymous said...

Southerners were being farmed for taxes, because their international trade wasn't sufficiently free. Tax collection succeeded because Southerners didn't put enough cannons on their merchant ships. The Northern government employee payroll was mostly being funded from taxes on Southern agricultural exports. That's why the Northern government employees and their union leader Lincoln didn't want the Southern tax sheep flock to escape from the pen. I support 2A much more than you do. I want ordinary citizens to be so overwhelmingly armed that crime doesn't pay.

Anonymous said...

"I do not believe in "free trade"? Closed economies are rife with corruption. Can you spell m-o-n-o-p-o-l-y? You ought to believe only in a FREE AMERICA. Then you will be free to trade with whom you choose.

"As a small-L libertarian, I voted GOP as the lesser of 2 evils."? Everyone needs to get to work earlier and get involved in "grooming" the correct political representative for the interest of America and dare I say, for the conservative, no, the Constitutional American Republic. But instead, we wait until the type has been set and then complain the candidates "aren't pure enough". Many, such as the "Never Trumpers" kept shittin in their own nest. Then, after the election, they keep "shitting in their new suit". As was said in the 60's: "America, love it, or leave it!"

"lower class"? Hey, we're all born naked. How you crawl to your definition of the top, is your business.

".... I am not a "Citizen of the World." I am an American, and I care deeply about America. What you do in your shithole is your business, right up until the point that you impinge on America, at which point I think the function of the American military is not to win your hearts and minds, but to kill you dead in such a way that it will be remembered for 10,000 years." This is all that matters.

Anonymous said...

For the "What?-column":

"From high-atop the secret hidden bunker in the Rocky Mountains...."

Just take a few seconds and think about that statement a bit. What "picture" does it "paint" in your mind? Just sayin'.

; )

Life Member

NJ Larry said...

In what is going to be a huge embarassment for the 2A community, Sasha Baron Cohen duped a dozen pro gun F'ING LEADERS. They make ridiculous statements that will live with us for years. It will be used in the mid term elections. We are going to be ridiculed and mocked for a decade at least. How these morons fell for his BS I dont know. HOW THEIR STAFF ALLOWED THEM TO BE PLACED IN THIS SITUATION IS UNTHINKABLE. They all ought to be fired tonite !

Anonymous said...


More than enough morons fell for this bait, just as James O'Keefe successfully baits the Libs.

It just shows how easy it is to get many people to justify their importance, in their own eyes. Then, they get diarrhea-of-the-mouth.

I agree, fire-'em. we expect more from OUR leaders.

Life Member

Anonymous said...

In other words: "Who gives a ______?"

: )

Anonymous said...

And there's more: