Friday, August 30, 2013

A Few Random Thoughts While Waiting to Board

The Ruger Guide Rifle is now safely sighted I at 300 yards, and I feel better. I'm going to spend a day at the range with it next week and finish dialing myself in.

On the changes to the NFA process announced by the Emperor this week, it has the potential to put a screaming halt on the explosive growth of NFA items like suppressors and SBRs if the stated proposal, which extends the law enforcement sign-off to all members of a trust or all "responsible parties" in a corporation becomes law. Law enforcement sign-offs have always been the stocking point on NFA transactions...if your local law enforcement official refuses to sign off on your purchase or build, you're screwed, even if there are no other impediments to the deal.

Trusts are, of course, the vehicle for letting otherwise qualified people to get around obstinate/politically oriented law enforcement sign-off refusal. The ATF proposal isn't even up for comments yet, and there will be a 90 day comment period...and the comments will be fierce. More about this on the podcast...

A Week of RF

RAPID FIRE Season 2...Iain and Seek ride to speak!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

RAPID FIRE Filming...

...taking up the entire week! But yes, it's fun! 

More later.

Monday, August 26, 2013

3-Gun Breaks Into Mainstream

From Frank Miniter at NRO, the Crimson Trace Midnight 3-Gun:
Yeah, no doubt about it, if some top-secret government program is spying on these folks with cameras attached to little drones, its agents are seeing a lot of good people having a hell of a time. Microphones would pick up range officers preaching safe shooting. Cameras would show competitors who know the NRA rules of gun safety. As President Obama watched and listened, he’d find out why sport shooting these days is safer than riding a bicycle. He’d see people from all over America — normal people who pay taxes and have families, and who you’d never guess were into 3-gun — enjoying a night out among friends. He’d find that this segment of society is rarely in the headlines because they shoot safely and don’t commit crimes. 
Nevertheless, 3-gun is a sport President Obama wants to ban...
Read the whole thing!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Margarita Monday on Sunday!

Tooooooooooooooo busy tomorrow, so we're declaring tonight Margarita Monday! My Sweetie is doing roasted corn, wild rice and chipotle pancakes from a Bobby Flay recipe, so I thought I'd just grill some salmon with salt and pepper and just a bit of an ancho chili rub. Margarita-wise, I was thinking of Suavecito Reposada paired with fresh lemon juice and Patron Citronge orange liqueur. Maybe a trace of agave sweetener, depending on the lemons.

I'll let you know how it goes!

Back at the Bunker from 3-Gun

Going to be a great episode of SHOOTING GALLERY!  Babes With Bullets partnered with the 3-Gun Pro Am (sponsored by Brownells) and the women's professional 3-Gun cadre to do something really really cool — and unique.

Essentially, the Pro-Am, a match that fill up in minutes as soon as it's opened for entry, guaranteed 40 slots for amateur women. In conjunction with BWB, the pro women who could adjust their schedules came in 2 days early and shot the pro stages — there are 2 separate matches, the pro and the amateur; you can see all courses of fire are available on the website. In the amateur match, the then pro women divided themselves among the 3 squads with the amateur women to provide help and coaching (normal prohibitions against coaching weren't eliminated, but were relaxed).

To make it even easier for the amateur women, BWB provided the necessary gear, including guns, and worked to show how the gear was set up (3-Gun is incredibly stuff-intensive). There was also a special special event for the women and a massive SWAG bag.

Lena, Randi, Di and Kay...looking mean and heavily armed!

For the show, we followed SHOOTING GALLERY Usual Suspect Diana Liedorff (current USPSA Women's Multigun Champion/Open, Team FNH and general all-around good sport), Kay Miculek (co-founder with Deb Ferns of Babes With Bullets, Team Smith & Wesson and a legend in practical shooting), 18-year-old Lena Miculek (Team Smith & Wesson, top 3-Gun Nation shooter and proof positive there's something to this DNA stuff...LOL!) and newly coined 3-Gun shooter Randi Rogers (Team Comp-Tac, IDPA and Cowboy world and national championships, probably something Intergalactic as well). Then we followed our "posse" as they worked with the amateur women throughout their match.

