Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Browning BLR Home!

Gray MPI stock looks incredible and is definitely lighter! Pixs tomorrow AM. DEFINITELY needs a action job, but I'm thinking about KISS and staying with the factory iron sights. I'm going to start traveling with it as soon as the action is slicked up and I get a couple of more mags. This is a cool project.

BTW, here is an excellent blogpost on the whole "conversation about guns" BS from the Armed Luthern blog:
First, let’s set the table before we get down to brass tacks: Gun violence has been dropping for over a decade, mass shootings are not increasing, 90% of Americans do NOT support universal background checks, a majority of Americans oppose stricter gun laws, accidental gun deaths are not at an all-time high, the actual rate of gun-related homicide is not the highest in the world, concealed carry permit holders rarely commit crimes, and less than 1% of criminals buy guns from gun shows. So, now that we’ve dispensed with the Bravo Sierra, let’s talk.
Read the whole thing!

Now might be a good time to buy a balloon popping laser:
On Friday, the Food and Drug Administration published new draft guidance that could effectively put an end to high-powered lasers in the United States. It will not be formally approved until the 90-day comment period has passed. 
The move is likely in response to the growing threat of laser strikes against aircraft. Since early 2014, the FBI has offered a $10,000 reward to anyone who reports a laser strike to federal authorities, leading to an arrest. Since the FBI began keeping track in 2004, there have been more than 12,000 reported incidents nationwide—and the incident rate continues to climb.

I seriously may buy a high power laser just because the scumbags don't want me to have one!


DamDoc said...

Check out the artic spyder at wickedlasers.com

Anonymous said...

What does Food and Drug have to do with lasers?

Sheepdog1968 said...

Can't wait to see photos of BLR. Did you ever convince the powers that be to make 10 round magazines for them?

As for lasers, since they are used in some surgical devices that is likely how the FDA came to regulate them from a power perspective.

wilbur said...

I sure would like to see some pictures! I have a takedown BLR and I'm saving up for an MPI stock. Do you notice that it's a half pound lighter?

Anonymous said...

That Artic Spyder is quite dangerous. That blue-white wavelength will blind at that power, permanently, with very little exposure. You probably don't want that one lying around and accidentally pick it up instead of a flashlight if you hear an intruder because you may permanently blind that person with a second or so of exposure. Even if they immediately look away they will be blinded and helpless for a long time.

And if, for instance a police officer crosses your property in pursuit of a bad guy and accidentally comes through your door you may disable him for life. We need to be careful here, right?

DamDoc said...

How come none of the people of the gun seem to be talking about Hillary's comments on gun control over the past couple days? This is why gun people need to stay home if disposed to vote dem... wake up people!

DamDoc said...

I stand corrected.. dave hardy had this link


Will said...

Any laser that has a power level measured in regular fractions of a single watt of output is a hazard to your vision. Even a HeNe alignment laser for industrial purposes can cause vision problems lasting days to weeks. That would be the low end for damage.
Some types of eye damage may heal. BTDT. Most wont.

Any laser more powerful than an office pointer should be handled like a firearm. With one additional consideration: When you punch that button, treat everything like it is a mirror. Almost everything out there will reflect a dangerous laser beam to "some" degree. The smoother and shinier a surface is, the more of a beam will bounce instead of being absorbed.
Look around your room. Everything that reflects light could be a problem for a mishandled laser.

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