Saturday, November 01, 2014

Survived Halloween!

No haints, ghosts, poltergeists, zombies, vampires, witches, liberals or other blood-sucking fiends!

I'm continuing the sprint to the end of the year. Last week was a spectacular filming week for THE BEST DEFENSE, with locations arranged by Marshal & Teresa Halloway. Everything pulled together perfectly — when the worst production delay for the week was having the batteries die in the Airsoft AR-15, you know you're golden. I especially like the shootout in a church, modeled on the Colorado incident.

I know I say it every year, but we're kicking this season up to the next level. I'm very pleased to be working with new Producer Jeff Murray, who has brought a ton of energy and vision to TBD.

We did get in one day at the range…check out the DRTV video of Seeklander training for the IDPA Back-Up Nationals with a vintage Century Arms 45/70 single action revolver. I remember seeing ads for these behemoths in the late 1970s/early 1980s, so it was really cool to actually shoot one, We used up a box of Remington 300-grain JSPs.

I remember thinking what a thumb-buster that beast would be! I finally got a 45/70 Contender from J.D. Jones and did indeed bust a lot of my own skin with heavy bullet loads. Interestingly enough, the Century 45/70 didn't recoil all that badly with the loads we were using…I'm thinking that the softer push of the 300-grainers was a combination of not fully burning all the powder in the pistol-length barrel and the fact that we've all shot such fire-breathing monsters as the .500 S&W Magnum and the .500 and .475 Linebaughs. Also the undeniable fact that the Century weighs as much as a Prius.

Also got to shoot a Sig P-210/5 Target:

It's got the extended barrel and came from the factory with a tuned trigger, which was pretty cool since the P-210 in its regular flavors generally has a fine trigger pull. I've shot a bunch of P-210s over the year — and have considered buying one…but I wisely breath into a plastic bag until the feeling passes — but this one is really, really sweet. The trigger surprised both me and Seeklander.  It is a target shooting monster, to be sure.


Anonymous said...

Michael, you said: "I know I say it every year, but we're kicking this season up to the next level." And we say: "You always have". I think that your works have elevated enthusiast shows to the "benchmark" level. While other "subject" shows are going down-hill, your shows continue to excel.

Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to the Second Amendment, to shooting and to all of us out here, even to those that don't realize what you're doing for them! The same to your partners and staff.

Life Member

JobninMd.(Help!?!!) said...

And hope you've taken time to kick some liberal boo-tay for the elections out there. The West has got to stay free, in case we need to go refugee in our own damn country....

JobninMd.(Help!?!!) said...

Butch Steen said...

That Remington looks like it would be fun to use, but be careful not to bust too many thumbs! It's interesting to see all of the happenings behind-the-scenes. Thanks for sharing!