What a cool, cool concept! On a sport like 3-Gun with an often staggering learning curve, imagine what a huge "jumpstart" it would be to have the top women in the sport standing next to you with help, tips and strategies. It also shows the commitment of BWB, which operates women's training camps around the country, to bringing more and more women into the sport...and they do a spectacular job!, the Rockcastle Shooting Center and Brownell's should also be congratulated for being willing to step outside the box and take on the additional work — and it was a lot of work — to make something like this happen.

I think the Pro-Am has evolved into a standard that other 3-Gun matches can build upon. Not saying there's anything wrong with the circuit of "outlaw" 3-Gun matches that have driven this sport (Rocky Mountain, Superstition Mountain, Ozark, FNH/Midwest, etc.), but and Rockcastle have worked out a format that is adaptable for many more ranges (and that rocks). It is really interesting to see the Great 3-Gun Diaspora as the sport grows...USPSA's multigun versions, the outlaw matches, the 3-GUN NATION speed format (now running on 2 cable television networks)...heck, you could probably make a  case that similar multi gun sports like Ruger Rimfire and SASS Wild Bunch contribute to the interest.

The Pro-Am was the largest 3-Gun match ever...3-Gun is still driving the industry...Rockcastle this weekend was like a mini-SHOT Show...a lot of major players were there! I love the sport and am enjoying riding that learning curve up, but I do think it may be self-limiting due to expense...I hope I'm wrong!

Now, for something entirely different...

Pistol caliber carbines occupy an interesting place in the gun universe. They are immensely popular and often heavily criticized by the firearms intelligensia...hey, if you're going to go to all the trouble to carry a carbine, you might as well have a carbine in a carbine caliber. Still, there's a plethora of pistol caliber carbines doing just fine out there — Sig (the MPX is probably one of the most lusted-after firearms out there), the Beretta CX4 Storm, the Kel-Tec Sub 2000, classics like the Thompson, the M1 Carbine (I'll argue the .30 Carbine is essentially a pretty good pistol cartridge any day of the week), HK-94s if you can find 'em, the numerous .38/.357, .44 Magnum and even .32 lever action rifles...and, of course, the flood of pistol-caliber AR-15 variants...9mm, 10mm. .45. .40, whatever. Colt was, I believe, first in with their 9mm submachine gun which was very popular with law enforcement, and now the vast majority of AR manufacturers make some kind of 9mm semi.

I personally like pistol caliber carbines...I'm waiting for paper to clear on my Spike's Tactical 9mm pistol to turn it into an SBR. There have always been some issues with 9mm ARs — the first is magazines...most use the Colt/Colt platform mags (that's what the Spike uses)...not necessarily as common as some other magazines, for example, the Glock 33-rounders. Most of the 9mm ARs use regular AR lowers fitted with a block in the magazine well for the smaller 9mm mags. There have been dedicated lowers for 9mm, both for Colt pattern magazines and for Glock mags (most notably the Olympic Arms guns), but often the issue was the AR-15 "operating system," designed for the much longer cartridge, which gave the 9mm ARs a bit more clunking "felt" recoil as the bolt slammed back and forth.

All that is about the change. JP Rifles is known for its innovation and super-high quality ARs. My friend John at JP has turned his sights on the 9mm AR platform. They've made a 9mm AR before with an adapter in the mag well, but take a look at this new carbine:

This is a JP dedicated precision 9mm AR lower designed to take the 9mm Glock magazines:

Perhaps more importantly, John and his engineers have redesigned the operating system of the carbine specifically for the 9mm cartridge, so the bolt and the buffer system are only moving as far as necessary. The result is a gun that feels very much like the MP-5, arguably the "smoothest" subgun ever made. I have shot both semi and full-auto versions of the new JP 9mm, and it does run very much like an MP-5. The new rifle also features both a standard AR-15 rear charging handle and a left-side JP side charging system

JP also designed a comp specifically for the 9mm cartridge (not a lot of gas compared to the 5.56). The result is one heck of a little rifle. John is shooting 2-3 inches at 100 yards with the 9mm, although JP engineers say "normal people" can expect 4 inches at 100.

