Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bragging Rights Shot!

Damn deer! Spent all day today trying to get wire in place to keep the deer out. About noon, Newt went crazy, and low and behold a mulie doe getting ready to keep the fence over our patio. Newt ran her off, but she stopped downhill at about 60 yards and stood there. My Sweetie lobbed a couple of rocks, but the mulie — the bitch who'd obviously just eaten almost all my heirloom tomatoes — just stood there and stared.

So I hauled out my Gamo .177 Fusion and some of their light pellets. The doe moved into the scrub at about 70 yards (I have steel at 60 yards, so I had a really good reference). I held about a foot high and a bunch more to the left to deal with the wind and the light pellet. pulled the trigger and the doe launched out of the scrub, trying to figure out what just stung the hell out of her on the right haunch, then took off  like a scalded dog. Not a bad shot, if I do say so myself.


Ben Downs said...

Good shot!

Anonymous said...

Try a standard cattle fence charger and some bare conductive wire on insulated stakes about 12" - 16" high between the rows (if you have any scrap PVC trim left over from Secret Bunker construction some pieces cut to 1.5" X 1.5" X 24" work fine). Eventually it'll get trampled, and in the meantime it'll kill a couple rabbits, but as deer brush against it it does get their attention.

Don't be surprised when a few plants get trampled when the deer jump and make a high speed exit. It won't happen a lot.

Pro tip: Learn to wear long pants and carefully straddle the wire when walking the rows, or unplug the charger first. You will forget either only once.....

Fred Mertz said...

Get a good herding dog with high prey drive and have him or mark around your tomatoes. Let the dog drive the deer off.

Anonymous said...

Oh lord, Parks and Wildlife are on their way out to the hidden bunker right now. Gonna charge you with hurting that dear's self of steam.

Kristophr said...

"hurting that dear's self of steam."

Heh. That is one amusing auto-"correct".

Anonymous said...

Neighbors have the best system I have seen for keeping deer out of their beautiful garden. Six feet high of goat fencing, with an outer perimeter of electrical ribbon wire six or so feet from the fence. I used cattle panel instead, although a bit more expensive, and no electrics. Keeps them out of my hay with a similar setup.


Anonymous said...

An outdoor dog (a collie) and a staff of almost-feral cats kept our farm mostly pest-free. We had so many edible things too, both in the fields and in the barns; the house too. It was a wonder that the solution was so easy.

Life Member

Steve Bratten said...

"Like" button

Anonymous said...

And as if we didn't already know this:

Pass this on to all of the deniers.

Life Member

Sheepdog1968 said...

A relative of mine was able to get a depredation permit (worked at a winery). If you want it solved and steaks out of season, it might be a solution. I suspect your sweetie may be having a different view on these deer with said heirloom tomatoes gone.

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Gunner Jacky said...

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