Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Quick Thanksgiving Reading Catch-Up... opposed to "ketchup," a survival food at my Mom's Thanksgiving dinners. My Mom once gave everyone but me food poisoning with a casserole of warm mayonnaise, Velveeta and canned English peas. I fed my portion to her dog, who threw up. HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY, one and all!

I just received a reader's copy of Steven Hunter's latest Bob the Nailer, DEAD ZERO, which should be out in a month or so:

I'll give you some "sneak peaks" as soon as I start reading!

In our "guilty pleasures" file, I spent my head cold convalescence reading my good friends (and regular DRTV contributors) Jerry and Sharon Ahern's latest novel, WRITTEN IN TIME.

Devoured it in two nights! No, it's not great literature, but it has time travel paradoxes, guns, cowboys, tanks, corsets and Teddy Roosevelt...hey, how much more can one ask?????


Joemerchant24 said...

As long as it's not TR in the corset...

kmitch200 said...


Thanks Michael. You and your sweetie have a good holiday!

And good luck with the new peeper lens.

kmitch200 said...

Forgot to add: your Mom sounds like she was one hell of a cook.

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rpm64 said...

I resent those comments about my cooking.

Your Mom

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Gunmart said...


If you like Cowboys....

Check out Cowboys vs Aliens:

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