Wednesday, December 31, 2008



Visit DRTV for times and details; today's podcast is also about the shows. I look forward to hearing what everyone thinks!


Coyote84 said...

Just finished watching the 1400 showing of Best Defense out here in the great salt lake desert. Fine show. One comment, the window right behind the defensive position in the sample safe room might need some evaluation. Or maybe you left that in to see if we were paying attention?

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved the show. I just finished watching Best Defense, and I was impressed. The into is pretty cool too. I cant wait till next week.

Richard said...

Best Defense - Much better than I thought. The first season of a lot of hows always seem awkward, but Best Defense did not. I thought it would be good, but i was was excellent!

I also saw the window behind the woman and wondered about that also. But I guess that is real life...nothing is perfect. Worry about the threat you know (the guy chasing you down the hall) rather than the improbable threat that another zombie will jump in through the window.

Shooting Gallery - As always, it was very enjoyable. Great work filming Blackwater. They have an amazing facility and I really liked seeing it all on film.

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Looks great, MB, on my must watch list. I'll not know what's all on for the rest of the shows 'til the end of the year, so if it's not covered this year perhaps next season you could address the problems those of us face who are older, heavier, slowed down by lots of arthritis. We aren't 20,30,40 anymore and those that are won't be for long.Great start. the mushroom

LtCol P said...

Outstanding, you hit the mark. An original take on the subject too. (Yes, I noticed the window in the bedroom. Also, Rob was talking in his sgment about making sure a gun is unloaded-- all guns are always loaded!)

All in all, you hit the X-ring. And I'm looking forward to the rest of the season. We'll review it on Op-For too.

Anonymous said...

I thought the show was outstanding. Rob and Michael more than held up their parts.

Have you thought about a companion book?

Good job by all.


Anonymous said...

Michael, I caught 'em both and watched each twice! Bravo! Very well done. Very well thought-out ahead of time. Very well executed and presented. You're worlds apart from the competition. I can't wait for the next shows.
Life Member
P. S.; Now, with the utmost respect for you, please get to work on your health. Your Sweety needs you! We need you around too!

Coyote84 said...

Just started watching the second episode and ah ha it's a learning show, the window issue was addressed. Great show, keep it up!

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