Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Birthday, America!

I am struck on this 4th of July that today is a holiday for Americans, and that really doesn't include many of the people inside the Beltway. Oh, inside the Beltway they wave Old Glory like crazy, wear red, white and blue shirts and blouses and loudly proclaim their commitment to "American values" or something equally vague. But inside the Beltway, they look on the Gadsden Flag with a a feeling of uncomfortableness bordering on fear. They see in the Heller and McDonald Supreme Court decisions not a reaffirmation of fundamental American liberties  but the stirrings of some rough beast; in the Tea Party movement they fear a rising of "the rabble," the unlettered, people who foolishly believe that they are better suited to control their own lives, their own fortunes, than those wise ones inside the Beltway who so obviously know better. They dream of a world of cameras, of papers, of control, a world where American exceptionalism is a failed dream and all the reaffirmed liberties so eloquently stated by the Founders are words, only words.

Out here in the hinterlands we're celebrating, and part of what we're celebrating is that for the first time in many many years, America is awake — and angry. So you faux-Americans over in your little enclave keep waving the flag and telling us how much you care — really care — about us little people. Out here in the boonies, a tidal wave is building...

Happy Birthday, America! It's a great time to live in this country!


Lawrence said...


Ive heard people say things in the last few months..things I never heard even when Clinton was in office. Theres a resentment out there...even amongst many Democrats..that is like an acid. Maybe I wasn't around in past years, but Im hearing the same phrase over and over coming from the mouths of good people...traitor.. Ever think you'de hear that?

Anonymous said...


Walt Rauch

Anonymous said...

Hell yes, we're mad!
Everyone I know is mad, and that includes Democrats.
There will be a (political) massacre this fall. Just wait.

Anonymous said...

Very well put.

To add to what Lawrence wrote. There are a lot of pissed off citizens out there and they vote. This time for real change.


Kansas Scout said...

Think about this....America is lucky to have folks like us ready to step into the breach...and we will.

Unknown said...

But the prez said the other day that this country is headed in the right direction. His troupe isn't a bunch of amateurs. This MUST be the direction they want us to go. I don't want to go there. You don't want to go there. So why in the names of our Founding Fathers is this country going in that direction? We must stop this crazy train!

Remember in November.

my notebook said...

Well said, Michael!

Unknown said...

On this day celebrating our independence from a tyrannical government, I'm reminded of our current state of affairs. I is my prayer on this day that many of my fellow Americans wake up. Wake up to the reality of how far our freedom has slipped ever so quietly and stealthy away. And maybe, just maybe we can put down our Ipod's and the remote control to our 500" plasma TV's long enough to re-engage in the protection of our rights and liberty.

Hopefully we will awake from our slumber, day dream, nightmare, and finally see what has become of our great nation. And finally take the necessary action to reclaim it in the likeness envisioned by our forefathers. Happy Independence Day!

Anonymous said...

MB, Happy 4th to you and your sweetie and your pup!

DT said...

The "resentment out there...even amongst many Democrats" reminds me of a conversation I had with my Mom recently. My family in WV are mostly of the blue collar, old school Democrats, not the Democratic Socialists of today.

My Mom said that people in WV feel screwed over by the Democratic party because the party delegates went for Obama, even though the people overwhelmingly voted for Hillary. They don't like his policies one bit, and find his personality arrogant and dictatorial. And that's just the Democrats!

My 95-year-old grandmother, a lifelong Democrat, now likes to watch that nice young man Huckabee, and the more paranoid libertarian leaning members of the family (of which I'm no doubt one) find Beck an invaluable source of Naked Truth, of schemes and connections unveiled.

Have faith in the American People... things are looking up! Happy Independence Day!

Moosejaw said...

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Thomas Jefferson ...

see you in November at the polls...but if more crap like what happened in 08, with the 'new' black panther party happens....we must prepare to refresh that tree





Anonymous said...

There are those of us, yes even inside the beltway, who openly applaud that which makes faux's afraid. Your eloquence puts a fine point on the situation and allows us to understand where we are and how far we have to go to become, again, that which we once were.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 8:21

Keep your head down and continue the "good" fight.
Tom Bogan

DamDoc said...

Who is John Galt?

Anonymous said...

Very well said Michael and thanks for the "light blogging" this weekend (Not!) We're glad you're on-line and delivering the "goods" as well as ever.
On the Democrat's dissent, just beware. They're dissenting mostly because Obama has not delivered the extensive liberal hand-outs that he promised. Sure, there are a few that are aligned with our crowd, but it doesn't look to be a very big number.
As an example, this past weekend, it was reported that the "Healthcare" bill has gained support among the "subjects". It seems that Obama's continuous campaigning (inculcation!) is working, in spite of the CBO's new numbers that show that the cost picture is much worse than expected and it WILL result in higher costs to all of us. Further, the fact that the immediate cuts to Medicare are already resulting in a lack of available doctors willing to treat us old people because they can't make any profit hasn't swayed this bunch either.
The bottom line? just beware of the Regime's Propaganda Machine. They can still fool too many of the people too many of the times and that can hold true when it comes to gun rights. It's already going on in both DC and Chicago. Let's show them that the "Tea Party Movement" is the "Party of Know"!
Life Member

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