Sunday, September 16, 2007

Moderately Better

I didn't even know it ever rained in southern Arizona! It was quick, but it was definitely water. learn something new every day.

Am still out on the Grind Trip, just past the half-way mark. Tomorrow I spend the day with cowboy poet Baxter Black, which I fully expect to be entertaining. Then we concentrate on Old West gunfights, which are cool. Since we were filming a SHOOTING GALLERY on revolvers, I've been carrying a Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special in a Simply Rugged Sourdough Pancake holster...a great little holster for all-day carry fo a nasty little gun...sort of the blunt trauma equivalent of a pocket pistol.

I wish I could talk Ruger into making a .44 Special SP-101...I know there are custom versions, but they are hella-pricey...I do have to say that the 4-inch Redhawk .44 Magnum is a world-class blaster. I love this gun...I've probably put more than 2000 rounds through it — mostly .44 Specials, but hey. It's a tack-driver, especially with the Black Hills 210-grain cowboy .44 Specials loads. The Redhawk has quickly become my favorite .44...I can't recommend this gun enough. I wish it was about 8 ounces lighter, but hey, if wishes was fishes...


Anonymous said...

I really like my Bulldog .44 spl too. I've been using the original Charter Arms holster which is nearly 30 years old and a little rough these days. Probably try the sourdough pancake. It looks to be good. Thanks for the suggestion.

Michael Bane said...

you;re welcome!

tell rob leahy at simply rugged i sent you...


Anonymous said...

I am going to pick up my new 4" Redhawk tonight! I can't wait to wring it out; for I too love the 44 spl and I have a very good supply of components. I'll try to match those Black Hills loads but I think I can do even better with hard cast SWCs.

Anonymous said...

Can you fit five .44 Special rounds in a regular SP101 cylinder? Looking at mine, I wouldn't think so.

So do the custom .44 SP101s use fully custom cylinders? That would explain the expense.

Or are they four-shooters? (Weird.)

I would think the standard SP101 cylinder would just accomodate five .40 S&W rounds. That'd be the way to go if Ruger wanted to "up-bore" the trusty SP.