Thursday, November 02, 2017

DS#1: The Resurrected Vampire!



Definition of DROPPED SHOT: In the practical shooting sports, a shot that fails to hit the target; a miss.

Sometime in mid-1985 I first wrote those words for the first time, for the newly minted FRONT SIGHT Magazine, the journal of the United States Practical Shooting Association. I was the founding editor, and DROPPED SHOT was my back page column. If you’re willing to wade deep enough into the bowels of the Internet, you can find a picture of my competition rig for that year…it’s the cover of the November/December 1985 FRONT SIGHT. It’s a Wilson Combat, and I still have it.

Over the years, DROPPED SHOT has drifted around from publication to publication and finally to the Internet, as soon as Marshal Halloway invented the concept of a “social media” site for gun owners and shooters somewhere around 1991.

I bring this up because I suppose DROPPED SHOT has a life of its own now, and, like my original Vampire Gun™, has come back to life! How's that for a segue!

This is for an upcoming SHOOTING GALLERY ONLINE (SOG)'s my original "Vampire Gun," built by Tactical Solutions way before we started the RIMFIRE CHALLENGE.

It was a Ruger 22/45 back before Ruger offered them with replaceable 1911-style grip panels. The top end was one of TacSol's early 6-inch Pac-Lite barrels. Interestingly enough, the barrel wasn't threaded, because the suppressor "revolution" hadn't started yet.

I shot the gun a LOT (and you've seen it on multiple episodes of SHOOTING GALLERY over the last decade or so), bust as I've built up, or, more correctly, had built up, .22 rimfire pistols, the Vampire Gun got relegated to the back of the gun safe.

I was talking to my good friend Colt Lasco, who's one of the gunsmith geniuses at TacSol, and I mentioned that I still had Vampire #1. Colt said, "Hey, why don't we take the old gun and bring it up to speed?"

Seemed like a good idea! So, this is Vampire #1 brought up to speed...the barrel is now a threaded version. The TacSol brake on the end of that barrel looks cool and makes noise; it may even actually step a little recoil, but who knows with the tiny .22LR. It's funny that when I'm at home, I want the gun quiet; when I go to a match, I want the gun loud, for the time. At a recent rimfire match where I was shooting my Ruger Mark IV, which does not have a threaded barrel, and Gemtech .22 subsonic (which do run that gun), I had to timing strings of 30 seconds each, max time, as opposed to the sub 3-second runs I thought I had had. Quiet not good, LOL!

Vampire #1 now sports an Outer Impact red dot mount, which brings the old — and excellent —  Insight MRDS down a wee bit closer to the bore line than the Primary Arms dot on Vampire #2, the TacSol I built on a Ruger MkIII that has been my go-to RIMFIRE CHALLENGE match gun for several years.  The Insight MRDS is still available, and I believe is the same unit as the Eotech MRDS.

The biggest change to Vampire #1 was replacing the polymer Ruger frame with an aluminum frame and match trigger from Volquartsen. These are excellent,, and I love the way the frame now sits in my hand. The new gun weights in at 1.78 pounds, vs. 2.01 pounds for my Mark III/TacSol competition  gun and 2.95 for my all-steel Mark IV...that weight includes sights and mounts, but not magazines, BTE.

The grips are from Hogue. One thing left to add is a Teandemkross Halo charging ring like I have on my Mark IV. I've used a bunch of different charging handles over the years, and the Halo is the only one that stays put.


Anonymous said...

No Comment.

Anonymous said...

The above comment says it all.

Rastus said...

Look who's back. Nice post. We need more info on new kit and techniques to keep us going. Otherwise we stagnate...

DamDoc said...

michael bane, michael bane, michael bane.... oh yeah, i think i remember him!,,,, this looks like an interesting article, thanks!

Anonymous said...

The article won't be "official" until the "shippers" from Calcutta sign-in.

; )

Anonymous said...

On this Veteran's Day, let me be the first to honor all of you veterans out there.

