Monday, November 29, 2004

Bad Blogger! Bad! Bad!

Well, what can I say?

One 12-hour day filming, followed by a lovely travel day (Sunday) on the busiest travel day of the year--"Sit down ! Don't throw the leftover turkey! We've only been standing in this line an hour, so what's your problem!"--followed by the news that, post snowstorm, my Jeep was "in a ditch and the four-wheel drive doesn't seem to work."

Gosh, what fun!

Jeep now out-of-ditch; front transaxle reduced to a pile of metal chips in oil suspension. Not worth repairing.

I gotta go buy a new/used/whatever SUV, which I was going to do in March, when I had a little time.

Still, dealing with car dealers--may they all rot in hell--ought to provide hours of funnies!

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