Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Take That, Sir Isaac!

So I'm getting ready to fly cross country to the DC area and I get an email "Schedule Change" bulletin from United. According to the bulletin, I will be arriving in Baltimore about an hour before I leave Denver.

I'm good with that...I personally think that we have been held hostage by this whole time conundrum thing far too long. I wonder what other laws have changed since I drove to the airport...gravity, maybe. It will make for some really hilarious episodes of the Big Bang Theory next season!

I need to call my Sweetie and tell her under no circumstances to allow Pokke-san the Tailless Cat to go into a steel-lined box...especially if there's a geiger counter present. Heaven knows what would happen! He'd probably come out of the box with a velociraptor in his jaws to show mommy...

As usual, my best-laid plans for dry-firing ran up against a ton of the things I actually do to make money, which, in these grim times, gets done firstest. That's not a word, but it should be. I have a 2-day cowboy match, the Rocky Mountain Regional Raid, coming up this weekend, and I'd like to come out pretty well. Interestingly enough, I'm getting a new SxS shotgun, a Browning BSS, from gunsmith Johnny Meadows this week. My Sweetie correctly pointed out that I'd call anyone who changed a piece of primary equipment the day before a big match an...how did she put it?...idiot. QED, I'll stick with the Stoeger this weekend.

I'm also thinking of shooting/filming the IDPA Worlds, their first world championship, in September in Florida. What would you guys think of a full-court-press on the IDPA Worlds? I'd be wired throughout the entire match, so you'll undoubtably get to see me self-destruct on camera.

I'm going to make some hard decisions on the SHOOTING GALLERY schedule next week, which I'll discuss/announce her on the blog. We're also putting together the scenarios for THE BEST DEFENSE...head over to the TBD Forum on DRTV and throw your ideas into the mix.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Another Good One Gone

...I note the passing of Stephen Camp, noted expert on Browning High Powers and an all-around good, thoughtful guy, at the far too young age of 59.

Thanks for the conversations, brother. Rest in peace...

Snowing Sideways...

...need I say again? We got in a short road bike this morning before the weather went completely south (or should I say "north?"). Cold, windy at times spitting snow at the end, but great to be pushing the pedals. I cooked the the salmon inside, but luckily we found a bottle of the superb Iron Horse rouge champagne I'd gotten for some special occasion, put in the back of e refrigerator and forgotten about.

Memorial Day 2011

From the World War 1, poster
By these colors we stand ever true

For those who serve, for those who served, for those who fell but who remain forever in our hearts...thank you for our freedom, our country, our lives that we have because of your sacrifice.

And today, memories of my Father, who served and, somehow, never quite found his way home...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

On the Way Home from Columbia...

...and Bianchi, where Doug Koenig edged out Bruce Piatt and Mike Voigt to capture the Cup yet again. Doug, Bruce, Mike and Tony Holmes all shot perfect 1920 scores.

Rob Leatham, who decided at the last minute to shoot Production rather than Metallic Sight division won there after coming back from a very bad day.

The big story for me and many other was the return of Bruce Grey, a perennial Production winner who retired from professional shooting 6 years ago after a heart attack and associated health problems. Bruce chalked up a 4th place finish in Production after setting a new record (unofficial, BTW) on the Barricades. At dinner last night Bruce told me he was as nervous, or flat out scared, as he could ever remember being when he stepped up to the Plates, which he then cleaned (and added an additional 32 "X-count" plates). Bruce is a dear friend, and it's great to see him back on the lone and so happy doing it! Congrats, brother.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Stumbling Toward Bianchi

Hopefully, if I have the uplink, I'll post directly to the blog. If not, I'll get something up this evening. Am looking forward to seeing Bruce Gray, who has been MIA since leaving Sig and moving to East...or perhaps West...Nowhere, Oregon.

Marshal Halloway and I had a great dinner with Larry (and briefly Brenda) Potterfield last night. Low key and fun.