The full auto version I shot uses a Colt-pattern magazine, but it will be available with the Glock mag lower. On the semiauto, I used a borrowed Glock 17 magazine, and it was sweet. I believe the JP 9mm will quickly become the standard against which other pistol caliber AR-15s are judged! We filmed everything for SHOOTING GALLERY, and you'll see it in January.

This is a super little rifle!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What We Bring With Us

RE: comments on the last post , I suspect that whether it's a hunt, a match, an "adventure," or a family vacation, the most important thing is something you bring with you, and that is an open mind. When I was a professional journalist, it wasn't unusual for an editor to ask me in advance of a trip "what the story was." My response was always that I didn't know, that the story wouldn't tell me what it was until I was in the field.

I have an idea of how Africa is going to go...we've put a huge amount work into putting this trip together...but once we're on the ground the trip will definite itself. Like Larry, I want to know everything...I obsessively collect information. As for shooting, we'll see. 

Spent the day standing in the rain at the range...I feel like I've been in the wash cycle for a few hours!

Am still processing the Oklahoma killing. I've said before that I think the mainstream culture is irrevocably broken, as if some fundamental "humanness" has been sectioned out and replaced with an emptiness that can never be filled.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Working Like a Crazed Hamster in a Wheel!

But the podcast is finished!

And I like it, which is pretty good. Finished up with some Abney Park steampunk, which makes me happy.

Heres an article at JERKING THE TRIGGER on red dot sights vs. 1X mag optics that everyone should read. This is an excellent article, and it will really help you understand how the two things work. Once again, the Aimpoint CompM4 was magnificent at Crimson Trace Midnight 3-Gun!

I'm also now frantically setting up for Africa ...and yes, I'll publish my checklist, which is more or less the same checklist as my friend Tim Wegner, the founder of Blade Tech and a master African hunter.

The wild dogs cry out in the night
As they grow restless longing for some solitary company
I know that I must do what's right
As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti...
Sigh... not enough hours in the just imagine that you will have all this time on the gun, dinking this and changing that...but it just doesn't work out that way. I know how to pull the trigger (I hope). I am going to spend some time next week with my good friend Ed Head at GUNSITE and do the last dialing in.

Low-end Steiner binocs; Leupold 800i rangefinder; Leupold 2-12X FireDot; Hornady 165-gr International; Ruger Guide Gun .300 Win Mag; Galco Safari Ching Sling, small Cold Steel knife...pray for surf! LOL!

Am really excited about this week's podcast...lemme know what you think!

Sunday, August 18, 2013


My Sweetie was making her wonderful shrimp quesadillas, so I roasted a couple of jalapeños we had in the house. Holy cow, were those suckers hot, even after they were roasted! Luckily, my Sweetie and I have a Law of Hot Stuff in Cooking, which is that we both have to agree that the ingredient is not so hot that one of us can't eat it...this rule went into effect after a pot of chili that was on the verge of spontaneous combustion.

The meal was accompanied by Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale, a Bend microbrewery specialty, in honor of the beer we didn't drink out in Oregon. Mostly been laying low this weekend, taking the Wonder Beagle on a long hike, working my way through the Africa checklist, etc. Will be at the Rockcastle 3-Gun Pro-Am next week, following Dianna Liedorff and Randi Rogers in the Pro and Michelle Cerino in the Amateur.

