Saturday, October 18, 2014

Watch This Space!

Yes, I'm on my way back to the Secret Hidden Bunker after a couple of days off...c'mon, that's not so so reasonable! I'm headed into the frenetic end-of-year filming schedule, so I wanted to take a short break before I climbed into the blender.

We went to Monterey, one of our favorite places, bicycled, watched otters and ate calamari. There are worse ways to spend altitude time! 


craig said...

I think Monterrey may be the most beautiful place on earth.

craig said...
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Anonymous said...

We love Monterrey too. Too bad it's surrounded by Kaleeforneeah!

Life Member

Anonymous said...

While on the plane back maybe you can tell us WTF is going on with this guy Paul Barrett?

Unknown said...

Are you going to be at the Smith reunion in Booneville?

Michael Bane said...

A quickie on Paul Barrett...he works for Michael Bloomberg, whom he personally described to me as "a good boss and a good man." My response was that when one works for a pimp, how does one describe ones' self as NOT a whore? Mr. Barrett and I have not communicated since.

Michael Bloomberg may be a good boss, but he is NOT a "good man." He is a nasty little fascist who, like the other fascists who preceded him, wants to control of the world and everyone in it. He is the blood enemy of the Constitution and every loyal American.