Saturday, April 08, 2017

Haven't Much Been in the Mood to Write

Well, actually that's not completely true…I'm scripting for GUN STORIES WITH JOE MANTEGNA, so I'm spending 6-8 hours a day in front of the computer working. Given all the personal stuff that's been whirling around, it's hard to build up a lot of enthusiasm to tackle the laptop after I shut down the desktop.

Plus, it appears there's been a massive reduction of IQ in the various social media, and wading through the crap just makes me tired and bored. I can't even gin up the enthusiasm to be snide. OTOH, I've been shooting alot, mostly the new Ruger Mk IV Competition, but also some of the bigger boomers. I'm getting my Ruger American .450 Bushmaster ready for a SHOOTING GALLERY episode later in the year. Also started moving rounds through my .22 bolt action rifle, to try for some kind of tune-up for Africa.

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! As you can see from the above photo, my Magnum Research BFR 45-70 is now home! I'm probably going to take it out this afternoon and continue striving for carpal tunnel syndrome. First off, let me say that the BFR is a superbly made gun [WARNING: Kahr Arms is a sponsor]! This is my first BFR…as I think you guys know I am a connoisseur — or co-nigh-zee-eer, if you live in the South or Detroit or South Detroit, for that matter — of single action revolvers. I have a lot of them, both production and custom, have shot a lot of them in many many different flavors over the years and irrationally love them all. The first gun I ever shot as a little kid was a Ruger Bearcat .22 single action. The first centerfire handgun I ever fired was a Flattop Blackhawk in .357. The first ammunition I ever reloaded went into that Blackhawk. So there.

The BFR is a pleasant surprise. For a beast of a gun, it has a certain proletarian beauty. Machining is top-notch, the trigger pull is a crisp couple of pounds, the sights are excellent and I like the new BFR gripframe, always a touchy thing for single action aficionados…if you want to start a bar fight at a gather of SA fans, bring up plough-handle vs. Bisley, then stand back. I generally don't like rubber grips on a boomer, but the Hogues on the 45-70 are pretty nice, and I suppose I'll be happy with anything that soaks up a little recoil. I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. If not, Jack Huntington does a really great looking modification of the BFR gripframe and knows as much about boomers as any living man except Lee Martin…he built a short-barrelled BFR in 50-110, a caliber which I have shot to the detriment of my shoulder in a Sharps!

To be fair, I have shot 45-70 revolvers before, both the old canon-bronze framed Century 100s, an  early BFR (3 shots!), and a 10-inch T/C single shot I had custom built by J.D. Jones, so I'm unlikely to burst into flames on the first shot. In fact, as long as you're using sane loads, the recoil is not nearly as brutal as, say, a .500 Linebaugh or even a .454 Casull, which has a much sharper recoil wave. I plan to start with 405-gr "Trapdoor Safe" loads, then probably move up to Hornady 325-gr Leverevolutions, which I keep on hand for the Ruger #1. I suppose I can build up to Ashley Emerson's dinosaur-killers after a bit. 
Few other interesting tidbits…Standard Manufacturing is now cataloging their color casehardened, engraved 1911 for $1895. That's a good price for such a great-looking 1911! I handled these at SHOT and was very impressed. Considering that Standard/CT Shotguns builds $100k+ shotguns, they are masters at their craft. 

Greg Ellifritz at Active Response Training has an interesting article on "deep deep concealment," carrying a weapon in non-permissive — not illegal, mind you — environment. Definitely word a read! Here's his points on non-metallic knives:
When dealing with a walk through metal detector, these tactics won’t work. In the event that I have to go through one of those, I will carry my ceramic Talonz knife (after replacing the metal dog tag chain with a short piece of paracord) or my G-10 composite copy of the same Fred Perrin knife I mentioned earlier. Neither of these are detectable by any metal detectors. 
I would urge anyone trying to carry plastic, ceramic, or composite knives through a metal detector to verify that they are truly metal free. Some companies insert a small amount of metal in the blades or handles just so people can’t sneak them through metal detectors. Pick up a portable metal detecting wand. The ones most security officers use are fairly cheap. You can pick one of those up for less than $25 on (affiliate links). Better safe than sorry.
So I took his advice. I have one of the carbon fiber versions of the Fred Perrin La Griffe, in addition to the steel version, that I figured should be just as invisible as Greg's G-10 version. I also have a Stone River Gear ceramic neck knife that I was curious about. I called my friends at Tall Guns, who train security guards among other things, to ask if I could bring the 2 knives over an run a wand over them.

We all agreed that the carbon fiber La Griffe was going to be a slam dunk…it is beautiful made, weights just next to nothing and, surprise, lit up the metal detector like a Christmas tree. We were very careful to keep the knife away from its sheath, which has metal rivets, and any other metal. For whatever reason, the little carbon fiber La Griffe Carbone will definitely set off a metal detector! Good to know. I ordered one of the G-10 versions, which I'll check before I use it in an environment where I might be wanded or have to walk through a metal detector.
The Stone River ceramic neck knife (above), which we expected to set off the metal detector, instead passed with flying colors. I suggest you take Greg's advice and verify that your own non-metallic weapons are really as invisible as you think they are!


Anonymous said...