Plan for new 10/22 is a Ruger Rimfire gun for my Sweetie, who wants a sight picture just like her cowboy competition 1873 (a flat-top Marble rear and a brass bead front...nothing fancy). She sill be shooting a Tactical Solutions/Kimber 1911 as her pistol. My "regular" changes will include a Volquartsen trigger group and bolt handle, plus a polymer bolt stop. Her call on the stock.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bored Now...

...guess where? On the way to Bianchi Cup for DRTV...am bringing my head cold with me as I'd be lonesome without it.

Dinner tonight with Larry Potterfield...always fun! Will apply wine therapy to cold...

Finished 20th and last complete book in the Patrick O'Brian Aubrey/Maturin "Master & Commander" series....am cast adrift, so to speak. May try "Game of Thrones" again, since I've been watching the series on HBO and like it a whole bunch.

Ordered a plain vanilla 10/22 from CDNN to build up...$190, cheap at the price.

-- Post From The Road

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What Happened to May?

Do not be deceived by the mere appearance of purpose. 
A string with 
one free end will often tie itself in a knot in a high wind. That’s no
reason to go looking for a Great Knotmaker.

-- L. Neil Smith

Kind of like Mr. Eko's classic line on LOST: "Do not mistake coincidence for fate." I'm not sure I even have the mere appearance of purpose. I'm zipping to the Bianchi Cup tomorrow for DRTV coverage...am hopeful that my hotel has a basement. Will be traveling with a basic trauma kit, because...duh!

Today is a reloading day, and if the temperature creeps out of the 40s I want to get on my mountain bike for a half-hour or so.

I got my AMERICAN RIFLEMAN this week, ad predictably it's flooded with 1911 commemoratives that I can't afford. However, one gun that I can afford and probably will buy is the Wiley Clapp Lightweight Commander from Colt and TALO Distributors. Of course Wiley is an old and very good friend as well as one of the premier gunwriters ever. We first talked about his "everything you need; nothing you don't" Commander at the last 2 SHOT Shows, and it's finally in the pipeline for an MSRP of $1379.

The gun is what Wiley says it is, a Lightweight Commander in 45 ACP for everyday carry...a Series 70 gun with Novak sights and the minimum number of bells and whistles to make it 100%. I love the grips that Wiley designed for Altamont Grips. The one thing missing (and that I have on my own lightweight Commander-length S&W) is a Novak "Answer" mainspring housing/grips safety eliminator.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Still Crazy Busy...

...but I should be able to tinker together a blog post late this afternoon. I note that George Harris has left the Sig Academy...George is one of the most talented and original instructors I've ever worked with...expect to see him on SHOOTING GALLERY's special training segments next season. I also note that the NRA's AMERICAN GUARDIAN TV show has been cancelled, leaving another world-class instructor, Sheriff Jim Wilson, adrift. I doubt that either of these superb trainers will be adrift for long!

Interesting point — I went to Planet Boulder to get my motorcycle registration renewed yesterday and found a new sign on the county building door...NO OPEN CARRY. Once the sign said no guns, then the sign went away, and now it's no open carry. As I said, interesting.

Mo' later...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Monday


I've successfully gotten over the fact that I was Left Behind and have even finished Wednesday's podcast, which is uploading to Marshal even as I speak! Going to the range today for a few...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

OMG!!!! 6:05 & I'm Still Here!!!!

YES! I have been LEFT BEHIND, morphed unto a best-selling post-Apoc religious book series! Oh man...I'm going to spend the rest of the night dipping 5.56 rounds into Holy Water...probably wouldn't hurt to stick some garlic into .45 ACP hollow-points...hmmmmmmm, where's silver nitrate? I mean, you never know what's gonna come out of the Hellbore these grim days...where oh where is the Sainted Buffy when you really need her???

Friday, May 20, 2011

And I Feel Fine!

Atlantis will rise,
Sunset Boulevard will fall,
Where the beach used to be,
Won't be nothing at all,
That's the way it appears.
They tell me the fault line runs right through the pier

--The Mamas and the Papas
"The Great California Earthquake"

Well, I'm home at the Secret Hidden Bunker and ready for TEOTWAWKI tomorrow afternoon! I have already made all the critical decisions..I have, for instance, decided to wear my beloved "Gus" cowboy hat from Ritch Rand, and I have packed a lunch. I will shoot a cowboy match in the morning, so I'll be tuned up for the Afterlife.

