Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Cuddly Baby Giraffes, or Something Like That

Gosh...my last post seems to have disappeared from Facebook...probably a technical glitch...LOL! So here it is on the Blog. Hey Facebook...Happy Independence Day, you fascist bastards!

You probably know I unconditionally support Tess Thompson Talley in this manufactured controversy, as I support all forms of legal hunting. I also feel for her, coming off the hunt of her life, to be made to endure a social media lynching.

It's especially poignant for me, since I just returned last Friday from the hunting trip of my life, the Cape Buffalo, I hunted in South Africa. I guess a Cape Buffalo isn't cute enough to qualify for outrage (or, maybe since I'm already Great Satan, it's more effort than it's worth to make me Mo' Greater Satan).

I tend to think a lot about hunting after my various hunting trips. I'm especially curious about how we as hunters lost the philosophical center of our own argument. I see an analogy with the earlier days of our 2A fights. If one goes back to, say, the late 1960s/earlier 70s, our blood enemies, most notably Handgun Control Inc., had successes in driving wedges into our culture — hunters against shooters, shotgunners against handgunners, everybody against .50 BMGs, cop-killer bullets, Saturday Night Specials, etc.

What changed on the 2A front was that our leaders, especially such visionaries as Ronnie Barrett, Mike Phifer, Sandy Froman, Larry Keane and others, essentially solidified the culture over a simple (and often unstated) premise — All guns are the same; an attack on one is an attack on all. And we've done pretty well making that stick.

Hunting culture is all over the board, and it is being driven in all sorts of directions by ostensibly pro-hunting organizations, loud factions of the market (meat vs. trophy, bow vs. firearm, crossbow vs. everything, fair chase vs. fenced, etc.), and quite honestly, the hunting media, including the flood of hunting television (mea culpa, kids).

As we saw in the 2A battles, factions try to insulate themselves from attack by turning on their own...e.g. "Don't eat ME! I'm the GOOD ONE! Eat those OTHER GUYS first!"

Perhaps our biggest mistake as hunters (and this is in my own humble opinion; YMMV), was ceding the philosophical high ground to our enemies, especially by not calling out (as a group) the essential core hypocrisy of our enemies. An example...how is Ms. Talley's giraffe different from a Big Mac? I would contend that there is no difference — both are, to be blunt, dead meat.

I would also contend that, hell, at least the giraffe had a life, and apparently a long and exciting life, compared to the factory farm-produced cattle that ended up covered in McDonald's Special Sauce.

What is the difference between a cuddly baby panda and the pack rat I trapped and killed yesterday? What is the difference between your Thanksgiving turkey and your pet dog? Aren't they all animals, God's creatures if you will, deserving of the same respect. Or is respect based solely on cuteness and proximity?

Granted, those are extreme examples, but if you think about it, the differences are all subjective and often based on cultural considerations. Anyone who eats meat, wears any kind of leather and uses animal derived products AND continues to oppose hunting of ANY kind is a rank hypocrite. And should be attacked as such.

In fact (to me) any kind of parsing of the killing of animals is both artificial and completely subjective. Whether it is the ground beef used by a fast food chain, the hot dog you ate at the last baseball game you attended, a trophy sheep from Somewhereistan, your newest motorcycle jacket, venison steaks in your freezer, or the cosmetics you use to make yourself really hot hot hot, you are directly involved in the killing and consumption of animals. There is no difference, aside from ignorance or willful selective blindness.

Our continued existence on this planet is based on killing, the Great Circle of Life...even DISNEY, the first monumental anthropomorphizer of animals great and small, got it! Be vegan all you want and enjoy that tofu...I'm a Southern boy who grew up next to big soybeans fields...killing that happens as a secondary side-effect of factory farming is, to my thinking, still killing; that is, the animal still ends up dead. Explaining that you neither consume nor use animal products is, once again, a function of ignorance and willful blindness.

Just some thoughts...and BTW, we're all going to die, and in the end something will eat us. That's the way it works, Simba!


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DamDoc said...

Postulated Alinski thought: “If we can stigmatize hunting, we can shrink the population of hunters... then guns will have no purpose, we will have removed the sporting purpose and we can take them”

As Ben once sent: “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the latest post Michael. Two-in-a-row = WOW!