BTW, and you didn't hear it from me, Gemtech may be getting in yet another load of their superb .22LR subsonic ammo, so you might want to place an order. In my experience this is the absolutely best ammo to run in suppressed .22s, and I pretty much tried them all last summer. The Gemtech .22s runs all my silenced semiautos and is accurate as all get-out. And no, Gemtech isn't a sponsor...I just like the stuff!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Greetings From Oregon!

And Boy Howdy, am I sleepy!

Finished up the Crimson Trace Midnight 3-Gun this morning about 3AM...9 stages over 2 nights.  Here's the Cliff Notes version -- I easily did twice as well as last year, but still slower than molasses in liquid nitrogen. Overall, though, I'm really pleased.

The guns were 100% -- no problems of any kind. I made the absolute right choice of kit for the match. The Daniel DDM4 was a rock! I loved shooting the rifle. The Ruger SR-9 performed with boring thing I did very different from last year was I leaned very heavily on the Streamlight TLR-2 laser (we'll be talking about this in the podcast next week). How did it work? I don't think I dropped a single shot on paper. The Carbon Arms VersaMax performed to my admittedly high  expectations. Yes, I had newbie problems, but NO TRAIN WRECKS!

Also, I'm happy to say all hit ALL the long shots -- 4 200 yards with a Colt 5.56 fitted with an FLIR thermal imager; 2 100 yard/ 2 50 yard with a Colt Competition Rifle with night vision. Also did good with a full auto SCAR, a SAW belt-fed and with a PWS SBR and suppressed Glock 17 all run with nighvision goggles.

C'mon, how freakin' cool is it to get to shoot all that stuff?!?!?!??!?

The CT Midnight match is truly one of the great shooting matches out there. I love it. As long as they keep inviting me, I'll keep shooting it.

Full report on DOWN RANGE Radio next week.

Congrats to CT, all the sponsors and Match Director Chuck Anderson for a fine match!

Finished up the first 5 stages by 4:30 AM; the last 4 stages last night by 3:30 AM.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Crisis Spreads!

From Fox:

Testicle-biting fish invading Denmark, authorities warn

Yes, they're spreading like butter on hot waffles, or Anthony Weiner on, well, whatever it is Anthony Weiner spreads himself on (yeech!). I believe it's only a matter of time until they're in the Caribbean, up the Mississippi, into the Great Lakes, stock ponds, public pools, the Detroit water supply, San Francisco Bay and, finally, in your bathtub. Am I the only person worried about this? Raw fear is spreading!

Anyway, am as ready as I'm likely to get for the Crimson Trace Midnight 3-Gun this week. Just got to pack the guns up tomorrow AM. Spent some time between recording chunks of the podcast dry-firing the Ruger SR-9 I used last year (and used in the IDPA Worlds). Wish I'd sent the Ruger off to Wayne Novak for a set of night sights like I truly meant to do last year, but hey, plans, best-laid, off to go astray, etc. 

Interestingly enough, I just got a gun I ordered ages ago, a Ruger #1 Sporter in 45-70. It's a gun that I've lusted over for years and years. I considered it for Africa (the reason I finally ordered one), but opted instead for the Guide Rifle. Ruger only makes the 45-70s them sporadically, so I didn't cancel my order. I'm glad I didn't. It's a beautiful gun, and I look forward to spending some time shooting it. My love for the 45-70 begin when I was in high school and my father got a cut-down Trapdoor Springfield in trade fore something or other. He kept it as a wall-hanger, but I got the local gun store to order some 405-gr lead rounds and I shot the crap out of that old Trapdoor. I just loved the buck and roar out of that 16-inch barrel!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Scumbag Alert!

If you haven't had your fill of morons this weekend, here's one for you...Mr. Rick Scalzo, dumb as a sack of rocks:
“I need an assault rifle and 20 round clips to defend my home” 
Bullshit. First of all who in the hell are you defending your home from? The Taliban? Unless you are sitting in a chair at your front door, magazine in, round chambered and safety off, you are not going to shoot a damn thing. So in reality, if I had broken in, by the time you got up, got the gun out and started loading it, I would have taken it from you and beat you to death with it.
You betcha, Rick! Your wiener must be the size of an SUV! Good it just e or do these guys get dumber every week?