As I mentioned on another forum, I already have plans for the Afterlife -- I'm going to find Mark Twain, Richard Sir Francis Burton, "Karamojo" Bell and Mae West and head out to find the source of the White Nile. If that works out as well as I hope, we'll head north to sink the Bismarck. If you'd like to join us, meet us at Rick's Cafe Americain...you know where. I suggest you pack Airship Captain Goggles, at least 1 Webley-Fosbery automatic revolver (a LeMat or a Dardick would also suffice, but I understand trounds will be a bitch to find in the Afterlife) and a top hat. There will be cookies! And a musical interlude!

Now that I've got that out of my system, I picked up a really cool Sig Sauer P238 yesterday, the Diamond Plate version:

Funky little monster, to be sure. As I've mentioned before, my pocket carry gun for years and years was a Colt Mustang redone by the now-defunct Scott, McDougal & Associates. It's still one of the best .380s ever made (although Marshal Halloway swears by the P238 and is a big reason I got this one). BIG CAVEAT HERE! Both the Mustang and the P238 are single-action semiautos...if you carry either gun cocked and locked in your pocket (as I did), you MUST have a sturdy pocket holster that covers the trigger! Sig provides a really nifty belt holster with the P238, so you've got options.

According to Brother Jeff Quinn from GunBlast.com http://gunblast.com/(who will no doubt be joining us at Rick's Cafe Americain, bringing his own hot sauce), Colt will be introducing the Ultralite version of the Mustang pretty soon. Marshal thinks we'll have one for testing in June. Here's Jeff's pix from SHOT Show:

BTW, here's Jeff's review of the P238. Here's the P238 review from The Firearm Blog. My understanding is that the Colt 7-round magazines will fit the Sig, and vice versa. I'll check it out this weekend. I would like to point out that the P238 as it comes out of the box has lots of sharp edges...so did the Mustang until SM&A ground them off. If I was going to keep the gun, it would need to be dehorned. One thing I appreciate with the Ruger LCP, my every day all the time in-my-pants pistol, is that it's pretty smooth out of the box.

BTW BTW, one of my favorite holsters for the Mustang was this one from Pocket Concealment Systems, a cross draw that easily tucks under a sweater:

It is I believe based on a Lou Alessi design, and he called it his "sweater holster." I also like their Blackbird front pocket holster for jeans, and it works well for cocked and locked carry. I'm always experimenting with pocket holsters. As you know, I favor the DeSantis Nemesis for the Ruger LPC (and various and sundry J-frames, but I don't like the soft Nemesis for a cocked and locked pistol. My favorite pocket holster, for the little NAA .32, was a "Pocket Natural" made by by Jerry Ahern about a thousand years ago. Here's a pix off Jerry's site:

BTW-cubed, here's an article I wrote back in 2007 that says exactly the same things I say today, proving perhaps that I am ultimately boring. Finally, you can find all the information in the world on little pistolas at mouseguns.com.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh Boy! More Shoveling!!!

A foot of snow waiting for me at home tomorrow, along with a Sig 238. Sigh...break out the damn snow shovel...again. I hope I can get home. It has been a SUPER filming session here at Cody. Warren Newman, the curator, is one of the coolest, most knowledgeable people around, and I enjoy working with him. And Joe Mantegna is just wonderful to work with. I can't wait for you guys to see the show!

Baby's First Gat

-- Post From The Road

The Coolest Gun in the World...

...as usual, the Auto & Burglar

Check out the cool dude in the original ad:

-- Post From The Road

Joe & 870

-- Post From The Road

Winchester '94s

Since I've been on a Winchester 94 binge lately, I thought I'd show you a few...the one on the right dates from 1894, serial number in the 12,000 range.

-- Post From The Road

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


-- Post From The Road

Dan Ramm Bears All

-- Post From The Road

I have seen the future...

....and no, it doesn't work. The Gyrojet Mark 1-B

-- Post From The Road


...just what you need for vampires...

-- Post From The Road

Couple of nice Parker...

