Sunday, October 26, 2014

Perfect Day for Shooting!

That was yesterday, which also made it a perfect day to finish setting up the "bones" of my .22 "challenge course." My goal was to build a course that would help me get ready for rugged African hunting, and I modeled it strongly on last year's Namibia plains game hunt. Right now there are 6 shooting positions scattered across a couple of acres...I figure the overall course is about 600 yards is grueling, rocky, cactus and most of all UPHILL!

I'm using mostly Action .22 Rimfire targets as the backbone. Action used 4-inchnimpact plates. Position 1 is 3 shots, 2 on a buffalo at 150 yards, one on a round place at 100 yards, from sticks or rested on the rocks. Ditto Position 2, now with the buffalo at 100+ yards and the round plate at 80 yards, kneeling or sitting.

Position 3 presents 4 plates at 14-25 yards. The plates are partially obscured by heavy brush and buried down into rock piles.

Position 4 is my regular shooting range area and includes a Rimfire plate rack at 20 yards and 4 fixed plates (6, 8, 8, 10 inches) from 18-40 yards. There's a loooooooooooog uphill slog to Position 5 which is a prone position on the house platform itself. There are 4 2-inch swingers at 25 yards; 8 2-inch swingers at 66 yards, ashown at a downhill angle.

The final position is a doozy, another downhill shot, this one at an 8-inch Caldwell Magnum Gong at 165 yards. I have several shooting positions higher up the hill that can pus this shot to 300 yards.

I have some small 2-inch swingers I want to add for closer in targets. I also have 5 MGM .22 auto-poppers and at least 1 more Magnum Gong in the budget for the course.

Scoring will be as per FTW get 3 shots on each target. First shot is 5 points, 2nd 3 points, 3rd 1 point. My overall goal is to set a par time for the whole course.

Here's the punchline...I've been changing sights/scopes on my .22 rifles, so NOTHING is sighted in well enough to run the course. Hope to remedy that today!


kmitch200 said...

You're going to hunt Africa with a 22 rimfire? ;)
You have large huevos!

If I had to complete that course, the timer better be a sundial!
(someone would get carpel tunnel flipping over an hourglass)

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