Monday, August 29, 2016

Just Haven't Been in the Mood for Writing...

…sorry. It happens, even to me.

Been working pretty hectically, and the physical therapy has been wearing me down. The good news is  I "graduate" from 11-and-a-half months of physical therapy tomorrow. Today I started my first week of "physical training," the next step. I picked a trainer who doesn't believe in machines or fancy health clubs or loud music and self-esteem…just a small gym, steps, sandbags, kettle balls, barbells, ropes and a dash of pain. Funny, I'm remembering the Michael Bane I was once, versus the Michael Bane I am now. Interesting.

Do the work. Do the work. Do the work.

Part of it is I am flying to Philadelphia this weekend to be a part of Walt Rauch's memorial service. It is an anchor on my heart, a darkness on the world. It is a part of growing old, I suppose. While I was at the Carry Optics Nationals for USPSA filming for SHOOTING GALLERY, Mike Foley, the new President of USPSA and a super nice guy, asked me how many of the "old guys," the people who helped start practical shooting, were left. Dan Pretrovitch was on the squad shooting, so I said Dan, Kenny Hackathorn, a few more. The coolest thing was while I was eating lunch at PASA, a person joined me…Bob Emerson, who I'd chased for years in Florida, and I could never even come CLOSE to catching him1 He was great, and here he was at the first CO Nationals.

"I just turned 80," he said, "and I'm still pulling the trigger."

Hell yes! "There is no fate but what we make for ourselves," as John Conner might say.


Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Silas Nwogu-
Are you related to the Nigerian Prince? He owes me ALOT of money!!!

Anonymous said...


The gym is a necessary evil at our age, not for big muscles (you aren't going to find any), but for balance and flexibility.

My wife found a very small, couples oriented gym operated by a physical therapist three years ago. Once a week we stop by for an hour's session with the only other woman in the world who can make me do things I don't want to do. I call her the "Leslie the Torture Mistress".

I must confess, I've grown fond of the abuse because I feel better, I'm stronger than I've been in a long time, my balance is great, and I am keeping the damned devil at bay.

Mike V. said...


Some years ago, I had the privilege of eating breakfast with Lou Awerbuck. Among the things we talked about was his interest in writing a history of the early days of Gunsite. Sadly, I don't believe he got to it. As the original generation passes, I fear much institutional knowledge is going to be lost.

Trent said...

I thought you died. Commited sepaku after reading the latest Trump polls. Glad to see your still kicking :)

Anonymous said...

"Just Haven't Been in the Mood for Writing...

…sorry. It happens, even to me."

Take your time. We know that when you're back, you'll be "in rare form".

We just hope that if you're "Zuck-ing", that you're picking up converts. ; )

Life Member

Anonymous said...

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_DonWorsham_ said...

I'm inspired Michael, thanks.


Anonymous said...


It was a tremendous honor to be a part of Walt's memorial. Many thanks for the assistance that you gave Kathy in making it such a wonderful tribute to a man who will live forever in our hearts, minds, and actions. It was good to meet you for the very first time. I should've made the effort to do it years ago.

Best Regards,
Jim Glendening