Friday, March 10, 2017

Okay...Only A Bunch More Conference Calls and I've Made It to the Weekend...

A bunch of wrap-up thingies for the week...

1) Mo' Rugers! Mo' Rugers! Mo' Rugers! Ruger has announced an American .45 Compact. I like the compact 9mm a lot, so I would expect this one to be every bit as good. I assume Brother Ed Head has a review spinning up for DRTV. Ruger also announced 2 more versions of their MK IV .22 pistols, a 22/45 Tactical, based on the upgraded model with the removable grip panels, and a MK IV Competition, which I have on the way to me this week.

This is the pistol I alluded to on Wednesday's podcast. Am looking forward to shoot more Rimfire Challenge this year, and after shooting the Mk IV Hunter version for SHOOTING GALLERY this season, I really want to put the Competition model through the paces. Should be here today or early next week.

It will be fitted with an RDS for this season...

2) Here's Version 3.0 of my EDC:

You may ask yourself why so many versions. Valid question. Just before a match I tanked my untankable Trij RMR06 on my competition USPSA Carry Optics gun. By tanked I mean it stopped holding zero and battery life dropped to minutes...obviously a sick puppy! Plan A was to pop an RMR off one of my other guns, bolt it onto the Suarez G19 I compete with and be good to go. Then Mr. Ham-Hands himself stripped one of the screws holding the RMR in place (Oh come on! Don't you dare tell me you've never stripped a little screwhead!).

Rather than stick with my original plan of screaming and pulling my hair out, I shifted gears on EDC back to my RMR-equipped G26 (not exactly a huge change, to be sure, since my EDC has a G26-sized frame anyway...I didn't even have to change magazines), pulled the slide off the EDC G19 — a very old Glock slide fitted with a first generation Leupold DeltaPoint, and went to the match.

I had always intended to go to a different slide/optic on the ROBAR-build frame, but it was on the back burner. Since I had pieces of Glock scattered all over the place, I decided to move that plan up. I talked to Gabe Suarez and had Suarez International build me up one of their G19 slides in grey with an RMR06 and stacked night sights front and rear. I added a stock barrel and recoil spring assembly. I'll start testing on it today. Once I get around 200 rounds though it, I'll place it into service. BTW, here's a great round-up of Glock barrels from the Victory Gun Blog. I run a Wilson Combat barrel in the competition G19, and it is noticeably different, especially with the Wilson Signature 125-gr Match ammo. If the barrels ever come back into stock, I might even buy a spare! LOL!

And yes, any RDS-equipped firearm that I use for carry is equipped with BUIS!

3) In our Hand Me the Mallet Department..this left me to fix my ham-handed stupidity on the competition gun. Above all things I hate tapping out screws and bolts, especially little bitty screws and bolts. Amazon to the rescue! I have Craftsman bolt and screw removers, but I took a quick look for something a little smaller. I came across Alden MicroGrabits, cutter on one side, extractor on the other. A little pricey, but it looked like what I was looking for. Boom! easiest extraction I've ever done! These things rock...dentists ought to use them. Will have my Trij boxed up and on the way to service today. Meanwhile, I'll stick with the competition set-up I have now.

4) I'll be doing a little big bore stuff next week, working with .44 Magnum single actions for upcoming SGO episode. I admit that part of this is driven by Max Prasac's book I talked about in a previous post. I realized that it has been a while since I worked with the single action blasters, and I kinda missed it. I'm even itching to do some .44 Magnum reloading...maybe it's spring in the air...or a virus of some kind.

5) And one more gun lust point...heard from Big Horn Armory this morning that they are now offering their achingly beautiful big bore lever guns in a 16-inch barreled Trapper version. This is from the presser:
Trapper carbines retain all of the features of the Models 89, 90 and 90A that have made them a resounding hit with hunters and woodsmen who desire a fast-handling powerful repeating rifle that can deliver multiple shots faster than the traditional bolt-action rifle. Receivers and barrels are made from 17-4 stainless steel CNC machined to the tightest tolerances in the industry. All components are made in the USA and assembled by a well-trained staff of gun makers in Cody, Wyoming. Stocks are made from selected American black walnut superbly fitted to the metalwork and checkered to 20 lpi, capped with a 1-inch recoil pad. The generous finger lever accommodates the largest hands even with gloves. Big Horn Armory rifles have the nearly bomb-proof Skinner Sights aperture adjustable for windage and elevation and a post front sight.
In either .500 S&W Magnum, .460 S&W Magnum or .454 would only make my pre-'64 Winchester 94 30-30 jealous!


