Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bowen Build...

...we're (and I say "we're" in the sense that I'm in the same room) one of Hamilton's signature "Nimrod" 5-shot Ruger Blackhawks in .500. And no, I don't get to keep it, although this AM I will be shooting several of the Bowen .500s. Actually,, the coolest Bowen gun I've seen is a little Ruger Single Six in .327 Magnum...Hamilton enlarged the cylinder window slightly to allow the .32 H&R Single Six to take the slightly longer .327 cylinder. It's a beautiful little gun!

Here's the scores for Saturday's "make-up" cowboy match in Ft. Collins (hence the low attendance). Note that my train wreck on stage 4 blowing me out of the money...otherwise, a solid match (need to be about 4 seconds faster every stage...easier said than done...working on it, though).

Gotta go to the range!


Anonymous said...

It was a good match, sadly my train has been running off of the tracks for some time. One of these days I might have to resort to the dreaded P word

Beaumont said...

I had not caught up w/your blog in a while, and noticed that you apparently had been in my neck of the woods. Next time you find yourself in East TN, I'd like to buy you a cup and get your take on the shooting industry.