Thursday, November 11, 2010

Home Tomorrow!

Been a long time out this time...have shot lots and lots of guns...bought tired. OTOH filming went just great, which is ultimately the reason I'm out here. Had a really nice dinner last night with Larry Potterfield...I did an interview with Larry today that I'm pretty proud'll see a little of on SG, and, hopefully, the whole thing on DRTV.

BTw, Caleb overeat Gun Nuts Media did a really good job of covering our time at Gunsite this week...check it out.

I'm going to send the Rail Gun to Wayne Novak for a gold bead front sight (and black out the rear white dots). I'll probably also get Wayne to replace the ambi safety.

Haven't had a chance to shoot the Rhino yet...ditto for the RRA pistol. The holster I got for thevRail Gun is nod of the new Galco IWBs, the Triton. Let you know how it works when I get the gun home.


Fiftycal said...

Are you implying that Caleb "overeat"s?

seeker_two said...

"Haven't had a chance to shoot the Rhino yet..."

Good Grief, man! What have you been wasting your time on? Get thee to a shootery and wring that sucker out! Us wheelgunners are waiting.....and it's not like you have anything else to do....


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