8 gauges...

-- Post From The Road

At Cody

Joe in front of the Ruger Gallery...

-- Post From The Road

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Guns of Jack Aubrey...

...if, of course, there had been a Jack Aubrey! Anyway, there are English ship guns consistent with the timeframe if the Patrick O'Brian "Master and Commander" series.

-- Post From The Road

"Tactical" Blunderbuss

...circa 1690...check out the folding stock, probably a primitive MagPul model...

-- Post From The Road

Liver Eating Johnson's Bowie Knife

...one of the Sheffield bowies made in England...

-- Post From The Road

Setting Up for Joe M.

At the Cody Firearms Museum...

-- Post From The Road

Return of the Taurus .44 Special 5-shot!

This from Taurus this AM...I'm excited because one of my old Taurus 5-shot .44 Specials is one of the most accurate .44 Specials I own (and, yes, I own a bunch!). I still don't like .40s, but I will be buying the .,44 Special!


Taurus Introduces New Large Caliber, Lightweight Revolvers

MIAMI – The new Taurus® 405 and 445 revolvers are aggressive wheel-guns that deliver superior accuracy and stopping power without the heft or bulk of most large caliber revolvers. These 5-shot revolvers are available in blue or matte stainless finish with the Taurus Ribber Grip® that reduces felt recoil.

The 445 is chambered in .44 Special and features an Ultra-Lite® frame that weighs only 22 ounces. The revolver’s barrel measures 2 inches, with an overall length of 7 inches. The 405, Taurus’ first .40 S&W revolver, features a lightweight frame that weighs just 29 ounces and includes stellar clips. The revolver’s barrel measures 2 inches, with an overall length of 7 inches. Like all Taurus firearms the 405 and 445 come standard with the unique onboard Taurus Security System® that allows users to securely lock the gun using an inconspicuous key-lock. MSRP $452 - $514.

Meanwhile Back in Cowboy World

I had a nice short visit with Home, where it is apparently going to snow forever, and am back on the road for GUN STORIES. Expect another batch of those darned annoying pix posts. My Internet connection up here in Wyoming is a little shaky, so videos are unlikely.

I do love the Buffalo Bill Historical Center and the wonderful Cody Firearms Museum, curated by my friend Warren Newman. Warren has the 2nd greatest job in the world (me, of course) having the first. I will of course find the time to get to Seidel's Saddlery Shop and, a little farther down the street, the Custom Cowboy Shop. Seidel's leatherwork is nothing short of breathtaking.

I ran into military uber-author Kevin Dockery over the weekend, and he invited me to Dragon Con, the humongous sconce fiction convention in Atlanta in early September, where he and his guys will be doing a massive weapons' demo for all the nerd boys and girls. If the Scheduling Gods smile kindly on me, I'll go for 3 reasons — I actually am a science fiction fanboy, weapons demos are always fun and, finally, who would pass up a chance to hang out with slutty alien chicks?

Given the Endless Snow at the Secret Hidden Bunker, I'm thinking of changing the name of the place to Winterfell (speaking of sci-fi, or at least fantasy), although Alf the Wonder Beagle would be desperately afraid of being sent north to defend The Wall.

Gotta go bend a knee to John Jeremiah "Live-eating" Johnson...you can see his gravesite from the window of my hotel room...such dreams I had!

PS: Back to my test run of carrying the LC9 in a N8 Tactical IWB...in answer to the question, my LC9 mag holds 7 rounds, but the last one is a stiffy. Also heard from Taurus that the pro to rifles are back in Brazil, but they'll let me know as soon as the next iteration is in the country and I can have an excuse to get out of the snow and swill boat drinks down in F-L-A!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Eat Your Heart Out!

A friend is headed to the sandbox next week...this us his going away pig roast!

-- Post From The Road

Friday, May 13, 2011

Texas Stars...

...tomorrow's cowboy match is virtually guaranteed to have at least one Star. I like Stars! I'm good on Stars! Redemption for my miserable sporting clays performance this week. See the sights. Squeeze the trigger.

Mas is right...a day shooting oddly shaped steel targets very quickly will have me back to normal in no time.