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Big Saturday Sigh...

...was shooting a pretty good cowboy match today until the last stage, when one of my pistols tanked. Well, more correctly, the ammo tanked...had a high primer that sank my match. Yes, I check my match ammo after I reload it, but I pulled an old round off my belt to finish up a cylinder-full. Yep, dat's the one!

It was also about a thousand degrees hotter than it was predicted to be...was a scorcher on the range.

Meanwhile, this is what's really on my mind...from Drudge:

Swedish men warned of crotch-chomping fish

I'm afraid to go near my bathtub! This is worse than the damned beavers. Here's the rest of the story:
"They bite because they're hungry, and testicles sit nicely in their mouth," he explained.
Well, that answers all my questions! Except for the ball noshing-fish, which have not yet been sighted in Oregon, I'm pretty much as ready as I'm likely to get for the CT Midnight 3-Gun. Maybe I should bring a harpoon, just in case.

I have to say that my knees aren't holding up as well as I hoped since I picked up my hiking schedule in anticipation of Africa. Every 14 months they get injected with some kind of genetically engineered sludge to keep them working, sort of like temporarily chrome-plating them. I'm 10 months into the last injection (which is delivered through a needle the size of a glue gun, BTW), but hiking with weights is stressing them quite a bit. Have I mentioned that getting old sucks? Oh well...I never thought all those triathlons and marathons and other stupid stuff was going to be free. I suppose a couple of pounds of Celebrex will get me through.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Worship at the Church of Dillon Blue...

Yep, a reloading day when I finish the day's television work. Here's an interesting story from U.S. News on the coming bloodbath in Republican primaries, specifically mentioning Colorado:
So the cannibalistic exercise that will be the Republican 2016p primary is hardly unfamiliar to Colorado voters. It's gained volume with the Rand Paul-Chris Christie spat, and shows no signs of abating with Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz visiting Iowa and urging a government shutdown. Meanwhile Paul, a senator from Kentucky, and the National Association for Gun Rights have already started attacking other Republicans for being too soft on gun rights.
This goes back to the "Watching the Republicans Commit Suicide" post I did a bit back. On one level I think what we're seeing is a growing schism between the old skol GOP and the gun culture/vote (and yes, Chris Christie signed the antigun laws in New Jersey). I think some of the old skol "conservative" pols (read, John McCain and his cabal) have an almost obsessive need to be "respected" by the political Left. Coupled with the fact that there was never a real depth of commitment in the mainstream Republicans for the Second Amendment, I think this may be an inevitable conflict.

Republicans have taken the gun vote for granted for more than 2 decades. When I started going to Washington and actually talking to "our" legislators, color me naive...I was shocked at how shallow their commitment to us actually was. For years it didn't make any difference, because our enemies hadn't really be able to mount a major's easy to support gun rights if all you have to do is mouth platitudes and occasionally pat us on the head like we're aging spaniels. With this year's brutal antigun offensive, though, the bill came due — and to their credit, the bulk of the Republican support held.

I think the developing schism is indeed between the libertarian — small "L" — side of the party and the  old skol, with the gun rights supporters solidly in the libertarian column. It's not that the old skol is antigun, it's just that in their view gun rights as ranking slightly lower than "opposition to lead paint" on their list of important topics. My experience in talking with the old skol pols was that they couldn't quite grasp why we were so outspoken on gun rights. I recall an event in Washington where one Senator said to me something along the lines of  "I support and vote conservation and hunt deer every fall...what more do you want?" That's why the mainstream GOP can so enthusiastically embrace someone like Christie, one of the most antigun governors in America, and be completely blind as to the impending election disaster such support will guarantee.

