Tuesday, November 30, 2004

SAF Weighs In on Wisconsin

Check out my pal Dave Workman's response for the Second Amendment Foundation on the Wisconsin murders.
"Keep this in perspective: The Wisconsin case is about six alleged homicides and two attempted murders. It is not about gun politics, and it should not be shamelessly exploited toward that agenda. Let’s focus on prosecuting one individual for a horrible crime, not penalizing a million gun owners for the rifles they own."
Dave is lucid and, as usual, thoughtful, but I think he's cutting NSSF's Larry Keane too much slack. Still, you can never accuse Fox Butterfield (who never forgave me for repeatedly calling him Fox Butterworth, as in the pancake syrup) of the New York Times of objectivity. But saying that Butterworth...oops, Butterfield...took Keane's comments out of context is like saying the sky is blue...duh! We can get an even shake from Iver Peterson, NYT's other guy on the gun beat, but Fox is about as partisan as they come.

When you walk into a S&%T-STORM, you ought to do it woth your eyes open!