Unknown said...

How can you do a ultimate barrel test and leave out the Gold Standard, Bar-Sto.

Anonymous said...

Another case of "itty-bitty screws holding on very important stuff". That stripped screw is probably the same size as the screws other gun makers use to hold very large scope mounts (and the scope!)on their guns. Not so for Ruger's now disappearing dovetail mounts (sigh!). You all know where I'm going with this: NEVER LOCATE ANYTHING ON A SCREWW-THREAD! Those adapter plates for RMRs also "float" within clearance machined into the slide, further subjecting the screws to shear-stresses during recoil. If they don't shear, they come loose. The small diameter of the screws makes them prone to stripping and/or breaking off anyhow. The slide material is also very thin where the screw hole is threaded (tapped), making it prone to stripping. Gun and related equipment manufacturers need to get with it. They're stuck in a paradigm.

Last: Dead batteries? Failed electronics? I want "fool-proof" back-up for all of that. So, why are iron sights disappearing from guns?

I look to Ruger to get above all of this.

Life Member

JohninMd.(Help!?!!) said...

My Grail .22 pistol.... A T 512 Ruger, w/a Clarke "steel trigger". Does Clarke's still make those, Micheal? I have an old - OLD - Standard Model 4" that my bullseye coach dropped a Clarke trigger in.... sweetest .22 I've ever owned.

DamDoc said...

you had me going with the 22/45 link... expecting to see a mark 4 22/45 with a threaded barrel, and it directed me to the ruger compact!

NJ Larry said...

Since we are talking about screwing up screws.... Just saw this article about revitalizing old screws that have been screwed up. The photos show a damn near miraculous transformation....

PS...not all screws are the same, so to say. My classic story is a Leupold scope base on my Browning X Bolt. A couple of the base screws just didn't want to grab into the receiver holes. Called Browning and yes they said "hey stupid use our bases and rings." I mic'd out the 2 brands of screws and the Browning screws were a tad longer and did the job.

My name is August West said...

The RMR and other small red dots can't take the forces exerted by handguns. Good idea, but not ready for prime time, yet.

Sheepdog1968 said...

Between my 22 LR, 30-30, and 45-70 lever actions (all trapper sized), it's really hard to justify another lever action though those Shurr do look pretty.

Yes you do tinker a fair bit on firearms. Then again, you are in the public eye and its part of the job. It allows the rest of us to watch and learn.

Anonymous said...

I replace the Trijicon OEM hex screws with stainless T-10 units.

I use Vibratite VC-3 rather than blue Loctite.

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Meanwhile, in this vacuum of interesting discourse:

There's this to ponder:

But then, it is followed by this:

It's so sad that liberals continually thinly camouflage their objective of completely disarming everyone with this feigned passion for the "criminal victims" here. That way, once we are in-armed, they can "have their way" with the rest of us and we won't be able to defend ourselves.

NJ Larry said...

MB would be interested in your perspective...I put a great deal of import on Don Jr and this Second Amendment Coalition. It now seems to been a "campaign play" only. Holy Snit !!! I am getting this real sickening feeling that we got played. I sure hope I am wrong....

Anonymous said...

I caught the article this morning also nj. It looks like it is up to all of us to keep pushing. This "Whitehouse" has a link that allows us to send our thoughts to them, just as b-ho's did. I'm linked to it already.

Remember what Gandhi said about the importance of just a single voice. It grows into many.

Life Member

Anonymous said...

And now threatening the very people that put him in office?

We'd better get LOUD!

It will be interesting if Trump speaks at the up-coming NRA conference next month and to hear what he has to say. Will he "did" us too now that he's gotten into office?

Life Member

Anonymous said...

I meant '"dis" us too', in my last sentence.

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Jay said...

JohninMd you just described my first Ruger pistol a T512 which I had a Clark steel trigger installed by my smith. Bought that gun in the early 80's and although I sold it, I was able to buy it back from the family after the guy had passed. I'll never make THAT mistake again!

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