I don't want a Republican President...I want an enthusiastically pro-gun President (who will, I concede, probably be a Republican). I don't want a President who says he will sign an AWB if it comes to his desk, so make sure it doesn't nudge nudge wink wink say no more (George W. Bush, more or less), but a President who says , "Hell no! I'll veto any bill I believe abrogates the Second Amendment!" We have had a tough year, and we've taken some serious losses. The net result of the most recent gun battles (so to speak) is that we are increasingly suspicious of pols who waffle, who talk out of both sides of their mouth about gun rights, who refuse to answer simple questions on where they stand. I say again...if the Republicans choose a dedicated antigun politician as their standard-bearer, after November 7, 2016, I suspect there wont be much of a Republican Party left. Consider one of Michael's Rules: Don't walk into a fan if you don't have to!

Thursday, August 08, 2013

"Cowboy" Jack Clement, R.I.P.

I note the passing of Nashville legend Jack Clement, known to everyone as "Cowboy,"
today at the age of 82. Cowboy was one of the greatest record producers in the history of the business, an eclectic genius prone to great flights of fantasy and creating breath-taking music. He was also my friend, one of the subjects of my first book, and a man who taught me much of what I know about music.

Here's his USA Today obit, which is pretty good.

I recall sitting next to him on at the little sound board at his house, The Cowboy Arms Hotel and Recording Spa, while he worked with the music of friends like John Prine or Townes Van Zant who just dropped by to pick a little. Sometimes Cowboy would just tell stories, like when Bono and The Edge from U2 showed up on his porch to ask him to produce and he didn't know who they were, or what it was like in the studio at Sun Records recording Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, or sometimes Johnny Cash would come by with his own stories. Every so often Cowboy would play a track, then ask me, "What do you hear, Michael?" I'd make some idiot remark about bringing up the bass line or adding some "sweetening," and he'd just shake his head sadly.

"No, Michael...what do you hear?"

Because more than the music, Cowboy heard the essential truth behind the music, the connection to all the music that has gone before and all that will follow. And that truth was the centerpiece of his life.

I once asked Sam Phillips, "Mr. Sam," the founder of Sun Records, about Cowboy in the early days. Mr. Sam just shook his head and laugh. "That was a crazy man," he said, "but he could sure hear the music."

Cowboy and I were talking about hit records once, and he said, "You know, it's not that hard, Michael. The friends and neighbors will always tell you what they want, and the friends and neighbors are always right."

When asked my the Nashville Tennessean about what it takes to make it to the Country Music Hall of Fame, Cowboy said, "Trying to do something that hans't been done before is good,"

Go with God, my friend.

I will have a tribute to the music of "Cowboy" Jack Clement on Wednesday's podcast.

Wednesday, August 07, 2013


Yes, I've been slacking on the blog this week, partly because I be a busy little beaver. The Daniel Defense AR with the Aimpoint is sighted in for the CT Midnight 3-Gun, the VersaMax is running like a top and even the Ruger SR9 is happy...I do have to sight in the Streamlight laser on it, though...last year my slacking on that little point came back and bit me hard in the rump.

I've also been working with the Africa rifle, the Ruger Guide Gun in .300 Win Mag (with Rem 180s). I don't have the scope yet — I went with the Leupold VX-6 2-12 with the illuminated FireDot reticle and turrets cut for the Hornady 165-gr International loads — so I've been using the "express" sights that come on the rifle...a shallow "V" in the rear and a white dot front sight. I'm basically starting with 10 shot strings at 50 yards, then moving forward or sideways and firing from different positions off sticks...sitting, kneeling (right knee, left knee, both knees), standing, offhand. Keep all the shots in an IDPA target "zero down" zone. It's a pretty good drill for the rifle and it'll make you work. I figure if I can do this, say, 1000 more times, I'll be good to go for Africa! LOL!

