Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Ability to Accessorize..., of course, what separates us from the lower animals. I spent the day over at the Tactical Solutions factory in Boise cehcking out some of their candy-colored accessories. Specifically, I was looking at the TacSol .22 LR upper for the AR-15. Given the staggering price of ammo (and my cherubs and seraphim tell me the end is nowhere in sight), I'm thinking the .22 LR offers us the best chance to keep training and shooting at the levels we've become accustomed to. I'm plannikng on episodes of SHOOTING GALLERY and COWBOYS to talk about .22 caliber options.

There are other .22 AR conversions, but I have always been impressed with Tac-Sol's quality and innovative design. My pal Alan Samuel, guru over at Colorado Multi-Gun, has 10,000 rounds through his Tac-Sol conversion; another pal, Freddie Blish the military guy over at Aimpoint, is practically gushing with enthusism...and Freddie is historically hard on firearms! I just got one of the Tac-Sol conversions, and we'll be playing with it later this week at the looking forward to it...

Meanwhile, b-HO gives his acceptance speech from a faux Greek temple...jeez, I can't even make up stuff that weird! Maybe after his acceptance speech, he'll heal a few supporters in wheel chairs...


Anonymous said...

A faux temple for a false god , it figures. Or is he the antichrist? the mushroom

Gregory said...

Wonder which range you're heading out to. It would be nice to shake your hand and thank you in person for what you do for us shooters.

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jay paul said...

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