Hey, I missed the Single Stack Classic (again)! Every year I pay my entry fee, get a hotel reservation and don't show up...hope springs eternal, I guess. Okay, Robbie, you got a free pass again this year! LOL! Seriously, I hope Rob Leatham wins again, because he is cool as well as a brilliant shooter. What better reason than that? Plus, I remember the indescribable feeling as the speedometer kept creeping higher and higher over 100 MPH on Rob's Ninja so many years ago...that ride alone bought a life's time worth of good will. Good luck, brother, although TGO don't need no luck!

Sorry for Lite Blogging

Put simply, I'm exhausted. It turns out that a defining "travel days" as my only full "days off" doesn't work as well as one might think. Came home from yesterday's filming day for TBD/SURVIVAL (after getting back from San Antonio at midnight the day before, and California a couple of days before that), sat down in front of the iPad and for all intents and purposes collapsed into a pathetic heap. \Was deep asleep by 9PM.

I feel vaguely human this morning, certainly good enough to be pulling the trigger tomorrow AM. Hopefully I can then face my travel schedule! LOL! Not complaining, mind you...just whining like a little baby.

Am looking forward to June, when Marshal Halloway and I are going to get together and evaluate a lot of guns for DRTV! That's always big big fun.

I knew I was resting up when I woke up this morning wondering whether I should replace the Tasco ProPoint on my RRC 10/22 with an Aimpoint or at least a dot with a green as well as red option for really flat gray days like last year's Worlds. If I'm thinking about guns, I'm not fretting about traveling (or, worse, being an actual television producer, which I've had to be a lot lately).

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


THE BEST DEFENSE Producer Tim Cremin and I are pleased to announce that ace trainer Mike Seeklander will be joining TBD as our primary firearms instructor! Mike joins veteran host Michael Janich, giving us a new All-Mike format.

Of course you've seen Mike Seeklander not only on the first season of TBD, but on SHOOTING GALLERY this season as well. Mike has been Director of Training for U.S. Shooting Academy in Tulsa, is the founder of Shooting Performance website (www.shooting-performance.com) and recently completed his first book, "Your Competition Handgun Training Program."

His background is impressive. Check out this bio:

I am currently employed as the Director of Training at the United States Shooting Academy. Previously, I was a Senior Instructor at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Charleston, S.C. Prior to that I served as the Branch Chief and Lead Instructor for the Federal Air Marshal firearms division, as well as instructing in the Tactics and Physical Training divisions at the Federal Air Marshal Training Center in Atlantic City, N.J. I was responsible for the development, implementation and supervision of all firearms and tactical shoot-house instruction for the Federal Air Marshal Service basic training. In addition, I was credentialed as a Federal Air Marshal, providing counter-terrorism security to commercial American air carriers nationwide.

I am A combat veteran of Desert Shield and Desert Storm, with five years of active duty and four years of reserve duty in the U.S. Marine Corps, as an intelligence specialist and primary marksmanship instructor. Prior to receiving my honorable discharge in 2000, I was attached to a Federal multi-agency task force investigating large-scale international drug trafficking.

From 1995-98, I was employed by the Knox County (TN) Sheriff’s Department’s Corrections division and was a member of its highly trained Special Operations Response Team. From 1998-2001, I worked as a police officer for the Knoxville (TN) Police Department where I was assigned as a patrol officer and also as an investigator for the Organized Crime section, investigating narcotics and vice-related crimes at the local, state and federal levels.

I am the recipient of numerous awards and honors in the law enforcement community, and as a semi-professional shooter. While training part time, I have placed highly in every major practical type championship on the circuit and have more than a dozen titles at major matches including state and area matches in IPSC and IDPA style matches including a second place finish at the 2007 European Handgun Championships, and top 5 finishes at the U.S. Nationals, the World Speed Shooting championships and NRA Action Pistol championships. I am currently ranked as a Grandmaster (the highest rank obtainable) by the United States Practical Shooting Association. Shooting has not been my only passion, and I have more than 15 years of experience in various martial arts, holding multiple ranks including a Black Belt in Okinawan Freestyle Karate.

