Monday, March 17, 2014

Hot Shrimp...

...that's what we're cooking here at the Secret Hidden Bunker tonite...shrimp with red pepper flakes, garlic and thyme, a Bobby Flay recipe, with steamed asparagus and sourdough bread. Maybe some cold riesling served alongside it.

Did voice-over today for the last SHOOTING GALLERY of Season 14. First, I want to say that I am SO VERY PROUD of the Africa episodes...the first one was last week; the second runs on Wednesday. I believe this is the best television work I can do. Still, lemme give you a hint on our season finale...suppose you could spend a week on Shootout Lane with Jerry Miculek, Kay Clark Miculek, Lena Miculek, Jim Clark Jr., and everyone else on the coolest road in America? Would you do it? Well, you're going to see it next week on SHOOTING GALLERY, and it is just a wonderful show...Kay, Jerry, Jimmy have been my friends for so very many years, and I think we did them proud. Trust me, you won't see stuff like this on any other shooting show!

Hell of a season, I think! The Pattern Room in England (we were the "last boat out," no more video in the Pattern Room), the Africa special, hog hunting with Iain Harrison, Mike Seeklander winning the inaugural IDPA Back-Up Gun Nationals...I'm so proud of what we do!

Keep your fingers crossed that SG will be renewed. We have about a million dollars of great sponsors, and I promise you next year we'll kick it up another notch.

Okay, now that I'm done patting myself (on the crew) on the back, check out my friend Mr. Colion Noir's video piece on the DS Arms FN-FAL. As you know I am a huge fan of the FAL...I consider by DS-FAL my "go-to" major caliber battle rifle. FALs are tricksy beasts...they feel clunky until you run them...then they are just right. My FAL has DS' Speed Trigger mod, so it's a pretty sweet trigger for the old warhorse. Honestly, with all the frenzy over 7.62 AR platform guns — and yes, I'm as guilty as anyone else of throwing wood on that fire! — the FAL is the most underrated battle rifle in the world.

And speaking of friends, I got a press release from my pal Randy Luth, founder of DPMS, on his latest venture, LUTH-AR, AR accessories starting out with 2 AR platform stocks. They look good, and heaven knows Randy knows his way around an AR! I hope to have one of the MBA-1s pretty quickly. I'll let you know how it works out.


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