Thursday, September 08, 2016

Ever Think You Need Something a Little Extra in the Car?

Angstadt Arms 9mm pistol
Shockwave Blade stabilizing system
Glock magazines

Add a UW bandoleer to carry 3 33-round Glock mags and a med kit, and viola, a calming drive through Detroit!

How much did I like this gun?

One magazine followed immediately by an email to the Prez of Angstadt Arms asking the price. The proverbial check is in the proverbial mail!


Overload in Colorado said...

How would you compare it to your Spike's Tactical 9mm AR?

Anonymous said...

Why bring a viola?

Michael Bane said...

Can't play the violin...


Michael Bane said...


To be fair, I just dinged steel in my yard….dinged it pretty quickly, BTW. The JP rifle, OTOH, will shoot a legitimate 1 1/2-inch MOA at 100 yards with Wilson Combat Match 124-gr 9mms. Although I was "cheating" using a 9mm at an Appleseed (I already have the patch; it was for fun), the JP shot the 3 best scores of the day, mostly in a steady rain, using a Leupold 1.5-4X FireDot.

I'm looking forward at running the Angstadt at 100 yards, but it's a *pistol*, and I'll need to "cheek it"…I would anticipate 6-8 inches at 100 and be happy with that. I could be very surprised. My Spike's Tactical 9mm AR pistol, which is, like, 9 years old, will run roughly those numbers.

The Stag 9mm carbine is interesting….I set it up as a duplicate of my Sweetie's 3-Gun rifle, which is an idea we're going to feature on SG. It's not as dead-nuts accurate as the JP, but, as they say in BABE, that'll do, pig. I'm figuring it as a 2, maybe 3 MOA at 100 yards. But it is an incredible training tool for a 3-Gun or self-defense shooter. It'd be a monster in USPSA PCC class.

Overload, I am seriously considering going to the JP as the "house carbine," running Corbon DPX. Less noise, no recoil, crazy-ass accurate, Glock magazines (and I currently carry a Glock as my EDC and have a zillion Glock mags). I LOVE the side-cocker system of the JP…makes it work like an MP-5.

The Angstadt I just bought is going to be a "car gun." I am going to work some of the soft good manufacturers to create a carrier that fits on the back of the passenger seat of my Mini Cooper. I also want to work with UW to create a bandoleer/chest rig with 3-4 33-round Glock mags, 2-4 G17 mags for my G19, a holster for my G19, and a point for a med kit. Grab it and run. The Ar pistol will get you out….the G19 is your fallback. I think I would also like a knife on the bandoleer/chest rig.

What do you think, Overload???????????


Anonymous said...

Looks nice- a little more expensive than I was expecting.

Overload in Colorado said...

Having shot a Clark .460 1911 and Mech Tech CCU .460 Carbine indoors two weeks ago, I'd say anything to quiet it down is a plus. I was wearing 25db electronic muffs, and that wasn't enough as I've had a ringing echo in one ear since, and may have lost a bit in the other.

However, while an outstretched pistol is about 24" long, and a rifle is at least 26", I still feel a pistol is better for indoor work. You can pull a pistol in and maneuver much easier and faster than you can with a carbine. The only reason to go carbine vs pistol indoors would be for the rifle rounds. Otherwise, why saddle yourself with the same rounds and the same magazines in a two foot long gun?

An AR pistol / SBR removes the carbine length problems for the most part, leaving you with a five pound pistol a bit more than a foot long. Again, I'd take pistol vs pistol caliber SBR, but just barely. I have an old Carbon15 pistols on a one point sling with an old red dot on it (no place to mount a flashlight). (unless I get one of those offset mounts... hmmm) If I kept electronic muffs and Ear Defenders, and the time to put them in&on, I'd consider using the Carbon. More time would be nice for me to shrug into lvl 4 armor. But you never have the time.