You can see the World Class skillset that Mike brings to TBD. Most importantly, all of us have been impressed with Mike's aility to tailor his training not just for elite shooting athletes, but for the new shooter focused on self-defense. It's a rare talent.

You'll start seeing TBD episodes with Mike in January 2012. In the meanwhile, our current ace instructor Rob Pincus will be handling the heavy-lifting chores on TBD/SURVIVAL, continuing our absolute goal of providing you with the information you need.

Welcome aboard, Mike!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I note Military Times is now quoting sources that OBL was whacked with the 416...remember, you heard it here first! MT notes the spooky guys like 77-gr bullets, consistent with what I've heard.

Am sitting in a plane inexplicably stuck at the gate in Denver. Am ostensibly on the way to San Antonio to prove conclusively I am one of the 3 worst sporting clays shooters on earth at a benefit shoot there. Small children will probably throw rotten eggs at me.

Will be shooting the cowboy match in Boulder, if any of you are around.

-- Post From The Road

Monday, May 09, 2011

Well Anyway

I had great plans for today, but ended up working like a dog until the afternoon, when my Sweetie and I sprinted to the range for an intense afternoon with a Texas Star (actually an MGM Whirlybird-Gig). After we burned through a couple of hundred rounds in the cowboy guns, we shifted to my Ruger Rimfire guns -- the Ruger Target 10/22 with the Vorquartsen trigger groups and parts, my Tactical Solutions 22/45 blood red Ruger and the TS 1911 conversion unit on the Kimber Target that my Sweetie has claimed for her own.

She was amazed at how well the TS/Kimber shot -- hey, it's a dedicated target gun and it shoots like a house afire. We were using CCI Mini Mags, not the pinnacle of target ammo, but they were still little bitty groups.

It seems that another club wants to run the Colorado state RRC championships in early September, which we're cool with. I may go to irons for the rifle, and I 'm planning on using the TS 22/45 (same I used in last year's World Championships) unless I can get one if the threaded barrel 22/45s with the replaceable 1911 grips...on a competition gun, I want ALUMAGRIPS...yeah, I'm boring. I just keep doing the same thing over and over again. I'd go with TS muzzle break if I can put the gun together in time. I'd probably need trigger work, so I'd better start groveling to Jimmy Clark or Scott Vorquartsen...sounds like a lot of work, whereas my 22/45 is in the safe...

I do have a Falcon Machining S&W 41 we built up more than a decade ago when I was writing for HANDGUNS Magazine ("The Next Skeeter Skelton! LOL!). It's a serious (if finicky) tack-driver, but the TS 22/45,will shot alongside it and use Federal Gold Medal Match instead of the real exotic (and expensive) stuff the 41 likes...

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Safely Back in the Secret Hidden Bunker...

...where we're having a brief flirtation with spring...I may be able to wear shorts today!

Both producer/director Tim Cremin and I feel this was a hugely successful trip. Joe Manegna is amazing to work with , and he will bring GUN STORIES to a different level. I'm very proud of the fact that each of my shows have been game changers...hope to keep that roll going!

There are still some issues to resolve with the hour-long SHOOTING GALLERY, but I'm pretty sure we're on track for Q1 2012. I'll also be making some announcements tomorrow on the blog and DRTV about changes in THE BEST DEFENSE for Season 4, which we'll start filming early this summer. Raise the bar; raise the bar!

It's fun to Play Hollywood, and you can feel the pure seduction of money seeping in under the doors, but when I get home I always think back on the words of Del Gue in Jeremiah Johnson:

By God the Rocky Mountains are the marrow of the world
I ain't never seen them
But my common sense tells me
The Andes is but foothills...
And the Alps for children to climb

These here are
God's finest sculpturings
And there ain't no laws
for the brave one
And there ain't no asylum
for the crazy ones...

Think I'll go shoot some guns today...

Saturday, May 07, 2011


Rather than spend a fortune juggling flights, my Sweetie and I opted for lunch at Duke's in Malibu (not the same, to be sure, but I remember the old beach bar)...fish is still very good.

LAX, sadly, is always the same...

