Thursday, December 29, 2016

Runs Like a Scalded Dog!

I need to get the Aimpoint on it, sight it in, and start putting rounds through it. It also needs BUIS, as light as possible.

What do you think? Should I SBR it????


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't "SBR" it. As a pistol, you have more latitude to actually carry it. Most licenses are for a "concealed pistol" not "concealed rifle". Carrying a loaded rifle in a car in some jurisdictions for an example, is not permitted. The gun would have to be in a case, unloaded and otherwise inaccessible to the vehicle's occupants. Carrying a loaded (even unloaded) rifle "in the open" is also not allowed in some precincts, even when "afield" during the hunting on or off-season. I'd stick with concealed pistol carry.

Keep it a pistol.

Life Member

Unknown said...

What grip is that? Cool details good sir.

Liston Matthews said...

Pistol. Then you can sling it under your oilskin greatcoat with its Hickenpooper 15 magazine, and carry it over most of Colorado.

Anonymous said...

Pistol all the way.

Chilly Billy

Bob Opsitos said...

Hi Mike,

I know this is an old post but yours is about the only review I've seen of the Dead Foot Arms system on 9mm. Im looking to build something very similar with a 5.5" 9mm barrel. Can you provide more details of any quirks you experienced in assembly/operation/etc?