Thursday, February 23, 2017

Winter is Back, Dammit!

How could this happen, I ask? No more casual afternoons at the range for a while…was really nice to have almost a month of spring in the dead of winter, right about the time when we all start coming down with cabin fever ("I shot six holes in my freezer" as the song goes).

Spent yesterday shooting/videoing for the SGO GP-100 special. Was especially fun plinking with the GP-100 .22 10-shot and CCI "Quiets." Could barely hear a "tink" when the bullets hit the 60-yard silhouette.

Today is V/O for the AMERICAN MARKSMAN finale and some planning for next week's podcast. Since the first segment is video'ed I'm trying to put together a more visual piece for the filming. Next week I fully intend to wear pants, however.

I've done a little juggling of guns for in-house carry. Normally, I stick a .380 in my pocket when I get up in the AM, since I dress comfortably when I'm going to be working in the office all day. Note the dripping understatement in that comment...anyway, with people working outside on the new video studio most days (today being a Snow Day exemption), and me having to occasionally race to a store to pick something up, I wanted something a little more definitive to have on my person. Rather than buy a G43, I settled on the Ruger LC9s I put a couple of hundred rounds through a while back. I have a nice Simply Rugged DEFCON belt holster that is comfortable and easy to carry all day, so I'm going to go that route for awhile.

I never had any trouble with the older long DA pull LC9, especially after Galloway Precision overhauled it. As I said earlier, the LC9s has the best striker-fired trigger I've ever felt. I'm going to replace the Ruger guide rod and spring with a stainless steel captured spring version from Galloway just as a precaution. Still, when I leave the house, it's the red dot G19.

I guess I'll go ride the Spinner for an hour or so...


Anonymous said...

Was in your neighborhood this time last week. Had lunch and a couple of pints at the very lovely Avery Brewery in the People's Republik of Boulder. The weather was so glorious I thought I was back home in Southen California.

And ya, I remember playing touch football in Denver one June in 1972. Sunny at the start of the game, snow flurries by the time we wrapped it up an hour later.

RE the SR9 with the long's my go to pocket IWB gat. The long pull makes me more comfortable, safety wise, as a daily carry gun. I don't engage the 1911 style thumb safety.

Anonymous said...

I second that "long pull" for IWB, especially appendix-carry; also for pocket, purse or pack.

I just popped for another brand with that feature. I checked-out and bought what I believe is not only the industry's best-kept-secret, but Sig Sauer's as well; the P250 "modular" pistol.

I was looking at the gun in my dealer's showcase off and on, not readily identifying it. It was small, thin and that trigger was obviously a DAO. I checked out Sig's website and noticed that the P250 must be the gun. A few days later, I went back to the website and noticed that the P250 just disappeared from their line. I decided to go see if I could still buy one because per the description it sounded like it was what I was looking for.

So I went back to the dealer and asked to see that gun and I read the "P250" on the slide. It also happened to be their "SC", or sub-compact version. Even though I had studied it on Sig's website, it looked better in person. I asked if I could dry-fire it and was so permitted. One try and SOLD. I took it to an indoor range with my son the next day, and when he fired it, he was sold too. He called the store and reserved another one for himself on the way home! They shoot point-of-aim with any round and are very shooter friendly. The ergonomics are top-notch too. The trigger on our guns rivals my finest S&W revolvers but without the "stack".

The gun is their switch-frame gun that has a removable chassis that is the actual firearm. It is the forerunner to their P320 "striker" version with the same switch-frame features. They share mag's and grips. The only difference is the chassis and slide. Both come in sub-compact, compact and full size. The Army just adopted the P320. It seems everybody wants the striker guns and the P250 has fallen by the wayside.

Here's the big news though. We bought our guns for about $200 less than the P320 versions. Obviously, since it appears that Sig has deleted the P250 from their line (It has disappeared from their website. Only a .22 rim-fire is offered now.) they're being discounted heavily. Since then, I've added a complete "compact/C" version AND a full-size conversion kit to my "stable". All of these, my son's included, shoot the same; great.

If you're looking for a good gun at a good price, check them out. Gander Mountain had a good supply. Add to that commonality of mag's, gear and some parts with the new P320, these guns will be supported for a long time.

Life Member

P. S.: I know, I know; I swore that I'd never own a plastic gun!

Michael Bane said...

Hey Anon #1…the Ruger SR9c is a hugely better gun than it is ever given credit for! Ditto for the Sig P250, Anon #2! Americans just HATE those long pulls! speaking of long trigger pulls, I'm experimenting with the SCCY CPX guns, both with and without the safety. I have shot the heck out of a couple of them and have been impressed by their boring reliability [WARNING! They are sponsors of my shows! God alone knows how much they have paid me to shill for them! Oh wait…where is my check?]. I have now recommended the SCCY to a couple of less-gunny friends of mine who have been looking for a reliable EDC that doesn't involve selling their car to purchase. I'm planning on taking a local "defensive pistol" class next month with a SCCY just to see how we do.


Anonymous said...


I watched your excellent show that featured the SCCY factory and guns. As a manufacturing engineer, I can attest that they have cracked the code for not only containing costs but also ensuring quality. I'm with you; I can unequivocally recommend SCCY guns. They may not be as sexy as a Glock, but they may be just as good.

I also know how America hates that long double-action trigger-pull. I was raised on 1911's and S&W 3rd-Gen' DA/SA guns. The former has the mostest-best short trigger and the latter's DA-pull is what is killing those type of guns. I'm still a fan of both.

Life Member

Anonymous said...


I just "watched" the DRR episode on mini-9mm's and want to encourage looking at the Sig P250 Sub-Compact DAO, while it's still available, or even the P320 sub', striker-fired guns. They fit in with the other guns that you featured in this segment.

They each have a 12 round magazine plus one in the "pipe" and yet the grips are still about as thick as a single-stack gun. They accomplish that by making the a double-stack magazine out of tough thin steel. I've been carrying mine for about 2 months and am very satisfied with my purchase. AND it shoots great.

Life Member

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