Right now I'm using a 1911 for bedside, with a Surefire X300 light & laser, as well as tritium night sights. Thinking of changing to M&P9 for the weight savings. Seriously! Without a holster, just lugging the 1911 around the house for and hour starts to really be noticeable.* Plus, I have a Surefire Grip Switch, and that removes half the grip as a grasping surface.
*: I received a reverse 911 call last spring telling me about an armed assailant in my neighborhood, and to stay indoors. 90 minutes later received an all clear call. The police got shot at, but they never found him.

The JP is overkill indoors. You need 10+MOA and point shooting at inside distances.

Realize I'm a desk warrior, never military, and have only taken a few classes. I'm low speed, high drag.

clark myers said...

I like a pair of old style Tavor -5.56 and 9x19 - with the Ratworx Manticore suppressor on the 9x19. Still waiting approval to bring the suppressor home but I can enjoy it at the transfer agent's range. Suppressed the Tavor is as nice as a pistol with a can screwed to the end of the barrel I think + especially a can that's picked up too much heat to be waving around. The bull pups have enough real estate for lights and lasers and red dots and magnifiers. I have a back strap laser on an M&P pistol with an RMR from David Bowie but I resist attaching lights to a pistol as opposed to having lights.

I suspect an Uncle Mike's or Duluth Trading or anybody's work organizer for the shotgun seat installed on the back will work. I use a lot of Uncle Mike's because they are one seat wide - some of them even have task specific working papers. Mud River Truck Seat organizer like many others is nice full width Uncle Mike's is single seat wide.

Anonymous said...

A Mini Cooper? You must still yern to be a big city music reviewer.

I figured you for a top of the line GMC Sierra, crew cab, 4x4 owner. A gentleman's truck with a nice ride, Bose stereo, all leather, heated seats, fiberglass tonneau cover to hide the goodies, 6.2L engine to outrun the zombies.

NJ Larry said...

LOL.... so a while back, like 10 years ago, I'm watching a hunting show. Guys hunting Brownies in Siberia. More of them there than in Alaska apparently. Big bruisers. Typical hunting just like the USofA, until....The guide whips out his cold war era Soviet branded tracked Personnel Carrier to get the Amerikanski's around the Siberian wilderness. Now that is my idea of a TEOTWAWKI Zombie Apocalypse transportation option !!!

ps MB that would actually be a great idea for a show.

Michael Bane said...

I was going to get a Unimog, the Mini Cooper version of a military vehicle, but I placed my head between my knees, breathed slowly into a paper bag and finally agreed to a really nice outdoor kitchen set-up. My Sweetie cheated by pointing out that should the Schumer really hit the fan, a wood fueled outdoor oven would allow her to still bake chocolate chip cookies.

My bed gun is an old Sig 226 9mm…it's been shot a lot, gone through classes, as boring as dirt. If I have to step outside the house (coyotes, usually) , it's still the Spike's Tactical AR. After a couple of hundred rounds, I've put the DP-12 into service…yes, it's a lead pipe of a shotgun, but it has 7 rounds of Hornady Critical defense #00 buckshot in one tube and 7 Fiocchi law enforcement slugs in the other tube. At bedroom distances, I win….


1 With A Bullet said...

Would you please share the buffer set ups used in your 9mm AR's? (I'm sure I know what's in the JP but I'd really like to know what's in the pistol.) Thanks.

Sheepdog1968 said...

When I took Urban Rifle last year at Thunder Ranch, the part where you learn how to pie off a room was done with Clints 9 mm carbine with frangible ammo. I had never shot a 9 mm AR before that. Wow! It had no more recoil than a 22 rifle. I definitely understand the appeal.

DamDoc said...

I have a 9mm sig 226 as a bedside security blanket too... waiting on my stamp so i can pick up my aac illusion so as not to wake up sweetie if i need to do battle with the thing that goes bump in the night.. 4 months and counting.. now i am watching the atf tracking chart go parabolic!.. could be 6 more months or more at this rate!

Anonymous said...

Now, if that weapon was in 10mm, that would be of very serious interest to me! You give up the 33-round magazines, but the performance of a 10mm in a light carbine backed up by a Glock 29, seems like a real winning combination.

I can certainly see the utility in 9mm.

Walter M Rauch

Gunner Jacky said...

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