Friday, May 06, 2011

Official Michael "Escape From LA" Briefcase!

-- Post From The Road

Dancing With the BAR

Me and Karl from ISS, dancing with a REALLY big BAR!

-- Post From The Road

Filming With the Barrett

-- Post From The Road

Another 1911 You'll Never Own...

...modified to run full auto...

-- Post From The Road

More ISS

-- Post From The Road

Back to the Salt Mines...

-- Post From The Road


First, thank you all so much for the birthday emails and comments! If you'd all been here, heck, I would have made the cake!

Yesterday was truly an exceptional day. We did some V/O work but mostly worked on writing scripts we hadn't completed. As I've said before, writing for print tends to be a solitary world, whereas writing for television is by its nature collaborative. It's pretty cool to work with a bunch of people (producer Tim Cremin, Joe Mantegna and his business partner, Dan Ramm, himself a scriptwriter) who are very good at what they do. Makes you work that much harder.

Today we're back at ISS filming in the heavy machine-gun room (be still my beating heart!). And yes, NJ Larry, well said...our goal is to work through the periodic table of guns! eventually I want to end up with four iron tubes on the end of a pike and a slow match!

They have some nice cannons at ISS, which gives me pause...cannons would be fun!

BTW, going to try and round up Gunwalker stuff for next week's video podcast. Be sure to check out our "interview," more or less...perhaps less than more, with Brother Nugent on DRTV!

And again, my thanks...

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Which is, of course, my birthday, too. Last year we had a birthday party at GUNSITE; this year I'm spending the day working on scripts with producer Tim C. and Joe M. I probably couldn't make this stuff up...life is infinitely strange.

I talked to I.S.S. about doing a major episode of SHOOTING GALLERY on how they work with television and movie productions, and they would love to do it (luckily, there are a bunch of SG fans there!). They are Class 3 manufacturers in addition to being dealers, and the local rules (not to mention BATFE) are draconian.

Neat to see "famous" guns piled hither and yon..."The Pacific" over here, "Avatar" over there. Saw one magnificent '28 Thompson they sourced for a major Hollywood star whose name I have sworn not to utter. We'll be back at I.S.S. tomorrow, working in the machine gun room.

I think GUN STORIES s going to be a cool cool show...Tim and I have another show, MACHINE GUN, rattling around in our heads...but that'll be for next year after I get the hour-long SHOOTING GALLERY sorted out!

Glad to see that Colorado ranked low in the annual Brady Bunch poll of state gun laws...the lower your score, the better a place your state is to live. States with the highest scores should be auctioned off on eBay to raise money to reduce the deficit.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Going Great!

Working with Joe is just fantastic! Definitely a gun guy, and yes, he's of the 1911 variety...that's why he picked a 1911 for Criminal Minds...

-- Post From The Road

Gun Stories...

...and yes, that's Joe Mantegna from Criminal Minds...

-- Post From The Road

A "1911" You Don't Have!

A non-gun electrically triggered squib-firing 1911!

-- Post From The Road

I'm at...

...Independent Studio Services, the top prop house in LA...here's the machine gun vault...weep, ye mortals!

-- Post From The Road

Poised & Waiting

-- Post From The Road

Semiautomatic Room

-- Post From The Road

ISS Single Action Room

-- Post From The Road

Cherub & Seraphim say...

....don't be surprised if an HK416 turns out to be the gun de jure in the sandbox...

-- Post From The Road

Filming Today at I.S.S.

...the largest and coolest supplier of movie guns. Watch the Twitter feed throughout the day!

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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I Don't Know Why In LA...

True, a great and widely underrated Billy Friedkin film, and here I am gearing up to play a little Hollywood for the next couple of days. We WILL be posting pixs here on the blog, because we're making our announcement on our host for GUN STORIES tomorrow on the podcast.

BTW, there was a piece on local TV here about how THE "SEAL" pistol, the Sig Sauer 226 9mm,, are blowing out the doors of gun shops. Interesting...there are a lot of issue 226s out there, but it's probably fair to say that the guys on that line can pretty much pick and choose whatever they want. Some of the guys I know personally default to 1911s in .45.

