Sunday, December 26, 2004

Insulin Shock & GUNTALK

Well , it's Sunday morning and I appear to have survived Christmas. Actually, I'm sitting here trying to ward off insulin shock from too many Christmas (excuse me...Kwanza-Hanukkah-Vernal Equilnox-Holiday and/or Time Off Work) cookies and waiting to spend an hour with my friend Tom Gresham on GUNTALK radio (you can hear it at, so call me up and ask me hard questions, which should get some pretty interesting responses this morning!).

Mostly, I'm excited about my Christmas present from my Sweetie, a ROBO-SAPIEN remote control robot. It is too cool! I spent all yesterday — when I wasn't stuffing my face — tormenting the beagle and my two macaws. You gotta love a robot that farts! Tomorrow AM, I'm calling North America Arms and ordering a .22 Short mini-revolver, which should just fit the robot's little grippers. Next stop, Lou Alessi for a little-bitty holster and belt! I wonder if anyone makes a very small sized tactical vest, something Barbie might give Ken before he goes off to Doll War?

I'm thinking video promo for SHOOTING GALLERY!!! More coffee!

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