Friday, August 02, 2013

Back from Duel in the Sun Part 2!

Robert Vogel gets "slo-mo'ed"with the Phantom at Duel in the Sun Part 2

IDPA aces Robert Vogel, Tom Yost and Randi Roger versus Wild Bunch World Champions "Evil Roy" (Gene Pearcey), "Half-A-Hand Henri" (Heather Kresser) and "Last Chance Morales" (Chance Koch) at the huge SASS Founders Ranch facility in New Mexico.

Half-A-Hand Henri on the shotgun

Boy it was fun to film, and we saw some amazing displays of shooting talent! You'll see it in the new season of SHOOTING GALLERY at the beginning of 2014. Once again, I think we're taking SG to new levels on the new season! We even flew a drone to get some pretty unique shots for this show.

Next up for me is the staff/media Crimson Trace Midnight 3-Gun in Bend, OR. We'll be filming for DRTV. Luckily, I have Streamlight superlights in the mail. I'm settled on the VersaMax shotgun and the SR-9 9mm, but my inclination is to go with a 1X red dot on the rifle with a 3X magnifier in reserve. I have an Aimpoint on a Daniel Defense DDM4 that's been a go-to gun for a number of years, and I suspect that's what'll be going to Bend with me.

We'll also be covering the Rockcastle Pro/Am 3-Gun in Kentucky, specifically the Women's Pro Match (and maybe the amateur match as well), then it's back to RAPID FIRE.

Iain, Seeklander and Producer Tim Cremin in his Lawrence of Arabia guise...


Mike said...

I'm really surprised that you didn't get NM's IDPA World Champ Glenn Shelby in on this....heck he's even an hour closer to Edgewood than Evil Roy !

Overload in Colorado said...

No shoes at a range? Braver and tougher than I.