Friday, March 14, 2014


I have a reader's advance copy of my good friend Steven Hunter's newest Bob Lee Swagger book, SNIPER'S HONOR, scheduled for release 20 May 2014. I'll do my best and get it read ASAP and get you guys a review.

I'm thinking it's time to do a special event with Steve on DRTV again. Interested?

And yes, you will see Steve on GUN STORIES With Joe Mantegna, Season 4, coming up this summer!


gunfreezone said...

Yes, we would like to see a whole hour of Mr. Hunter. If it includes a deep "interrogation" on how he wrote Pale Horse Coming, much better. :)
Or a Gun Stories featuring the guns of the Truman Assassination attempt

Anonymous said...

Love him on Gun Stories. He always has a poetic way of saying things about guns.

DamDoc said...

Love his books.. do it!

bobodean said...

Id like some advance notice if you two ever do another Baltimore Pub Crawl. I hate to go into the city, but to meet both uf you I would go gladly.

mcekim2 said...

Thanks to you and Gun Stories, etc, I was introduced to him. I've read several of his books and always enjoy seeing him on your shows! Yes more is good! Can't wait for the new book.

John Richardson said...

I'd love to see the two of you on DRTV.

Sheepdog1968 said...

I would like to know what are some of Hunter's favorite guns that he owns. Kind of like you did Michael on Shooting Gallery for yours. I don't need a while,hour or half hour dedicated to it. Maybe just a segment.

Sheepdog1968 said...

Speaking of folks I'd love to see on your show, how about Tom Sellek. He's a gun nut and it would be fun having him chat either in a pod cast or on one of your tv shows.

Anonymous said...

You stink MB !
I was trying to order it on Amazon when I read the fine print saying us peons couldn't have a copy till May.
If there was a pouting emoticon I'd be using it . LOL
Seriously though, another Stephen Hunter interview would be awesome .
The previous poster had a good idea about doing something on the Blair House shooting, most people never heard of it.
Tom Bogan
Laconia NH

Gary Boncella said...

I have been rationing Stephen Hunter's books so they would last as long as possible. I discovered him from your podcast and blog and Tom Gresham's show. That man has caused me hours of sleep. What's one more book on the Hunter shelf anyway? And yes, bring him on DRTV as much as possible.

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