Wednesday, July 07, 2010

America In SHOCK! our beloved "Little Tramp," yes, Lindsay Lohan, was bundled off to the slam for doing the same thing 11 million illegal aliens do every day — pretend U.S. law doesn't apply to them. I was glued to the All Lindsay All The Time channel yesterday as our own Little Curly Top — no, wait, that was Shirley Temple, who gave her name to an non-alcoholic drink — okay, our own little whatever wept, wept I tell you, as the evil judge, who clearly needed a Hollywood Makeover, sentenced this cherished, talented actor to the place where they seem to send all the cherished. talented actors.

A sad day for America. I think there's a silver-lining to this dark, dark cloud, though. I believe Lindsay-In-The-Big House could totally re-invogorate the flagging "women in chains" B-movie genre. After such classics as Girls in Chains (the great granddaddy of them all), Women in Chains, The Big Dollhouse, Chained Heat, etc., the genre seems to have wound down...maybe because of all the Pop Tarts in Real Chains. Reality can be a bummer, to be sure.

Anyhow I'm seeing Lindsay in the role Pam Grier role, struggling to survive in the Big House, with Martha Stewart as the head of the biggest prison gang, Aryan Bitches, and Paris Hilton as her enforcer. Of course, Charlie Sheen — the greatest living American actor — shines in the role of Big Richard, the prison warden. Watch for an unattributed guest appearance from Miley Cyrus in the hilarious "conjugal visit" sequence.

Maybe I need to get back on the the meantime, from Say Uncle, a pix from the upcoming Green Hornet movie scheduled for next year:

Dare I say it? This is the future of defensive handguns! There'll have to be a whole new category in IDPA for these bad boys! I do have some technical questions...does the trigger fire each upper alternately, or is there a selector switch of some sort? Can you get them with different calibers on each upper, say .45 ACP on the right and 5.7 X 28 on the left? Does Crimson Trace make a LaserGrip (LaserGrips?) for it? Is there a bayonet option? Will the movie suck? Well, I think we can safely answer that one...

Interestingly enough, the MSM is in full howl on the Utah CCW, which is reciprocal in 30 states. Both the NYT and WaPo (via a Reuters wire service article) are baying at the moon, insinuating that reciprocity will certainly result in millions dead, hours-long firefights in the streets and blah blah blah. The interesting thing is timing on the stories and the subsequent Brady release...obviously, Brady shills contacted their pet "reporters" and handed them them the story on a platter. Since the reporters are in the tank, they did as they were instructed and bleated like goosed sheep.

This amazing journalistic convergence does tell us what Brady is worried about in these post-Heller, post-McDonald days. You can bet that reciprocity is going to keep coming around until it becomes the law of the land.

Finally, when I was up at the Cody Firearms Museum filming for COWBOYS, I lusted for the beautiful Dardick pistol they had on display. In case you missed it back in mid-1950s, the Dardick shoots triangular cartridges, called trounds, holds 20 trounds and is the ne plus ultra firearm for repelling aliens of all sorts. Now Mechanics Illustrated (tip of the hat to The Firearm Blog) has their 1957 article on line:

I wish I'd written the lead: "The revolutionary new Dardick open chamber revolver is as versatile as a six-armed monkey!" Says it all...

Make my day, you bug-eyed six-armed alien slimepot!


Tim Covington said...

Michael, off topic, but my wife had a question after watching this morning's video. Considering your taste in clothing and colors, do you have to wear hearing protection when you open your closet? ;>

Tim/GA said...

Not a surprise, going after reciprocity- gotta love the fact that we are past where they go after the permits in each state. Love to see the antis losing.

Oh, and it reminds me why I loved the ending of I,Sniper so much (not going to say any more and ruin for anyone though!)

Anonymous said...

I am a Utah certified instructor and in the last two days it was like somebody opened the barn door with all the inquiries....thanks Brady's! I sure appreciate it...really...

EJ said...

It needs to be remembered that those thirty states each have an agreement with the state of Utah.

At any time if one of those 30 states does not like who Utah issues permits to, it can be rescinded.

This leaves it the position of MSM that the majority of states are wrong.

Funny, I thought they liked majority rule.

Tam said...

I don't know why I sometimes want a Dardick, but I do.

I usually go lay down 'til the feeling goes away.

(WV: "regazed" Thanks to your post, I have regazed upon the Dardick. I think I need a lie-down.)

clark said...

Notice the tround and the open chamber made for a great Gatling revolving aircraft cannon as feed into and out of the open chamber went nicely

nj_larry said...

Mr. Bane, saw this and thought you might have a hankering for something from Roy is next week.

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