Sunday, February 20, 2005

Did CNN Commit a Firearms Felony... their .50 caliber dis'sing last week?

Here's the link from the Smallest Majority:
It seems that CNN, in an attempt at exposing the horrible dangers of .50 BMG rifles just committed at least one, and possibly more than one felony. Apparently they purchased a .50 in a private-party transaction from a person in another state. In fact, they might have done it by straw-purchase - that is, they had someone local buy it for them. Those are no-no's. FEDERAL no-no's, unless the purchaser has a Federal Firearms License.
Here's the original link from Triggerfinger. I talked to the Powers-That-Be at the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) the morning after the report ran, and they did NOT mention that they saw a felony.

I'm going to try to hammer this out tomorrow AM, depending on who I can reach on a holiday. If CNN did indeed commit a felony, the editor and the correspondent need to be immediately fired and subsequently charged and prosecuted.

More as soon as I can work the phones.


TriggerFinger said...


If you have contacts at the NSSF who can offer knowledgable opinions on this, please do have them weigh in ASAP. The way I read the law, it's pretty clear, and the BATFE FAQ on the topic says the same thing. The legality seems to hinge on whether a dealer was involved, and/or a straw purchase was made, and whether the reporter doing the story is the person who purchased the rifle. My email address is plastered all over my blog.

TriggerFinger said...

Any word from the NSSF, Michael?

Kevin said...

It says something about the vagaries of the law when a bunch of gun nuts can't agree whether a felony has been committed or not.

As I read the transcript, there was a definite violation in the interstate sale of a rifle without processing through a FFL holder, and there is a reasonable argument that a conspiracy occurred in the planning and execution of that felony.

I'll be really interested to see what the NSSF has to say.

TriggerFinger said...

The only way out I see for CNN on this one is to admit it deceived the public.

They can do this by producing a Texas resident who actually bought the rifle, produce his plane tickets on the same flight as the reporter, match those plane tickets to his luggage tags on the gun case, and demonstrate:

1) that he was not reimbursed for the purchase by CNN;

2) that the firearm is still in his possession;

3) that the firearm will remain in his possession following the story.

If they can do this, then maybe this Texas resident merely loaned his firearm to the CNN team for the story.

The problem is, that's exactly the opposite of the impression that the video is trying to convey.

We don't have the investigative resources to determine most of those facts. All we can go on is the video. The video appears to show a felony.

But it looks to me like CNN is caught between admitting they broke the law, or admitting they deliberately misled the public.

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