Once again, the Ruger muzzle brake just plain rocks. I'm going to talk Ruger out of another one and put it on the GUNSITE Scout Rifle.

BTW, I'm hearing that the Great AR Bubble is in full-scale fizzle. Cliff's Notes version...back orders are vanishing faster than .22LR ammo at a Cabela's new store opening. Small to medium sized companies that bet heavily on their back orders — that is, they ordered components to fill the back orders — are up against the wall. The components are only now being shipped, but the back orders (at least between 50 and 75% of them) are gone baby gone. Essentially, at the height of the Bubble customers were placing multiple orders, intending the buy the gun that came in first.

I suspect the 7.62/.308 AR-10 platforms may be at the greatest risk... the market is simply not that large (unless you are of the prepper persuasion and looking for a quality major caliber semiauto rifle...keep your eyes on Colt or FAL, with a couple of other good alternatives on the way...more about that later).

I've said this before and I'll say it again...I think everyone in America should own an AR, and as prices plummet, it's almost time to buy. In the last week, I have seen "commodity" ARs at less than $700, and "name" ARs below $1000. BUY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE MARKET! I unconditionally recommend ARs from my sponsors — Ruger, DoubleStar, Stag, Daniel Defense — these guys build superb guns! I own guns from each of them and use them on a regular basis. I also unconditionally recommend JP RiflesSpike's Tactical, Wilson Combat (I wish the Paul Howe carbine would follow me home!) and Carbon Arms. My next project gun is a .300 Blackout with a Carbon Arms upper and a Spike's lower. If we can ever get .458 SOCOM ammo again, I'd love to build one off a Wilson Combat upper. At least I can dream!

Monday, August 05, 2013

Margarita Monday!

A simple one (Corazon Reposada, Grand Marnier and lemon/lime juice) and grilled salmon with soy and wasabi. Perfect end to a podcast day! I focused on cowboy stuff today, pulling lessons from High Noon and The Shootist. I spent a little time working on the CT Midnight 3-Gun AR, the Daniel Defense DDM4,  changing out the charging handle and mounting the Aimpoint, a Comp M4. Tomorrow I'll put in a Timney triggerand the new comp/flash hider. Hopefully some trigger time tomorrow afternoon.

Interesting story on THE FIREARM BLOG on H-K in Germany producing a couple of variants of semiauto MP5s that might, just might, be importable into the U.S. Semiauto MP5s were available for a time in the U.S. I think they'll sell like popcorn.

Sebastian and Bitter at SHALL NOT BE QUESTIONED are doing a magnificent job of explaining the antigun propaganda document that has been unearthed (here, here and here). Please read their posts! I'm pretty behind on a lot of this swamped trying to get the shows filmed. BTW, GUN STORIES is the top Wednesday night show (again) and I believe the top show on OUTDOOR CHANNEL. Considering there's new management at OC, I'd say that's a good thing.

I have to show you this picture from our THE BEST DEFENSE filming a couple of weeks ago. It's a date rape scenario with Mike Seeklander as the raper and his girlfriend as the victim. We'd finished filming when Janich and I suggested one more final shot, the dead girl shot, with Seeklander walking away and casual kicking the "body."

Janich's and my goal was a "set piece" that looked like the poster for a slasher movie...we pretty much succeeded, I think. Everyone on the room thought this was a profoundly disturbing scenario. That means it works!

Just got  notice that my Ruger #1 in 45-70 is on the way home. As much as I love my 450/400 3-inch, it is less than practice to shoot. The 45-70 seems like a good choice to add to the battery.

And, yes, I WILL finish THE NEW SURVIVAL GUNS this year!!!!!

Saturday, August 03, 2013

It's Saturday & I Don't Have to Work...