If it is necessary to pass through a metal detector, chances are, there's some serious intent by those in control to ensure that you are unarmed on the other side of it. I can never condone carrying anything that even looks like a knife or any other "popular" weapon and taking the chance of discovery, no matter how right one might be that they should be armed in some way. I'd revert to other alternatives for my own self-defense such as using commonly available and legal items. Those of us here know what those alternatives are. Or, I'd follow my mother's sage advice: "If you don't want to get in trouble, don't go where trouble is at".

Just sayin',

Life member

HoningTheEdge said...

A cane is good in non permissive environments. Sadly with bad ankle I'm reaching a point where it is needed.

Rastus said...

I bring a can of Deviled Ham in my brief case. Zip the lid off and fold it over instant improvised weapon along with the muslim repellent power or pork.

I'm just sayin'....

Anonymous said...

It looks like gun sales are about to go up again:

If "Hill-de-Beast" had one, this is what we'd be facing too.

Anonymous said...

The new scanners which are at most airports will see the nonmetallic knives.

Anonymous said...

Is all of the former action here now over on "Zuck-book"?

Anonymous said...

Better hide your Glocks!!!!!

; )

Life Member

Anonymous said...

Helllllllooooooooooooo. Anybody heeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrre?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The "bookmarks" are GONE!

Adios Amigos

NJ Larry said...

MB be interested in your take on the RRA and SA carve out in ILL. IMHO I have said it a thousand times, that owning or now producing guns doesnt make you a saint. Seems there is a clear backlash a brewing for what were perfectly fine companies. Forgetting their customers and OUR FREEDOMS, folks were focused on only the money side of the equation. Their decision is actually going to cost them money and their reputations. So be it. I personally have no sympathy for traitors.

Like the spouse who strayed, now they are going to have to beg forgiveness and hope for the best.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,
I am no fan of Obama. In the liberal San Francisco online newspaper they did a review of a recent Obama book. Given the liberal news source, you thing they might be a bit more upbeat about Obama. They weren't which is interesting. Below is a link to the long review. If you don't want to read the review I have pasted the one key paragraph.

This article made me dislike Obama even more so.

"If Garrow is indeed correct in concluding that Obama's romantic choices were influenced by his political ambitions, it is no small irony that Michelle Obama became one of those most skeptical about Obama's political prospects, and most dubious about his will to rise. She constantly discourages his efforts toward elective office and resents the time he spends away from her and their two young daughters. Obama vented to a friend how often Michelle would talk about money. "Why don't you go out and get a good job? You're a lawyer - you can make all the money we need," she would tell him, as the couple struggled with student loans and the demands of family and political life. (Garrow sides with Michelle, highlighting how, on the day after Sasha was born, Barack went downtown for a meeting.)"

Anonymous said...

Speaking of "Forgetting their customers"........


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Michael. Cinco

Anonymous said...

Nothing to see here. Just move along folks......

Anonymous said...

What happened here?

I'm concerned that sponsors might view the lack of activity on this blog as a reason to trim back support. That might affect the other important areas that the host contributes to as well. Cutting support will not help any of us.

If there is a need to suspend operation of this blog, then please tells us that. We will either accept the reason, or beg for continuance.

In any case, we remain loyally behind the host and support the sponsorships and other contributions by his various other program's supporters.

Life Member

alicetaylor said...

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Anonymous said...

I really must stop checking for blog updates. This one is dead, apparently. All the best Michael Bane.

NJ Larry said...

Oh well, hoping MB is just on R&R. Maybe writing the Great American Novel, who knows. If it is permanent so be it. It was great while it lasted. In my life I have seen the sun set on Whelen,Keith, Askins, Page, OConnor and dozens more. Each one took something from me. In the modern times of electricity I fell head over heels for Kim duToit as he lit up the computer thingy. But as I just checked for Kims proper spelling a miracle happened ! KIM IS BACK. Just weeks ago it happens. It turns out that his personal issues are over and he started up his blog again. In my conspiratorial mind I actually thought Kim and MB are one in the identities for fresh starts maybe...

If familiar or not familiar with Mr du Toit, you can check out his new blog at

Mahalyasree said...

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Anonymous said...

Yep nj, this site has now been taken over by "fraulls", short for "fraud-trolls".

I'd appreciate it if Michael would just let us know what's going on. Loyalty goes both ways. It will be interesting to see where this all goes for up-coming seasons on The Outdoor Channel. So far, we still have his other fine , no finest-TV shows.

Time will tell, or we may once again see where the "climb up the ladder of success may only lead to a high place to fall from".

rastus said...

Got Africa on the brain?

FM451 said...

Since Michael is very busy (as per Facebook), here's some news. Photojournalist, Author, and Firearms authority Peter J. Kokalis passed away in January. Just read about it in Guns magazine. First I've heard of this; his passing wasn't mentioned in any of the blogs I follow. Very much a part of my younger years, as was an avid reader of Soldier of Fortune (and any other gun rag I could get back then). Always appreciated his technical evaluations.

Obituary below. Rest in Peace PJK.

Anonymous said...

Hey, we used to have a saying for this;

It's : "No shit Sherlock!"

Anonymous said...

Are we being "poked-in-the eye" here? Or is something else going on?

Anonymous said...

If the "action" is over at Facebook, take a look at this:

But first, they need to disarm us.

Anyone patronizing Zuckerberg's empire deserves what they get, no matter how they rationalize that "it's a tool to reach more audience".

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