Monday, June 20, 2005

Fun With The Forest Service

Well, the latest line from the Forest Service is that no ranges have been closed in Boulder County!

I guess I was mistaken! This big signs that read: POSTED NO SHOOTING! based on 36 CFR 261.10 (d) (1) probably didn't actually mean "No Shooting." And I guess when the FS informed local law enforcement that they were going to close down the shooting areas, they were just joshing around. Or when FS representatives told Douglas County commissioners that their intent was to shut down all shooting in the Pike National Forest, golly, it was just a joke...right?

Or maybe, just maybe, the shitstorm in Washington D.C. has started in earnest, and the weasels are running for cover...

NOTE TO FS "RANGERS": You know, Federal employees who tell lies to the media or disseminate lies to the public these days get more than a "naughty naughty" letter and a whack across the knuckles with a ruler. If you lie and we catch you in the lie — and we WILL catch you! — what do you suppose the chances are of you retaining your job? Your pension? Your benefits? Think long and hard before you back your bosses' play!

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Anonymous said...

36 CFR 261.10(d) Was not intended to stop legal use like a firing range. But homeowners who have property next to forest service land need to be protected.