Regarding the argument of "one meat vs. another":

When we argue that there is no difference between a dead giraffe and a Big Mac and then ask: "Why are you singling out the giraffe"?; we are not gaining any ground. This argument is as specious as our similar argument that a 12-gage is more lethal than an AR (etc. / fill-in-the-blank) and therefore, "Why are you going after the AR?". In both cases, rest assured "they" are going after "all of 'em"!


The "Amendments" ARE NOT REVOKABLE!

Life Member

Michael Bane said...

Agree with you, sir! My general argument goes like this:

QUESTIONER: "Why do you [ hunt, shoot, drive a cheesy Englisf car, train in self-defense, own so many guns, whatever]? Do you need to do/own those things?"

ME: "Because, F$&K YOU!"

Pretty much covers it.


Anonymous said...

Please do not add the ridiculous term that the media is so fond of perpetuating, that hateful and unrealistic drum beat of FACTORY FARMING". First off, if not for large scale farming and ranching operations, our lifestyle and ability to buy food at the prices we pay now would be impossible. Second, a huge majority of farming and ranching consists of family operations who love and care for the animals and farm produce they raise, and they sure aren't getting rich doing it. This tendency of pitting hunting hunting against the "evil factory farming" is no different than pitting one gun or hunting specie against another. As much as I love hunting of all available species, there is no way that the country could be fed without large scale farming and ranching operations. Vegetarians, the antithesis of "killing all the little brown eyed cuddly animals"could not exist without factory farming and world wide transportation. Hunting must be preserved forever for the preservation of animal species, but let's not pit it against hunting. That's my rant. (A family owned agriculture background)

Mike M. Brennan said...

Sorry, of course my last sentence should read "Hunting must be preserved forever for the preservation of animal species, but let's not pit it against agriculture, please.

Unknown said...

Well said as always happy 4th of July and happy anniversary

Anonymous said...

Yep, timely article:


They're comin' after "all of 'em".

Our answer? WE WILL GIVE UP NONE OF THEM. WE WILL NEED TO KEEP UPGRADING TO KEEP ABREAST OF THE "STATE" and those that are the enemies of the "state". That's what the Second Amendment was written to do. It's all very well explained in the "Federalist Papers". No real Supreme Court Justice can deny that. Only justices that are sworn enemies of the State try. And they try often.

This ain't about hunting or "sporting purposes".

Life Member

pigpen51 said...

I watched the video podcast early this week, but didn't get to listen to the audio portion until late Saturday night/Sunday morning. Please make sure to remind us on your podcast in Feb. when the television program is going to air, so we don't miss it.
And because of your trip, you make me look now at getting a lever gun for whitetail deer here in Michigan. Likely in the ever useful 30-30, for the same reasons that have always been there.
And a great big thank you for telling about the last day and the faulty shot you had. While we would all like to say that we have never had that happen to us, none of us want to lie. It might have a shot on a rabbit that took off a leg instead of a killing shot, but it still weighs just as heavily on those of us who try to be not only humane in harvesting game, but also good stewards of what the Creator has entrusted to us.

rastus said...

Great post. I'm really glad to see a post on your blog. Faceybookey may be a necessity these days but I refuse to use it so the blog post chronicles are great.

NJ Larry said...

Two things I would like to hear from you on podcast maybe?....

Watching the Thailand cave diving rescue of boys soccer team. Love to hear you comment. They already lost one Thai Navy SEAL. Heard Jake Zweig say it is equivalent to climbing Everest in shear difficulty.

Also to all our Slave state friends...came across new cool device. Called the Kali Key. Replacement charging handle that makes gun into bolt action.


2savage said...

It always surprises me that people never connect this issue to Right To Life. I know, 3rd rail of politics, etc, but I'm willing to bet there is a strong relationship between between Anti-hunting and Pro-abortion views. I also don't see these anti-hunters giving up meat, leather belts, shoes and coats, soap, washing, antiseptics, antibiotics, anti-fungals, etc,etc,etc.

MB,was that you and your Sweetie I saw rocking a late 50's early 60's vette in red with a white wind sweep in a MANTV spot?

saba khan said...

Well said as always happy 4th of July and happy anniversary


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