Peace because of you!

Life Member

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this BLOG is done-for.

Anonymous said...

; )

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"NEEN" = "BEEN"!

Oh yeah, delete either "AM" or "HAVE" too, but not both.

It was early....., or the passion.


Anonymous said...

Add Patagonia to the "DON'T-BUY-FROM" list.

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By the way, I saw a "Now Hiring" sign on our old Gander Mountain store that was closed due to bankruptcy. So, I took a closer look and it said to "Watch for the NEW Gander Mountain to open at this site". Oh Yeah? After their parent company Outdoor World just recently put nearly all of us here (I'm not including the delusional Liberals that indirectly oppose our values but still hang-out here.) into Hillary's "Basket of Deplorables". No way will I support them EVER. Besides, a new Cabela's opened just a few miles up the road. So far, Cabela's/Bass Pro' haven't dumped us in.

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Anonymous said...

Ain't it Grand? Check this out about the self-righteous Patagonia:

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Is the post from 9:20 PM code for "Christmas Greetings from Michael Bane"? An early "Happy New Year"?

; )

NJ Larry said...

MB as others, I be sad you have abandoned the blog. But what the hell...Merry Christmas and I wish you and yours a wonderful New Year 2018 !

And btw Ruger announced today a 9mm carbine. Looks like they have a freakin monster money maker on their hands! As I have said over the years I have been waiting for an affordable pistol carbine. For like 20 years, to accompany my Marlin Camp.

They really have done their homework and put EVERYTHING into this. Takedown, free AND slave state models offered, glock mags with changable mag well,10/22 trigger, model for suppressor. HOLY SMOKES ARE THEY GOING TO MAKE MILLIONS OF THESE ! Pls tell the Ruger guys they done good !!

Can't wait for your thoughts on it...

Anonymous said...

Here's our chance to make our thoughts known, or get put on the Justice DFepartments "shi_-list":

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to everyone here! Even though this may be a small group of faithful enthusiasts, it's still great to drop-by just to see what's going on.

Best Wishes to ALL!

Life Member

P. SD.: nj, a couple of my buddies from the shooting club, bought some High Point 9mm carbines. Yeah, I know, High Point; but they have a blast shooting them and they both report that they never, ever have any malfunctions. They even hand-load lead bullets so that they can shoot "steel" on our woods-walk. This category may even spawn a new league at the club. Go figure.

NJ Larry said...

Lol...have to agree with ya on the HighPoint. While it is as ugly as sin, and the fit and finish is mediocre, I believe also that like a cockroach it would survive a nuclear holocaust. Everyone I have spoken to that owns them say the same thing, every time you pull the trigger it WILL go bang.

Best wishes to you and yours btw. I pray 2018 turns out to be safe and peaceful for us individually and for our blessed nation. Don't overdo the Champagne this weekend ! All the best !!

Anonymous said...

I cannot bear the look of a High Point carbine, but I am willing to believe they're completely reliable and I fully support anyone who decides to buy and use one. For my part, I'd drop a few more dollars on something like the new Ruger PC9. At least I wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen with it...

Rastus said...

Yep...small group of faithful enthusiasts. I've been on the board and the Mec Tec thread. I'm interested in a 10MM carbine and I was thinking of one but Frank brought up the High Point is coming out with a 10MM this year.

And then, voila', someone is talking High Point here.

Hey Michael...when you check this...maybe you can run one of your shows on "MP5" type carbines? The Mec Tec and the High Point appear to deserve Honorable Mentions.


Haruummpphhh. Just us chickens I suppose.

Anonymous said...

I really do believe that "something is going on" with Michael. I can't imagine him pulling back so far. I hope not. Just sayin'.

Life Member

Anonymous said...

Hey Rastus, Check this out if you haven't already:

Just scroll down to those 10mm's, but I'll bet that you stall-out at the "FightLite Industries SRC Raider Pistols" for a look-see.

Life Member

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