Tuesday, February 22, 2005

FLASH! CNN Violated Federal Firearms Law!

Based on my conversations with legal experts within the firearms industry, CNN did indeed violate at least one, and probably two, federal firearms laws in their reporting of the .50 caliber controversy last week.

Representatives of the industry are currently in touch with the ATF.

More to come.


TriggerFinger said...

Thank you very much, Michael, for using your contacts to get this information back.

Anonymous said...

CNN's new Slogan: We Lie For The Other Guy.

jed said...

Good show, Michael.

And, hey, another Colorado gun blogger -- cool.

I think we could use a Colorado gun blogger meetup. Of course, there's another Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash coming in April. No details yet.

Anonymous said...

Even if it is true that "Representatives of the industry are currently in touch with the ATF",
I would suggest that it is a critical mistake to allow/assume others will apply the heat and we can rest on our laurels. I think we need a call to arms. I suggest we all contact the NRA, BATF, CNN, and anyone else we can think of to make sure that the BATF does, in fact, prosecute everyone involved to the fullest extent of the law, and beyond. Just like they'd do if an ordinary citizen violated the law. Contact information for CNN, BATF, and NRA is here:
CNN:The New Terrorists

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