Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Importance of Standing Up

There were always a lot of stories floating around about my grandfather, my father's father — that he'd been rich once and lost it gambling; that he was a life-taker, a moonshiner, a cock-fighter, a hard man in a time of hard men. The one certainty was that his word was good to the ends of the earth. I can't even begin to sort out truth from fiction, and it truly doesn't matter anymore. I bring this up because my grandfather once chastised me harshly, and that verbal slap became one of the cornerstones of my life.

I was in high school or early college, my brain the consistancy of chicken noodle soup, and I was whining about how complicated the world was. Whine was all so does a thoughtful person like moi separate wrong from right...blah blah...

The old man stopped me dead...don't be an asshole, he said (although not so kindly), the world is actually very simple. There are people who stand up, and people who don't. That's all. Spend time with people who stand up; shun people who don't. Simple.

Yeah, I ignored him at the time...of course, he was right and I was an asshole.

Stand or not. Simple.

That's why I'm still supporting Fred Thompson. Of all the people who want to be President, only Fred had stood. read this piece from NRO, who have cast their lot with that miserable whore Mitt Romney:
Something has happened to Thompson in recent weeks. Yes, his schedule is still astonishingly light for a presidential candidate. And yes, he sometimes still underwhelms audiences. But in the last month or so Thompson has acted like a man who has been liberated from something. And that is what voters saw on stage Wednesday: a presidential candidate who has declared himself fully free of the stupid stuff one has to do to become president of the United States.


HaroldB said...

Amen to that.


m25 said...

Michael, well said, I'm still with Fred.
Your comment about your Grandfather reminds me of a quote, from one of my mentors. " you need to be respected, to do that, hang around people you respect, and when they respect you back, you got something" Otto Farina, RIP.

I did not see, Fred back the bitch up about the show of hands, but heard it, and I loved it.

Go Fred Go.

Hazcat said...

The statement by NRO about Fred not "playing the game" is right but their time frame is wrong.

He's been that way since day one. He decided when and how to announce and did not listen to the MSM or 'conventional wisdom'.

Fred will do fine in the primaries and will come out on top in the end.

Anonymous said...

If Fred does badly in Ia it is likely all over for him. Sportsman for Fred I hope has collected names of gun/sportsman club members from around Ia and will be sending them direct mail appeals to vote Fred. Without a strong showing in Ia he will likely fade in the attention given to the winner and second place finisher.

jpr9954 said...

This was very good.

If you want to help Fred, here's a chance:

jpr9954 said...

This was very good.

If you want to help Fred, here's a chance:

RVN11B said...

Seeing as to how the MSM is NOT compatible to truth and such, I have paid little, if any, attention to their BS concerning Mr. Thompson.

Thusly I have always supported his campaign and his style of representing himself.

That suits me just fine.

Anonymous said...

You guys must be working on the same doobie. Fred ain't got a snowballs chance in hell. Get a grip will ya. He has proven himself to be totally useless as a politician. Oh and by the way he is supposed to be just that. He isn't even making appearances in Iowa. Dude the show is over...