...much. There is a chance, a teensy-tiny chance, that I can get to the range this afternoon to do a little AR  and cowboy revolver work. Otherwise, I'll just tinker and reload. I got one of the TSD Kompressor muzzle brakes, so I'll throw that on an AR today...I'm curious about how it will work. TSD claims it'll work both as a flash hider and a compensator. I'd rather run a flash suppressor than a comp at Crimson Trace, but heck, at the level I shoot at I don't suppose it'l matter one bit! LOL! I've pretty much standardized on the TSD magazines for day-to-day shooting, BTW. Glad I had plenty when Governor John "Gee Mr. Bloomberg...can I wear long pants today?" Hickenstoopid's magazine ban went into effect!

Also, thanks to my friends at Crimson Trace for their email blast promoting the CT "Laser's Edge" video:

After you get the great "Laser's Edge" video, you can learn more from my Panteao "Make Ready with Michael Bane — Concealed Carry" video.

Couple of good reads for you today. Once again, my friend Ron Larimer at WHEN THE BALLOON GOES UP has been doing a series of posts on why competition is good for you. You all know I'm a big proponent of competition for a number of reasons, first and foremost the concept of "stress inoculation." Yes, a competition is false aren't going to die if you drop points. But repeated exposure to lower levels of stress "inoculates" you against higher stress, such as when your actual ass is on the line. Stress inoculation was a critical learning point when I was training for high-risk "adventures." My trainers repeatedly used false stress (and taught me how to integrate it into my own training) while I was getting ready to do something with a high consequence from failure.

There is actually a lot of learning theory suggesting that a level of stress/fear helps in learning (here's one of many...little bit different spin here). When I first started reading about enhanced learning when stress/fear chemicals were present, it made perfectly good sense to me from a evolutionary standpoint. What are the lessons you — or your very ancient ancestors — needed to learn 100%? I submit the lessons that have a direct effect on your ability to go on living...saber-toothed tiger scary...must avoid! Or kill.

On a slightly similar note, Kathy Jackson over at CORNERED CAT has a great piece on "Dying of Embarrassment:"
Criminals, especially predatory criminals, make a living by reading people. In order to stay alive and stay out of jail, they learn to watch the signals other people send. They literally gamble their lives and their freedom on choosing the “right” people to attack—people who will be good victims and follow the script the criminal has prepared. One important part of that script includes you, the good person, following little social rules even when those rules narrow your choices and finally trap you in a dangerous situation you could easily have escaped otherwise. Don’t fall for it!
Read the whole thing!

Gotta go disassemble old computers to "sanitize" the hard drives with a sledge hammer!

Friday, August 02, 2013

Back from Duel in the Sun Part 2!

Robert Vogel gets "slo-mo'ed"with the Phantom at Duel in the Sun Part 2

IDPA aces Robert Vogel, Tom Yost and Randi Roger versus Wild Bunch World Champions "Evil Roy" (Gene Pearcey), "Half-A-Hand Henri" (Heather Kresser) and "Last Chance Morales" (Chance Koch) at the huge SASS Founders Ranch facility in New Mexico.

Half-A-Hand Henri on the shotgun

Boy it was fun to film, and we saw some amazing displays of shooting talent! You'll see it in the new season of SHOOTING GALLERY at the beginning of 2014. Once again, I think we're taking SG to new levels on the new season! We even flew a drone to get some pretty unique shots for this show.

Next up for me is the staff/media Crimson Trace Midnight 3-Gun in Bend, OR. We'll be filming for DRTV. Luckily, I have Streamlight superlights in the mail. I'm settled on the VersaMax shotgun and the SR-9 9mm, but my inclination is to go with a 1X red dot on the rifle with a 3X magnifier in reserve. I have an Aimpoint on a Daniel Defense DDM4 that's been a go-to gun for a number of years, and I suspect that's what'll be going to Bend with me.

We'll also be covering the Rockcastle Pro/Am 3-Gun in Kentucky, specifically the Women's Pro Match (and maybe the amateur match as well), then it's back to RAPID FIRE.

Iain, Seeklander and Producer Tim Cremin in his Lawrence of Arabia guise...