-- Post From The Road

Monday, May 02, 2011

Who Says Double Taps Are Old School?

From the National Journal's Marc Ambinder:
After bursts of fire over 40 minutes, 22 people were killed or captured. One of the dead was Osama bin Laden, done in by a double tap -- boom, boom -- to the left side of his face.
A different update:
U.S. officials have said a small U.S. strike team, dropped by helicopter to bin Laden's hide-out near the Pakistani capital of Islamabad under cover of night, shot the al Qaeda leader dead with bullets to the chest and head. He did not return fire.
Two in the belly
One in the head
I'm alive
And you're dead!


Not dead enough, given the damage to our beloved country he caused. For now, all honor to our warriors and to the SEAL team that sealed the deal! Thank you, guys. You are the best of America.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Skynet Becomes Self-Aware

-- Post From The Road

Rossi Rio Grande...

In 45/70

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Nemesis Take-Down .308

Everyone's favorite briefcase...

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Squibby Gets Her Gun

Lisa Farrell with the Apex Tactical drop-in 2 lb trigger for .22 conversions...

-- Post From The Road

Interesting Data Point...

Had dinner last night with Ken Jorgensen from Ruger and trainer Dave Spaulding. Dave and I did a presentation earlier in the day on the Ruger/GUNSITE Scout Rifle that was just mobbed. Dave said that later in the day he did a SR556 presentation...people stopped by, but generally moved on. Not an AR crowd, Dave said.

BTW, if you're still in Pittsburg, Dave and I will be giving the Scout Rifle presentation again this AM at 11 at the Ruger booth.

I did finally get over to Andy's Leather -- great stuff, as my regular readers know -- and also got to talk to my friend Doug Turnbull and his beautiful Ruger #1s in his proprietary .475 Turnbull cartridge and the equally beautiful Winchester 1886 45/70 clones. Heirloom guns.

The Rossi Ranch Hand, the little pistol version of the Winchester '92 rifle, is a bonafide hit...Rossi's working to get more of them into the pipeline, bt numerous people told me they were on waiting lists. SG got big thank yous from Rossi, who were quick to attribute our "Zombie" episode and the subsequent podcasts with driving sales.

Hornady's expanding the Lever Evolution line of ammo, which is good news for us lever gun fans (and especially after our running ballistic gelatin tests on the 30-30 Lever Evolution stuff). Dwight Van Brunt from Kimber showed me a Kimber Custom Shop version of the Solo 9mm, which has proven to be a huge hit for Kimber..2 tone, rounded and smoothed (even more than it already is) and the new CT LaserGrips...man, it is a nice pocket pistol! I told Dwight I'd shot the little gun and was surprised at how shootable it was.

Going over to Apex Tactical to look at their drop-in J Frame kit, plus N8 Tactical to look at some prototype holster designs!

Anyway, to take the temperature of the place, I'd say sunny with a 100% chance of rain...most people are pretty pleased with our success over the last few years, but nervous about the months leading up to the election and flat scared abut the prospect of another 4 years of Bho. There's an (justified, I think) anger at the Gunwalker Scandal and BATFE's and Justice's continued stonewalling. Lots of open carry as well as CCW...Brother Nugent bumped my pocket to make sure we weren't in a "gun free zone." I'll be talking more about this on Wednesday's podcast.

BTW BTW, I remain AMAZED at the depth of penetration of the DOWN RANGE Radio podcsst! Several new listeners have shown me their iPods with dozens (even one guy with a hundred) episodes they're working their way through. Thank you all!

And while I'm passing out thank yous, I had a wonderful autograph signing at the OC booth yesterday! The signing started at 3PM and I didn't leave the booth until 5:45 (the floor closed at 6)...we had hundreds of people come by, including lots of DRTV Forum regulars, which was super. I also got to spend a little time with John Richardson from the "No Lawyers Only Guns & Money" blog, which does a great job of keeping up with legislation. I ended up too overextended to make it to Breda from "The Breda Fallacy" blog gathering...need a clone.

Will be at Tactical Solutions this afternoon for you stragglers!!!