Tuesday, December 21, 2004

More on Crichton's STATE OF FEAR...

This from Iain Murray of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, writing in the National Review:
"Yet, more widely, the novel raises stinging criticisms of the way the environmental movement conducts itself. Its mutual infatuation with Hollywood, its preoccupation with litigation, and, above all, its preoccupation with obtaining more money so as to continue its privileged existence are all writ large in the text. One of the chief villains, a lawyer turned green-group director, regularly rages about the difficulties he has fundraising. His main problem, he rants, is that global warming is not the immediate threat that pollution was in the 70s. It is therefore harder to get people to give money to combat it, something that can be solved if people come to believe that the climate is changing now. These are, of course, tactics the real-life environmental movement has embraced, arguing, for instance, that the recent hurricane season was exacerbated by global warming rather than being sheer bad luck. During one of his rants, that character also, delightfully, called my organization, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, 'Neanderthals.' This was tremendously gratifying."

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I'll take a hack writers word about Global Warning like that means something. Meanwhile those well known-left wingers over at the Pentagon released a report that said that Global warming is the biggest threat we face, bigger than terrorism. Just about every scientist of repute says the same thing except for the few bought and paid ones. But you know its just too unpleasant to think about let alone do anything aobut it so lets just keep our heads in the sand, drive our SUV's and fight wars in the Middle East based on lies.