Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Guy Clark, R.I.P.

A friend, a songwriter of unsurpassed genius. Go with God, brother. Say "hi" to Merle for me.

The Guitar

Well, I was passing by a pawn shop
In an older part of town
Something caught my eye
And I stopped and turned around

I stepped inside and there I spied
In the middle of it all
Was a beat up old guitar
Hanging on the wall.

What do you want for that piece of junk
I asked the old man
He just smiled and took it down
and he put it in my hand

He said you tell me what it's worth
You're the one who wants it
Turn it up, play a song
And let's just see what haunts it

So I hit a couple of cords
In my old country way of strumming
And then my fingers turned to lightning
Man...I never heard it coming

It was like I always knew it
I just don't know where I learned it
It wasn't nothin' but the truth
So I just reared back and burned it

Well I lost all track of time
There was nothing I couldn't pick
Up and down the neck
I never missed a lick

The guitar almost played itself
There was nothing I could do
It was getting hard to tell
Just who was playing who

When I finally put it down
I couldn't catch my breath
My hands were shaking
And I was scared to death

The old man finally got up
Said where in the Hell you been
I've been waiting all these years
For you to stumble in

Then he took down an old dusty case
Said go on and pack it up
You don't owe me nothing
And then he said good luck

There was something spooky in his voice
And something strange on his face
When he shut the lid
I saw my name was on the case


_DonWorsham_ said...

I was always partial to Homegrown Tomatoes.

Euboxic said...

Randall Knife is a favorite of mine. RIP, sir.

Anonymous said...

Thank's for the post. I didn't know much about Mr. Clark but spent the past hour listening to his body of work.

What a gifted gentleman.

Unknown said...

"Make them enchiladas greasy, make them steaks chicken fried....sure does make a man feel happy to see white gravy on the side"
Texas Cooking.
RIP Guy were among the best

Anonymous said...

Rita Coolidge singing Desperados Waiting For A Train is one of my favorites.
The lyrics are tell a wonderful story.

Crawler said...

"Too Much" of Guy Clark just wasn't "enough".

Too much limo'll stretch your budget
Too much diet'll make you fudge it
Too much fluff'll make you show it
Too much pressure'll make you blow it
Too much onion'll make you weepy
Too much preachin'll make you sleepy
Too much Mexican food'll fill you
Too much honky tonk'll kill you

Rest in Peace,indeed, Guy Charles Clark...

fast richard said...

I hadn't heard about this until this evening, about four days late. I've been a fan since the late seventies, when his early albums Old No. 1 and Texas Cookin' were a regular accompaniment to evenings spent standing around a rough barn-wood bar in the "dining room", swapping lies and drinking beer with friends.

NJ Larry said...

Warning....Gov Hickenlooper is making the rounds on TV selling his bio book and talking gun control. I be smelling VP for Hillary...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that Trump forced the gun issue out into the open. Even the conservative press was ignoring it until he kicked it out into the open.

Of all of the NRA Convention speakers, Sherriff David A. Clark Jr. was the best. Here he is:

Life Member