Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Billy the Kid Land

Finally made it to Albuquerque...whew! The day has been a busy one, not to mention carting a case of ammo onto the airplane!

I wanted to do a quick post on the concealed carry article in this month's Harper's Magazine. I sat down this AM and closely read the article, and I have to say that it is extremely well balanced. Dan Baum wrote some things I don't necessarily agree with, but I think, overall, he did a hell of a job. He and I have mutual friends, and I'm going to try and get him on an upcoming DOWN RANGE Radio podcast.

I guess the main point we're gong to stumble over is his contention that Condition White is where creativity happens. I'm pretty much diametrically opposed to that thinking...I believe that being AWARE, living life in Condition Yellow — which I have at various times described as Condition Green, because that's what it SHOULD be — has made me a much more creative individual. My creativity is enhanced by being aware of the world, both the bad and the good parts. Condition White is drunk college kids in foreign countries, surprised whern they wake up as shark kibble. Anyway, I originally dis'sed the article after a casual newsstand reading, and I was wrong. Sorry, Dan...I look forward to talking with you, and I'll buy the adult beverage.

Go buy a copy and read it for yourself!

Heading our for dinner with Kerby Smith from Para USA, an old friend from all the way back to the Dawn of Time. Kerby's here because of the Para Wild Bunch 1911s. And it helps that I'm shooting my custom Para...hell, at the last match, where I finished 61st out of 63 shooters, the Paras was the ONLY gun that worked!

And speaking of 1911s, I've got to ferrett out the inside story on the STI INternational GI version, not to mention the limited edition 1911/2011 2-gun sets coming out next year. I hope I can get through 2011 without going bankrupt on commemorative 1911s! The Colt is definitely on the list, and the STIs may have to get added to that list.


Clint said...

“we're gong to stumble over is his contention that Condition White is where creativity happens. I'm pretty much diametrically opposed to that thinking “

Condition White "allows" you to be inside inside your own head "talking" to yourself. You are either telling yourself how smart you are or feeling good about all the "great ideas" you have.

Some people pay big bucks to learn Zen, etc, to SHUT THAT VOICE OFF. When you keep telling yourself all about your great ideas, over and over again, you miss the really-real world as it goes by.

Yet others fight for their little world they carry in their personal attics. It's nice in there.

Some people are only “awake” when they are introspective. Some are “awake” when they are aware of the world. Many can do both.

And some know when to do which.

Clint said...

BTW, Why would you call “yellow” condition “green”?

I hate it when (some) people treat “orange” as a hot “yellow” and call “red” a “trigger” as if they are already “engaging” the threat. “Red” is when you are ready for the “trigger” because the color code doesn't apply once the shooting starts.

Don't even get me starting on people who preach that “red” should be a laser-like focus on a potential threat. What do these guys think they are doing, staring in an action movie?

Not Available said...

As to Baum, who said "...No gun store should sell a gun without selling a safe with it. (People often argue that a gun locked in a safe doesn’t do any good in an emergency, but that isn’t true. I bought for $25 a little steel safe that opens electronically when I punch in a code...".

I want to know where he bought that little safe for $25. The best I can do is $77!


EJ said...

When a friend tells me they believe a gun should be locked up, I do the following with them:

I set an alarm for some arbitrary time while I visit. I tell them when the alarm sounds, no matter where you are, that is the time you need to retrieve your weapon for defense. Then, I time, how long it takes them to get to it.

Then we discuss if, depending on which opening the attacker comes, could they have even gotten it.

Some minds have changed their opinion.

Anonymous said...

EJ, where do you keep your gun(s) in your home that are not "locked" up? Do you have children in your home?

egnash said...

To 'Anonymous' and his question for EJ...

I wear at least one handgun at all times...

'Nuff said!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Earl, you've got the right idea. And EJ may have the right soluction for him but it is not the solution for those with children in the house.

william said...

Bane, I agree we are not at the top of our game in white; however I was swimming in the ocean in a foreign country last week...drunk and was fortunate to escape with out becoming shark kibble.

I will be at Outlaw Trail in the morning. See you there.

William in New Mexico

Anonymous said...

wow! Michael, I feel special having brought that article up on your forum. and then for you to get the author on your podcast. cool!

the whole notion that creativity (art???) starts when you're in condition white might be a carry over from Maslows hierarchy of needs.

I am just thinking out loud here, but I am speculating that Mr. Baum's opinions might be evidence that the pendulum is swinging back the other way. is crime worse now in 2010 than in the early 90's ? or have we just become insulated to all the reporting of crime we hear about every day?
in psychology venacular, that is called "habituation"....we have basically become numb to crime reporting.

in a way the idea of CCW'ing exists because of peoples's fears. that is how a lot of insurance is playing on people's fears..."what if...?" ...maybe crime needs better "marketing" (said tongue in cheek).



Anonymous said...

I have to agree vehemently with Tyler about the Pendulum swinging back.
For 2 quick examples, Some one posted about "Mitchell's Mausers" and my reply contained links to several articles criticizing them, one of the links was to the psychotically leftist "Democrat underground", were they critical of a company selling guns ? Not at all, the slams were about quality, misrepresentation, and price (same as on "Say Uncle" ).
The second example is a thread on the forum about an exchange on the Brady website where some one actually says " The Constitution protects gun ownership".
Then of course there are the Plethora of show's such as "Shooting Gallery" or "Tales of the gun" that depict fire arms in their true context as sports equipment, survival tools,works of multi media craftsmanship and reminders of a historical era or event.
Tom Bogan

nj_larry said...

All this talk about where creativity happens. I believe Lady Gaga got it right. It is from the gonadic area from whence creativity arises !

Anonymous said...

Once again, NJ Larry distills it all down to the very basic level of understanding! Creativity does come from the gonadic area, as he points out that Lady Gaga has said!
I started out building custom "motor-sickles" and that's where my creativity evolved from! Right from my crotch!
By the way, I've noticed that some people also talk from that area, or maybe a couple inches further back!
Life Member

Unknown said...

This is MikeO and I can't believe ya came to Nuevo Mexico and didn't even call to say howdy!?

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