Thursday, November 25, 2004

One Turkey Saved...

Am presently striving to survive a relatively innocuous Thanksgiving...a couple of friends are coming over and we're going to feed them halibut. If they don't like it, hey, there's always Denny's! Strictly BYO-Green-Bean-Casserole!

Before I settle into a long stretch in the kitchen, I thought I'd send you all out to get a new Democratic t-shirt. My personal favorite is:
One Party to Rule Them All,
One Party fo Find Them,
One Party to Bring Them All,
And in the Darkness Bind Them
A friend e-mailed me this AM and asked about my most memorable Thanksgiving. The one that popped to mind was when my Mom sent an entire Thanksgiving dinner party, except me, to the hospital with food poisoning, courtesy of a canned English pea, Velvetta and warm, unrefrigerated mayonnaise casserole. I wisely fed my serving to the dog, who later hurled. Bon Appetit!

Remember the troops in your prayers, and be especially thankful we don't have to say, "I wonder what First Lady Heinz is going to wear to the Inauguration?"